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Show Canadian Seals: Aussies Care Too!

Show Canadian Seals: Aussies Care Too!

Posted 18 March 2010   by Sim         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: Canadian seal slaughter, seals, fur, Canada, take action, petition

Hi! I'm Sim, I'm new to Unleashed and let me just say, the brutal killing of baby seals before they aren't even two weeks old really upsets me!

See, every year the Canadian government allows hundreds of thousands of baby seals to be killed by hunters on the ice floes of Canada. It's basically the largest mass killing of marine mammals anywhere in the world. But that's not the worst of it -- the way these seals are killed is absolutely horrific -- clubbed on the head or shot for their pelts -- and due to the carelessness of hunters, some are even skinned alive.

PHOTOS: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Last month Matt.Y had a great idea by suggesting we contact the Vancouver Olympic Committee and asking them to put pressure on the Canadian Government to stop the slaughter. But with the hunt about to start, and the Olympics now over, these seal pups still desperately need our help.

Here in Australia we can do something else to help end this killing. Please sign the petition to show Canada what Aussies think of this cruel slaughter -- and get as many of your friends as you can to also sign.

Most importantly, seals, like all animals killed for their fur, need us to step up and refuse to buy any products with fur on them. If you're with me on this, take the pledge to wear your own skin -- and let the seals keep theirs!

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Bring Jess the Horizon Bring Jess the Horizon 20 March 2010
Already signed happy

I read on Ecorazzi that the Canadian Parliament served seal meat for LUNCH last week to support European hunters  protesting against the current ban seal products by the European Union. How disgusting is this?!

Here's the link:
via Unleashed

Judith Judith 20 March 2010
I was a child when I was first completely horrified, and cried and cried when i learnt of the baby seals and their defenseless mothers being hacked to death. I wrote poems, and letters, and it broke my heart. i could not understand how any human could ever do such a thing.

I was a teenager and I cried when I knew that this was still happeneing, and all seemingly for no real reason other than greed? or complete insanity?
I painted paintings, wrote poetry and letters to try to wake people up to this abomination, to try to stop it happening.

I was a mother, when I looked at my children and knew the incredible angst the mother seals felt when their babies cried in fear, cried in pain. I cried with and for them, and hugged my babaies, hoping they would never have to witness this atrocity and that it would not effect their lives as it had mine.

I am now 50. My life 2 thirds over. I still cry, I am still in disbeleif that this atrocity STILL happens. I still write letters, pleading. How many letters I have written. Did anyone ever read them, I wonder. Obviously no one cared.

There is a new generation being effected by this horror now. My children are effected.. New cries for mercy, new letters written. More tears, more disbeleif

I still see those incredible, amazing, huge brown eyes of a baby seal, looking  into my soul, stirring me to tears, moments before he is hacked to death!
via Unleashed

Sarahcism Sarahcism 20 March 2010
Thats messed up, what kind of world are we living in!!!!
via Unleashed

Karen Karen 20 March 2010
This type of thing makes me so mad >:|

Signed & Shared!!
via Unleashed

Soph luvs saving! Soph luvs saving! 28 March 2010
Hi guys!,

I love your unleashed e-news, you rock. At school i am going to do a charity box for the baby seals, i haven't found out were i can give the money before i do it. I am sure I will succeed!

Bye! From Soph

P.S Do you guys have any idea where the money can go to that i raise?
via Unleashed

Karen Karen 29 March 2010
Hi Soph! Wonderful to hear you're setting up a charity box! You might want to look into Sea Shepherd, they do a lot of work on the seal issue, and I'm sure will appreciate the donations!
via Unleashed

Animallover12 Animallover12 21 August 2010
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