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Unleashed Badge Winners Announced

Unleashed Badge Winners Announced

Posted 18 February 2010   by Jesse         Permalink | 1 Comment

Tags: badges, merch, giveaway

Unleashed Badges

Not long ago we unveiled to you the 3 cutest badges in the world. To celebrate we asked you where you would pin these animal activist accessories, and promised to make five lucky entrants very very happy by sending them out a pack of all 3. Well today's the day... so the question is: Are you feeling lucky?

Without further ado, congratulations to tomatoslater for wanting to add some flare to her cruelty free kicks; to Rainer for suggesting she'd turn her piggy companions into advocates; and to Georgie who is going put a smile on sick kids' faces when she shows off her cute new badges. We also loved the idea that the student's in Vic's math class would learn that 'animal + exploitation = sucks', not to mention 'teacher + Unleashed badges = cool teacher'. Finally congrats to corkface for not only coming up with some great spots to sport these badges, but being so eager to get her hands on them that she just kept on coming back with more great ideas.

And if it wasn't your lucky day, then a quick trip to the Unleashed shop can set things straight ;)

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Ryuk_Ash Ryuk_Ash 4 March 2010
Congrats guys.
via Unleashed


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