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WIN the cutest badges in the world!

WIN the cutest badges in the world!

Posted 19 January 2010   by Jesse         Permalink | 86 Comments

Tags: badges, merch, giveaway

Do you ever get that feeling there's something missing in your life?
Does that nagging feeling keep you up at night?
Fortunately we've got the remedy... Unleashed BADGES!

That's right. Bling for people who care. A drum roll for the cutest badges in the world... Here are the 3 winning designs (voted by you):

Animal Cruelty Sucks BadgeLeather BadgeWhy Love One Badge

To celebrate their arrival, we're giving you the chance to be one of the very first people to win a set of all 3. To enter all you have to do is comment below to tell us where you'll pin the badges if you win. Our fave five entrants will be in badge heaven!

And if you just can't wait to find out if you've won, you can always head over to the Unleashed Shop and pick up a value pack of all 3 right now.

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Samy Samy 19 January 2010
I will pin them on my saddleblanket at horseshows. With so many alternatives now to the traditional leather horses are usually decked out in, you can enjoy riding and caring for your beloved horse without having to dress them up in the skin of another animal.  happy
via Unleashed

Rachel Kayla Rachel Kayla 19 January 2010
I'd pin them on my bag and scarf because they would be seen most often there.
via Unleashed

pitterpatter pitterpatter 19 January 2010
I'd put it on my work lanyard!  Hopefully people would ask about it if I forgot it was there haha.  Also on my shirt when I'm at concerts/clubs/out and about/uni happy.  Some on my bag too I guess if I have any left :p.
via Unleashed

corkface corkface 19 January 2010
on my non-leather bag, and on my cap because that's where they belong!
via Unleashed

horsechick285 horsechick285 19 January 2010
on my school blazer happy and handbags, shoulderbags etc alongside my other AnimalLibNSW and music badges
via Unleashed

RaV3N RaV3N 19 January 2010
On my bag along with my other badges. Said bag goes with me pretty much everywhere! My bag is dark grey so these bright badges sure would stand out!! Hopefully catch some eyes wink
via Unleashed

sarahwithanh27 sarahwithanh27 19 January 2010
On my clothes, on my bag, on my shoelaces, and if it were possible, on my face. ecstatic
Hey, that pain would be nothing to what those animals feel every day, it's the least I could do.
via Unleashed

cinda cinda 20 January 2010
On my HUSBANDS workshirt because that will really get all those men thinking!!
via Unleashed

ChloeMB ChloeMB 20 January 2010
I'd pin them on my school bag so that everyone would know I choose to live cruelty-free and how easy it can be!!
via Unleashed

dashlyn dashlyn 20 January 2010
I'd find someone who's cruel to animals and pin them in there eyes! nah thats kinda gross and cruel.

I'd pin them on the bag I take to work. See who wants a double quarter pounder now!
via Unleashed

Summertimeden Summertimeden 20 January 2010
I will not merely pin them on any one object, they will be worn with pride on everything they own. They will however, make their debut on recycled vest on my first day of university - what better ice breaker than a discussion for a worthy cause?
via Unleashed

corkface corkface 20 January 2010
i would pin it on my school bag because i carry it around all day and that way more people would see it and it would raise more awareness on animal cruelty
via Unleashed

Vic Vic 20 January 2010
On my tie, at work. I'm a maths teacher, and if my students love cheesy maths badges, they're going to be utterly sold on the cuteness and message of these badges.
via Unleashed

- Kitty Freak - - Kitty Freak - 20 January 2010
I'd put them on my beanie that i wear everywhere everyday! tongue
via Unleashed

Lea Lea 20 January 2010
I'd make a cool bracelet outta them along with other animal rights badges. Who said you have to wear badges as badges?happy
via Unleashed

Ryuk_Ash Ryuk_Ash 20 January 2010
Just bought some!

via Unleashed

Animallover90 Animallover90 20 January 2010
I would pin them on everyone I know and pin them on everything that is pinable and make a collar out of them thats safe for my pets to wear
via Unleashed

