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Saigon Still on the Road :(

Saigon Still on the Road :(

Posted 14 March 2010   by Jesse         Permalink | 17 Comments

Tags: Saigon, exotic animals, animal circuses, elephants, entertainment, Perry Bros Circus

Unfortunately, the good news for Australia's last circus elephant was short lived. Despite a huge public plea to retire Saigon, and despite advising Animals Australia that they would take her home after their last string of shows, Perry Bros have now announced on their website that they will be carting Saigon off to Bayswater for their next set of shows.

After 50 years on the road, Saigon deserves a better life than to spend another month locked in a small barren enclosure, with traffic rushing by and a shopping centre for a view.

And so Animals Australia's campaign to free Australia's last circus elephant must be taken to the next level, and all options will be considered including: public advertising, demonstrations, and pressure on the government of VIC to catch up to other states and ban circuses from keeping solitary elephants.

If you haven't signed the petition to 'Free Saigon' yet, please take this opportunity to add your name. If you have, then please print out a copy and get all your friends to sign as well (and then post the sheets back to the office: 37 O'Connell st, North Melbourne, VIC 3051).

Thanks for your support with this campaign!

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jack jack 14 March 2010
argggh i knew it wa too good to be true
via Unleashed

Awakened Soul Awakened Soul 14 March 2010
does anyone know where the elephant is now? i drove past the bayswater set up this afternoon and didnt see her there...
via Unleashed

KirstyGirl KirstyGirl 14 March 2010
What BullSh*t
via Unleashed

Rebecca18 Rebecca18 14 March 2010
I have 1 question for Perry Bros:

Why? What is the point of causing a lovely animal harm??
I just don't get it
angry furious

She is 50 YEARS OLD!!!! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!
It makes me so ANGRY!!!!! furious
via Unleashed

tofupower tofupower 14 March 2010
this is BS  furious
via Unleashed

Kirrilly Kirrilly 14 March 2010
Bayswater is pretty close to me, I wonder if it's worth doing some petition signing or protests at the circus during ticket sales or something??
via Unleashed

Bring Jess the Horizon Bring Jess the Horizon 14 March 2010
This is horrible! If i could get to Bayswater, I would organise a protest. Perry Bros are total crap, we shouldn't have trusted these brutal people in the first place. If they're cold hearted enough to imprison this beautiful creature, they're more than capable of lying to the nation without remorse.  furious
via Unleashed

emileee emileee 15 March 2010
agreed .. to good to be true cry
via Unleashed

animal animal 15 March 2010
too good to be true, poor saigon
via Unleashed

Swanky Swanky 15 March 2010
well maybe AA shouldnt have celebrated so soon.
via Unleashed

Elese Elese 17 March 2010
we should do a demo at vic parliament like jack was talking about earlier!

VIC goverment should hurry the eff up and catch up to other states!! its the same with duck shooting they should ban that too!  angry
via Unleashed

ChloeMB ChloeMB 19 March 2010
I go to Bayswater every stinking wednesday, now I am very upset and am hitting the keys very hard. Grrrrrrrr.
via Unleashed

Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur 21 March 2010
via Unleashed

lovingmommmy24 lovingmommmy24 26 March 2010
am happy to announce i have been down to the local circus as it is only down the road lets just say they herd my voice and i wont stop i do however notice they dont keep the elephant onsite while not in production unless it is kept inside the huge trucke grr at them
via Unleashed

zeke12 zeke12 16 June 2010
Hey, I understand your felings towards Perry Bros Circus and I personally do not gree with elephants being kept in circuses. However. I do, very strongly believe that Saigon needs to be with that family. She has bonded with that family over many years and pulling her away from them would not be good for her mental health at all.
There is no alternate home for Saigon other than the family property, to which she does not respond well, she needs company and her handler provides that.
I would happily sign a petition supporting you IF you can tell me a suitable alternative for housing this elephant.
I am not a friend of the circus and have no affiliation with them. But I have worked with elephantsas a keeper at a retirement sanctuary.
If you can offeran alternative I would happily join your argument.
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 17 June 2010
Thanks for your thoughts Zeke12.

From what you are saying it sounds like what the Perry's are claiming is not that Saigon responds poorly to the family property, but rather that she responds poorly to being away from her trainer.

So I have to ask: Does her trainer suffer more by staying on the family property with Saigon than Saigon does by being trucked from shopping centre to shopping centre with small enclosures and minimal stimulation to keep her occupied?
via Unleashed

jen64 jen64 17 June 2010
Saigon, is in Cheltenham, Victoria at the moment. She is in a disgusting muddy industrial wasteland. Every time I drive past I feel sick that this can happen in this day and age. It si so very sad that this family cannot just retire the animal they say they love so much... For God's sake let her retire in peace , not live out her days in such apalling conditions out in the elements, with no joy in her existence....."I wondered why someone didnt do something, then I realized I was someone" Please everyone BE SOMEONE!!!
via Unleashed


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