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Have You Seen This Ad?

Have You Seen This Ad?

Posted 6 April 2010   by Sim         Permalink | 22 Comments

Tags: Earth Choice, ad, video, oceans, animal testing, environment

I'm seriously happy about the new Earth Choice ad that's currently airing on prime time telly. It seems to be the first ad that brings to light the plight of our marine animals. It scares me that the world has largely forgotten them.

I wanted to cry when the stingray was being used as a cleaning rag and the octopus as a mop. I'm a diver and I've had interactions underwater with octopuses that lasted for minutes. These highly intelligent creatures can communicate by changing their colours, the tentacles can express emotions such as anger and affection. They express curiosity through touch and they will look you in the eye to check you out. I've even seen them open jars to get something inside.

And it's not just our ocean life that gets poisoned by many of our household products. Supermarket shelves are lined with products from companies like Procter & Gamble, Colgate/Pamolive, Johnson & Johnson, and Glade who still test on animals! As if it weren't bad enough that we're flushing chemical cocktails into the oceans, first they're dripping them into the eyes of rabbits, feeding them to mice and giving dogs chemical burns just to find out how toxic they really are!

Fortunately, Earth Choice is just one of many great brands that are looking out for animals. There are plenty of others that you can find in pretty much any supermarket, for example: Blast, Planet Ark, and Seventh Generation.

Every time we go to the supermarket we can make a powerful choice not to support animal cruelty. And let's face it, the animals need us (octopuses and bunnies alike). There's just no need for us to torture animals in labs or destroy our oceans just to wash the dishes! So take the pledge to say 'No!' to animal tests and make sure to support brands that look out for our oceans.

What did you think of the ad??

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Mimziiii Mimziiii 6 April 2010
i liked it , but i kind of reminded me of the flinstones
via Unleashed

_Matt _Matt 6 April 2010
very powerful!

fantastic to see the animal protection message getting out in such a huge way.
via Unleashed

.ellehcoR .ellehcoR 7 April 2010
I thought the ad was brilliant the first time I saw it!
I hope it helps them make more $$$$$$$, its certainly setting a great example for other brands
via Unleashed

JKM JKM 8 April 2010
sad I don't even know what to say. Powerful.
via Unleashed

ChloeMB ChloeMB 8 April 2010
YES! I saw this ad, and it made me so sad, especially the duck. I just really love birds.
It made me glad that I don't use products like this, and that the water from my house doesn't even go into the sea.
via Unleashed

jack jack 10 April 2010
i love this ad. Its good to finally see so many meaningful ads on tv
via Unleashed

RaV3N RaV3N 13 April 2010
I love this ad! First time I saw it was like "WTF" but this is what needs to get out there... I hope they do more ads like it!

Have you also seen the Organic Care shampoo ads? I like those too!
via Unleashed

Ria Ria 14 April 2010
Damn, the octopus and the crab nearly made me cry. This is a good ad though, very powerful.
via Unleashed

I buy everything earth choice happy
via Unleashed

Boris Boris 23 April 2010
The crap was the worst that made me feel sick!! Yay for them making such a great ad to get the message across to the general public
via Unleashed

Clud Clud 23 April 2010
Wow that is a really good ad.
via Unleashed

RebeccaXY RebeccaXY 24 April 2010
I thought this was amazing.

So did my mum... and she's not into the whole animal thing..

She now buys this product.

So it obviously speaks to many people. Even those who have never thought about it before.

Also, cuz of mhy becoming veg, my mum has started to replace some of her meat with tofu (in salads, wraps, sushi, etc).

via Unleashed

Teweesa! Teweesa! 25 April 2010
Woah. Very powerful. I'm glad my family has been using these products for a long time.
via Unleashed

JessicaSmile JessicaSmile 29 April 2010
Powerful indeed.

People at my school commented on it, so the message is Getting across since the people at my school are arrogant smurfs :]
via Unleashed

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 4 May 2010
hey guys, with animal testing, is it the same thing with factory farming? you know how if its not stated on the packet in meat products etc it comes from factory famrs, does that mean if its not stated on the packets of cosmetics etc it has been animal tested? i recently bought remmel london mascara and im really worried its been animal tested :/
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 5 May 2010
Yes, most companies that don't test on animals would indicate this on their packaging, as it obviously serves as good marketing. So you can probably assume that a product is tested on animals if it doesn't say otherwise.
via Unleashed

Animallover12 Animallover12 12 September 2010
Very powerful
via Unleashed

meh meh 3 November 2010
This ad actually got me really angry. It's good that they are targeting consumers and preventing them from buying the wrong products, but it annoys me that these companies made these wrong products to begin with, and now the consumers are getting blamed for ruining the earth. Maybe they should target companies too?
I encourage everyone to watch The Corporation =)
via Unleashed

Pegs Pegs 22 April 2011
Wow, that was a very powerful add. It made me cringe when the lady poured the stuff inside the hermit crab shell. So sad
via Unleashed

Moo Moo Moo Moo 10 June 2011
That explains what people are doing to the oceans sad
via Unleashed

Okami ovo vegetarian Okami ovo vegetarian 27 November 2014
i just wanted to know, how do you blog write
on unleashed???
via Unleashed

Okami ovo vegetarian Okami ovo vegetarian 18 December 2014
OMG that poor octopus
via Unleashed


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