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Big Day Out Adventures
Posted By Ward

Big Day Out Adventures

Posted 4 February 2010   by         Permalink | 4 Comments

Tags: Big Day Out, gigs, bands, Rise Against

So the Big Day Out is over for another year. And wasn't it a stinker! (the weather, not the bands – the bands were rad) If you were there, I hope you signed our petition, and scored yourself a free sticker (if not, then don't miss us at Soundwave)!

After a long day speaking up for animals – there were some awesome bands to see. Anyone catch Rise Against? Keep your eyes peeled cause you might even be seeing a bit more of them very soon ;)

Anyway, check out some action shots from the Big Day Outs:

A big thanks to Kelly, LucyM, AmberElizabeth, Andi, Aimee, tofupower and everyone else who did an awesome job helping out at these gigs!

So how was your BDO? Got any highlights to share?

Only a bit over a week till Soundwave! Who's excited? If you're going, make sure you drop by the Unleashed stall and say 'Hi!'.

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RaV3N RaV3N 12 February 2010
Yes I want all Unleashed peeps from Perth who are going to Soundwave to drop in and say hi to me & Jesse!! Spewing I couldn't get to a BDO sad Rise Against sounded like an awesome set... as did many of the other kick ass bands. Oh well always next year!
Are there any pics of the Unleashed stalls from the BDO floating around? I would love to see these.
via Unleashed

RebeccaXY RebeccaXY 16 February 2010
OMG. Animals Unleashed is gonna be at Soundwave? Where? I'm going. I went to BDO as well, but didnt see anything sad I saw Kisschasy!! THEY WERE THE BEST! lol

Where and what time will they be set up?

Thanks happy
via Unleashed

Lea Lea 20 February 2010
Is Unleashed gonna be at the Perth SOundwave too?? That would be the wickedest happy
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 22 February 2010
Hi Lea, yup we'll have a stall in Perth happy
via Unleashed


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