Tayla Tayla 20 January 2010
I would pin them on my school bag. Original, I know, but my school only consists on Year 11 and 12 students and these are the people it would have the best effect on. They are open to trying new things and hold the key to the future of animals, which i know can be a safe and cruelty free one.
via Unleashed

Georgie Georgie 20 January 2010
I'd put the blue chick badge on my hospital lanyard - I am a medical student and this year will do a paediatrics placement, so the kiddies will think it's so cute!
I'll wear the cow badge on my lapel when I'm back in my home town in February during "Beef Week" : (
Finally, I'll wear the "Why love one...and eat another" whilst out on my morning jog going past all the dog walkers.
via Unleashed

.ellehcoR .ellehcoR 20 January 2010
I would pin them on my dog's coat (not his actual coat! but the practical, jumper sort of thing that he usually wears in colder weather)
Whenever we head down to Torquay beach or even the local oval to play a round of fetch, there are always a handful of other people there with their canine companions. Charlie is usually the one who runs around and wants to say hello to EVERYONE. What better 'person' to deliver the message "animal cruelty sucks" than the innocent little spoodle thats licking your hand?
via Unleashed

Ballpoint Ballpoint 20 January 2010
On my apron at work (Woolworths...yay...). I'm the lucky fella who gets to put ham into bags then cop the abuse when I don't know what it tastes like.

The badges should make work more entertaining.
via Unleashed

Elisha Elisha 20 January 2010
I'd pin them on my bag, as I collect badges on there, and every time I use it I get comments on what the badges say - so it'd be a good way to get attention for animal cruelty!
via Unleashed

Em-says-no Em-says-no 20 January 2010
to everyone and on random people to show them what they are eating and on my school uniform and bag
via Unleashed

Ryuk_Ash Ryuk_Ash 20 January 2010
I'd pin them on my bag, that goes with me EVERYWHERE - Work, outings, around my family, home, friends.

I'd slip them onto other peoples belonging to spread the message even further than m own doing. =]
via Unleashed

_Matt _Matt 20 January 2010
I JUST (like, right now), recieved my Mercy For Animals bag in the mail. I wanna try find some animal rights related badges to pin-on, so this looks like an excellent start!

I can't wait to get some conversion started at school, sparked by these nifty badges! wink
via Unleashed

x.Tara x.Tara 20 January 2010
I'd pin them...

-on my school tie, causing a commotion of "THAT ISN'T UNIFORM!" Everyone would stare to see what was going on, and see the badges, thus wanting to know more ^_^

-on faux leather wrist cuff, making the point that every time I eat something, people will see it and know that whatever I eat is cruelty-free (hey, I always have people telling me how delicious my lunch looks wink)

-on my organiser, which I carry with me 24/7 because I'm an organisational freak funny

-With my church namebadge (EVERYONE looks at that)

-On hairties, jewellry etc (something different happy) I always get comments on how I do my hair, and style etc so yet even more people would see and inquire hehe.

These are just some ideas I thought off the top of my head. I can't wait to read other peoples ideas!
via Unleashed

jack jack 20 January 2010
i already have mine happy they r wayyyyyyy cool
via Unleashed

abby. abby. 20 January 2010
on my apron at work, next to my name tag, and on my school bag, blazer and 'animal liberation' messenger bag =]
via Unleashed

AlanaRama AlanaRama 20 January 2010
i would put 2 of them on my school bag to show them off to my whole school furthering my quest to end animal cruelty within the WHOLE school community and i woild also pin one on my uniform so that it is much more recognisable and if i get in trouble for it on there, i can just have another chance to discuss my passion for preventing animal cruelty! A detention is worth spreading the word!!
via Unleashed

skye1 skye1 20 January 2010
I'll pin them on my lush bag ,which  i take everywhere,alongside my sea shepherd patches.I always make sure i have that side of the bag out so ppl can  see themhappy
via Unleashed

kimw kimw 20 January 2010
On my work hat and shirt for all to see working in a community setting  its a great way to spread the word. megaphone
via Unleashed

Ruin Ruin 20 January 2010
AWESOME JOB UNLEASHED! I'd pin them to my bag next to my other animal rights badges!
via Unleashed

missf missf 20 January 2010
I pin them on my bag, right next to my animal liberation badge laugh
via Unleashed

Tink Tink 20 January 2010
I'd pin them to someone's lump of meat at a BBQ! (but wrap them in plastic so they don't get icky!)

