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Fishing Really, Really Hurts!

Fishing Really, Really Hurts!

Posted 27 April 2010   by Sim         Permalink | 18 Comments

Tags: fishing, diving, oceans, fish

On a lovely sunny Saturday a couple of weeks ago a friend and I decided we would do one of Port Phillip Bay's most popular shore dives at St Leonards Pier. This is a great dive because of the many sea creatures that call the pier home. There are normally heaps of Seadragons, Leatherjackets, Stingray's, Nudibranchs and even the occasional Stargazer.

With all our gear on and ready to shoot some photos we swam in under the pier. There are usually quite a few people fishing from the pier, so we were very aware of fishing lines and the possibility of getting tangled up.

We made the decision to head out from under the pier and as we headed out I made a mental note of several discarded fishing lines that I would cut free on my way back. These are very hard to spot and seriously threaten wildlife by entangling them. Then suddenly I felt a very sharp pain in my left index finger! OUCH!

I looked down to realise I'd been hooked by a large hook through the skin on the top of my finger from one knuckle to the other. My skin was now being stretched to the point of tearing and was starting to bleed. But then I realised it could get much worse. Surfacing too quickly puts both humans and fish alike at risk of an internal embolism or overexpansion injury. This is something every wild caught fish would go through when they are netted and dragged up from depth. Their flotation bladders explode internally and their eyes bulge due to the change in pressure.

My finger felt like it was going to be torn open. With my free hand I caught the fishing line to relieve the tension on my finger and just held on for the ride to the surface. The first thing I saw when I got to the surface was a guy with a scary grimace like smile on his face doing his best to 'land his catch'. Needless to say he was pretty shocked when he realised he'd hooked a diver. I spat my regulators out and I think unfortunately a pile of expletives followed! I grabbed my knife and with the pressure now off my finger I was able to cut the line. The next job was to pull the barbed hook out of my finger. Once done the pain really set in. I hadn't realised the hook had also caught my tendon and now my finger was swelling quickly. To this day the finger still hurts. But actually, I'm thankful I had the experience. 'Cause now I know first hand how cruel fishing is.

I've always disagreed with recreational fishing. It seems barbaric to me to find joy in hooking a living feeling being through the mouth and let her fight to exhaustion on the end of a line; then drag her out to suffocate to death. Most fish are not killed quickly and they suffer a painful drawn out death. Those that are thrown back are often injured beyond recovery or are killed by predators because they are too exhausted to escape. All this in the name of entertainment!?!

Sadly most victims of fishing don't live to tell the tale. But the next time someone tries to tell you fishing doesn't hurt, point them in my direction and I'll set the record straight!

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jack jack 27 April 2010
geez sim
hope ur fine
via Unleashed

Tanyaka Tanyaka 28 April 2010
Ouch. I've always been against fishing. How can so many people enjoy that? I can't imagine anything worse than hurting or killing a creature. And those people that think they arn't being cruel because they catch and release... disgusting. Causing another creature pain and distress for entertainment. Makes me sick.
via Unleashed

ChloeMB ChloeMB 28 April 2010
Yes it pains me if I walk along a pier and there are fishers there .. it makes me very sad.
via Unleashed

Clud Clud 29 April 2010
omg.... that makes me so sad and shocked
via Unleashed

Hitler Hitler 17 May 2010
im not a vegetarian or a vegan but i DO NOT EAT FISH or fish products. You wouldent drown a cow to kill it so why take fish out of the water? i have always been teased for not eating it but i stand by what i believe and iv been fish free for 6years, i find other food with healthy things in it that fish has to supplement (omega3 etc) i hate fishing too i refuse to do it. I certainty wouldent want a hook in my mouth or throat!!!!
via Unleashed

EarthChild EarthChild 22 May 2010
Yeah I stopped eating fish after I hooked myself fly fishing, right through my cheek, so that kinda hit it home a little!
via Unleashed

Arieluxable Arieluxable 27 May 2010
For alomst the past 4 years I haven't eaten meat of any kind except fish, until recently I was mainly against factory farming and mass production of animals for human consumption. I ignorantly thought that the fish on my plate had died quickly and relatively painlessly..I comforted myself in thinking that they had a fulfilling life before their deaths (unlike many other land dwelling aminals born and bread into factory farms).

It wasn't until I watched an Unleashed video on fish that I made the decision that my new years resolution for 2010 was to cut fish and all other seafood from my diet and I am extremely glad to have made the choice.

Thanks to Unleashed for helping me and many other to make humane decisions about the way we live our lives!
via Unleashed

Claudia For the Oceans Claudia For the Oceans 27 May 2010
I would never go fishing.I always hated the look of panic when a fish is hooked
via Unleashed

PenguinPerson PenguinPerson 28 May 2010
Ouch! Hopefully your ok now

I've never go  fishing and obviously don't eat fish (vegetarian).

There is a river in Sydney, called the Hawkesbury River where it is now overloaded with jellyfish, because people keep catching heaps of fish! The fish eat the baby jellyfish and keep the numbers down.

No one likes to swim in the river much anymore, but i still do sometimes (when there is not many jellys). I go sailing though. I used to love capsizing (on purpose, its fun!), but now its harder because there are so many jellyfish and no one will go swimming with me!

Oh well, i still have fun!

via Unleashed

karenbaby karenbaby 15 September 2010
I try and tell my dad this all the time.
Getting hooked in the mouth and being draged to death slowly and painfully is not fun!

He says it dosent hurt the fish,they dont feel the same.
thats bullshit.
ANy living creature feels pain,and id like to see him get hooked and tell it was fun.

au revoir!
via Unleashed

mady june mady june 19 September 2010
Oh, thats horrible.

via Unleashed

Emma95 Emma95 22 September 2010
that sounds so painful
when i was readin that i was like holdin ma finger imaginin the pain
and OUCH!!!!! poor fishys  fish
via Unleashed

animals deserve 2 live 2!! animals deserve 2 live 2!! 13 November 2010
thats just disgusting!!! ( the fishing thing) i hope ur ok
via Unleashed

Tangled.legs Tangled.legs 17 March 2011
I got hooked in my wrist once by my sister when we were really young and it was actually one of the most painful things ever to happen to me.
Reading this turned my tummy.
via Unleashed

Pegs Pegs 18 March 2011
And to think, I used to LIKE fishing! Now though, I am more INTELLIGENT!

Poor you, and poor fishies!  fish sad monkey
via Unleashed

angio16 angio16 8 June 2012
My dad and uncle try to tell me that fish are cold blooded so they don't feel it but it's ridiculous. They have a nervous system so therefore obviously can feel it and when they are hooked and take off they aren't doing it for fun they are trying to get away from the pain.. I am also trying to convince dad if he HAS to fish can he only do it in fresh water as salt water is so much more painful to be in with a cut
via Unleashed

sweet-as sweet-as 8 June 2012
I have never understood how fishing can be a good sport when in fact it is causing pain and a slow horrible death!!!
via Unleashed

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago 7 August 2012
I think people would fish less if they knew how much it hurts.
via Unleashed


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