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60 Minutes: Behind the Scenes Footage
Posted By Ward

60 Minutes: Behind the Scenes Footage

Posted 26 November 2009   by         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: pigs, 60 Minutes, factory farming, Animals Australia, investigation, video, Christmas

Did you catch Animals Australia's piggery investigation on 60 Minutes on Sunday? If not don't worry, you can still see the segment on the 60 Minutes website.

I'm so thrilled! Just think, more than 1 million Aussies saw the truth about Australia's pig industry. Many will have never thought about where pork, bacon and ham come from before. And now they know that animal cruelty laws fail to protect animals raised for food, and that these profit driven animal industries aren't looking out for the wellbeing of their animals – they're looking out for their wallets.

After the show, our office was flooded with phone calls and emails from shocked viewers who had no idea of the routine cruelty of the pork industry. Many of these callers have sworn never to eat pigs again after seeing behind the closed doors of factory farms!

And now's your chance to see the behind the scenes footage of Animals Australia's investigators inside the piggery:

The 60 Minutes exposé no doubt had a huge impact! And coupled with Animals Australia's TV ad campaign, Australian pigs have never had a louder voice speaking out against their cruel treatment.

Many people will be considering where their food comes from for the very first time. So it's prime time for us to speak up! Ask friends and family if they saw the show, and what they thought of it. Get talking about the issue! You never know, with your help a few more people might opt for a cruelty-free Christmas this year!

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jack jack 26 November 2009
wiill back up the office was so busy
i was in there 4 2 days this week
and the ohone was constantly ringing
a good sign that people are getting the message
via Unleashed

ChloeMB ChloeMB 26 November 2009
yeah i watched it and it was absolutly brilliant of course. so many people would have seen it now and so hopefully more people are aware of what goes on
via Unleashed

Jen Jen 28 November 2009
I watched it!! happy
FINALLY more people will be able to see the truth.
see? that's why I love you guys & Girls.

It made me cry to sad
via Unleashed

Aweso_ me Aweso_ me 29 November 2009
yeah the guy who said it doesnt matter as long as their in good shape,it just shows how stupid he is
via Unleashed

FlamesSaliva FlamesSaliva 7 December 2009
Those poor pigs. They looked very sick and above all unloved. It's such a pity that the laws are different for dogs over pigs. They are living creatures that do not desearve this treatment. That is absolutly disgusting the way they treated. Are they blind? Are the retarted? Those pigs are suffering and for some reason they're allowed to place innocent lives through this type of abuse. IT IS NOT ON!!!!! furious
I dearly care for all animals great and small, even moreso than humans (True) and I cant let this happen. Take me to a factory and I'll let them all go, or at least have a go at who ever is running that crap-shack
via Unleashed

Nelly! Nelly! 18 December 2009
No matter how many times I see videos of animal cruelty like this, I cannot hold back the tears.
Im considering taking my 'save babe' flyers to the supermarket and sitting near the pig carcase's and handing out flyers to everyone in line for their disgusting "christmas ham"
via Unleashed

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 31 December 2009
these vids make me want to charge in there and adopt every single one of those porr gorgeous animals, i dont care if there isn't enough room, i would make some. sad
via Unleashed


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