OR- I could pin them to my work shirt- I work next to a Butchers!
via Unleashed

daragh daragh 20 January 2010
I will pin them all over my school bag and pencil case at school so i can look at them all day long at school
via Unleashed

samantha.s samantha.s 20 January 2010
I'd turn them into earrings ecstatic

Bring out a meat stink badge guys!

Have you thought about printing watch faces? or patches? As everyone above me has said, most kids these days have button covered everything and have stickered the hell out of their notebooks, it's hard for even the cutest of designs to stand out amongst everything else. Maybe if the designs were on something a little different they wouldn't have to fight for attention!

via Unleashed

Rainer Rainer 20 January 2010
On my pet pigs' collars.  Lot's of people stop to pat them when we take them for walks, so we can spread some positive propaganda while the kids get a free scratch off a stranger.
via Unleashed

corkface corkface 21 January 2010
i would put them on my school bag, clothes, hats, anywhere noticeable.

i would also get my friend to wear them, she works at KFC. megaphone
via Unleashed

Vegan4Animals Vegan4Animals 21 January 2010
I will pin them on my daughter!  funny
via Unleashed

Metal Vyxen Metal Vyxen 21 January 2010
Well if I could get close enough and not arrested I would pin them on Kevin Rudd's shirt!
He is the highest power incharge and he needs to start making changes for the animals for the better happy
via Unleashed

Lozzy079 Lozzy079 21 January 2010
I'd wear one everyday and put others on my schoolbag my pencilcase and id make sure that everybody could see them. love
via Unleashed

mushroomfeilds mushroomfeilds 21 January 2010
id wear them on my collar at school annnd ill use them in mmy hair and ill put them oon my pencil case...and then tons o people will c them XD.
via Unleashed

corkface corkface 21 January 2010
they would be pinned on my work uniform, as a service technician who travels daily to many business and public areas EVERY MAN AND HIS DOG will get to see them ninja
via Unleashed

Teweesa! Teweesa! 21 January 2010
I'd pin them to my head! I once walked around town for an entire day with a 'kicking ass for animals' sticker on my head, but 3 badges stuck to my face would make more of an impact!

via Unleashed

MadameVampire MadameVampire 21 January 2010
Well I would wear the badges around on my school bag, my shirts, my normal bags, I would also attach one to a headband and wear it around.
Im also hoping i'll get a job at McDonalds because one of my friends can get me a job there, I will wear the badge on my shirt as I work at the cashier.
I enjoy going for lots of walks and volunteering anywhere I really can as well so I could wear them around alot.

Look I would really enjoy having some of those badges to show that im not ashamed or scared to stand up for the animals, rather than getting everyone saying im just looking for attention. I care about the animals and I believe that everyone else should as well, maybe if they see more people standing up, they will be encouraged to join in. happy
via Unleashed

DF DF 21 January 2010
I will pin it on my work name tag that i hang around my neck  every day with all my other  great badges that people comment on!!!
via Unleashed

vegandelight vegandelight 21 January 2010
I'd give 'em to veggie cafe's & restaurants all over Adelaide... they will put 'em exactly where they'll have maximum effect
via Unleashed

LS LS 21 January 2010
It'll be pinned on my clothes for all to see. I want everyone to take notice of them, whether they would verbally ask me about them or even silently they can question themselves. As long as they can see it, I'll be pinned somewhere on my clothes.
Hugs and Kisses to all supporters  lookatme
via Unleashed

corkface corkface 21 January 2010
I'd pin them cute lil badges on my calico shopping bag & show em off everytime I went to do my groceries!  megaphone
via Unleashed

Swanky Swanky 21 January 2010
I would pin them all over my work station, my desk is a shrine to Animals Australia and not only that a one stop shop for information on factory farmed animals!!!

by educating an older workforce hopefully I can break some old, bad habits!
via Unleashed

Rana Rana 21 January 2010
on my bag, my son's bag for day care, clothes, my cons, pretty much anywhere that's fabric and noticeable! clap
via Unleashed

natalie natalie 21 January 2010
hmm id put them on my shirt, bags, ties, school blazer, scarfs and any where else humanely possible monkey
via Unleashed

anastasiasmietanka anastasiasmietanka 21 January 2010
All over my parents/siblings/friends coats, bags and belongings! Imagine the irritation wink No better way to get the message accross ...
via Unleashed

Grace Grace 21 January 2010
I would pin my badges....  on my shoes and on my friends when there not looking then I wherever they go more people will see!
via Unleashed

olympia olympia 21 January 2010
I would put the badges on my pencil case, so everyone cld see them when im writing away at uni!!
via Unleashed

mle mle 22 January 2010
I'd pin "why love one and eat another" next to my badge for work. I work at dominoes... btw they have barely any vegetarian options, and zilch vegan options...
via Unleashed

Shorty Shorty 22 January 2010
hmmm i would love to use these to pin peoples mouths shut when they dis me about being vegetarian but i think there's some law against that lol tongue.... i would probably pin them to my bag, school shirt, pencil case, dog collar (they would definitely be noticed, no one can resist patting my gorgeous pooch ecstatic ), and anywhere else they would be noticed!!

love the badges by the way happy
via Unleashed

Miss Amy Miss Amy 22 January 2010
Hey i would pin them on my bag, school pants, my boyfriend who is src and has to get up infront of groups alot, i would pin one on my grandads hat who works at the races and often gets on tv if he lucky lol, but alot of  people see him there anyway.

i would just pin them anywhere to be seen, on my shirt where my boobs are lmao where is needed.
via Unleashed

Fang Fang 22 January 2010
I would wear them on my clothes everyday, then when I get asked why I'm a veg and told it's stupid I can use the badges to emphasise my point!  peace
via Unleashed

Natty Natty 22 January 2010
under my nametag at work -i work at a busy truckstop and all the truck drivers will see them and ask about them!, my bag, my carseat covers, on the ribbon in my hair, at the top front of my shoes like bells only they wont make noises ecstatic
via Unleashed

Chikon Chikon 23 January 2010
my travel & adventure back pack, spread the word world wide

happy days ... happy animals! paw
via Unleashed

Jenna Jenna 24 January 2010
I would wear them everywhere! I often wear badges to work, im a sales assisant at a liquor store, it tends to get quite alot of attention happy i would also wear them when i go the the gym, which is a big corporation, for everyone to see, as well as every time i'm volunteering with the RSPCA out with the public so i can share as much animal love as possible!
via Unleashed

OinkMoo OinkMoo 24 January 2010
i would pin 1 on my skool uniform and wear it every day...  cloud9

i would pin the 2nd 1 on my shirt wen i go to horse shows and spread the word with it
via Unleashed

OinkMoo OinkMoo 24 January 2010
i would pin 1 on my skool uniform and wear it every day...  

i would pin the 2nd 1 on my shirt wen i go to horse shows and spread the word with it  cloud9

and finally i would put 1 on my friend to waer everyday at skool

or put all of them on my friends and my self to spread the word beaverhug
via Unleashed

mle mle 24 January 2010
I work at dominoes so I would pin the "Why love one and eat another" one under my nametag at work.
via Unleashed

ecochick ecochick 24 January 2010
I'd put them on my pencil case, coz i have it out all day. on my uniform, coz that would attract attention dance and let people know that this is what i believe in, and until i see change within our school, i'm not taking it off megaphone . and I'd also put one on my clothes everyday, just to get my point across.lookatme
via Unleashed

Anita Anita 25 January 2010
I'll sticky tape them on my cheeks happy
And let it roll.
via Unleashed

Sir Leila Sir Leila 25 January 2010
'animal cruelty sucks' would be on my teeshirt, cos every one can see it there; why love one and eat another on my dogs collar cos that is saying something and last but not least 'Im not shoe's give leather the boot' on my 'non leather  shoe's!!! happy
via Unleashed

A wild Kristy-Lee appears! A wild Kristy-Lee appears! 26 January 2010
i'd pin them to .. myself, alternating each day.. raise some attention - a good conversational starter.
via Unleashed

Hazel Hazel 26 January 2010
I'd pin them on my shirt, my bag, my pants... everything that I can pin them on where people will notice their ultimate cuteness and awesomeness, thus leading to them reading the message on the pins! Be nice to animals; go veg!
via Unleashed

JayT JayT 27 January 2010
Either on my bag or t-shirt whenever I go out, right next to my other two Vegan badges & Vegan slogan shirts. I'd also make sure people see them happy
via Unleashed

krystaljadexvx krystaljadexvx 28 January 2010
i would put the why love one and eat the other badge on my uniform at work, i also work at woolworths but on the checkouts therefore a ton of people would see them and it would spark interest.

i serve around 400-500 people a week, so alot of people would see them and ask for my views making it more widespread. the other ones i would put on my bag or on my t-shirts that i wear outside of work. i'd always be wearing one.

i would probably stick one on my wallet.
or perhaps on my head bandana i wear occasionaly! who knows there's so many possibilities!

Although, at work would be a definite.
that's where i see most people and the people who are buying meat can look at me and know i disapprove of their choices and perhaps ask why.
via Unleashed

TahneeC TahneeC 29 January 2010
To My Face!

Hahah, Actually Maybe My Car. Because People Always Stare At It.
via Unleashed

Memma-moo Memma-moo 29 January 2010
If I manage to find some space among my other vego badges, I will put them on the front of my big Uni bag ~ lots of mushy, yet-to-be-moulded minds at uni! never know, could mould a few myself happy
via Unleashed

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 30 January 2010
ill pin them on my school pencil case for the world to see!!!!
via Unleashed

Jackie Jackie 30 January 2010
I just bought all 3 of these happy

I pinned them to my faux leather handbag happy
(Cos it's sooooo easy to find stylish cruelty-free bags these days, & who wants to carry around dead skin? Yuck!)
via Unleashed

Blah Blah 5 February 2010
i would pin them on my school hat, or on my lunch box, or my school dress. >ecstatic
via Unleashed

justthemo justthemo 8 February 2010
I'd pin it on my school bag - along with my other 23 anti-animal cruelty/pro-climate change badges happy
via Unleashed

Phoebe95 Phoebe95 6 March 2010
i would pin them on my school jumper. i go to a school with over 1000 students so even if i can change one persons opinion i know that i would've saved lives. x
via Unleashed

Hitler Hitler 20 July 2010
i would attach it to my nipple ring. Everyone at the beach would defently see it then!
via Unleashed

Animallover12 Animallover12 1 August 2010
I'd put them on my pencil case,because i have it out all day like at maths groups somtimes at the shops doctors restronts and other places like that!!!!
via Unleashed

natalie natalie 13 August 2010
when r the winners announced?
via Unleashed

Karen Karen 13 August 2010
Hi natalie -- the winners have already been announced:

via Unleashed

Grace Grace 26 February 2011
I would pin them on my SUITCASE, on my CAR SEATBELT   on my T-SHIRTS. and on my SHOWER CURTAIN happy
via Unleashed

Theodora Theodora 13 March 2012
I'd pin my badges on ....

- My dog's jacket
-my jacket
-my backpack
via Unleashed

Celia Kate Celia Kate 13 March 2012
i'll pin them to a piece of ribbon which i will then attach to my locker lookatme
via Unleashed


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