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Save Yourself From Octuplets!

Save Yourself From Octuplets!

Posted 23 April 2010   by .ellehcoR         Permalink | 4 Comments

Tags: guest blog, dogs, cats, desex, pet overpopulation, pounds, octuplets

Have you heard about Nadya Suleman? Last year she grabbed worldwide attention when she gave birth to octuplets, bringing her total number of children to 14!!! Gosh, I have enough trouble keeping my own affairs in order, let alone looking after a football team's worth of kids! While Ms Suleman's situation might seem highly unusual, sadly in Australia there are many other mums giving birth to litters of children who may never have a proper home. Yup, I'm talking about dog and cat overpopulation.

The harsh reality is that every year over 200,000 cats and dogs in shelters across Australia will be deemed 'unwanted' and be euthanized. Now if that's not a big enough number for you to sit up straight, remember that there are also at this very second an estimated 10 million stray cats around the country. So it's easy to see that we're in a bit of a pickle!

But there is a solution (hoorah!)... The catch is that to make it work, everyone with companion animals has got to do their bit. A simple snip & sew (ie. desexing) by a vet will be a huge help to prevent even more cats and dogs suffering a life on the streets.

So if you haven't already, book your little guy/girl in for an overnight trip at the local vet. It isn't all too expensive, and it'll spare you the grief of having to deal with your own litter of octuplets!

This is my own little ambassador: Charlie, whom, due to being incredibly gorgeous and irresistibly handsome, is definitely a ladies' man dog. Although I'm sure he knows he won't father children... it still doesn't stop him from trying ;)

Don't disappoint those puppy eyes!

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Kirrilly Kirrilly 23 April 2010
the phrase "snip & sew" - eek! haha.

But yes, you don't want to have to deal with an unexpected litter and contribute to the issue plus the added anxiety of not knowing where the little ones will end up!
via Unleashed

_Matt _Matt 23 April 2010
hahhaha, funny funny blog.

and yes, i don't think Bob, like Charlie, is going to stop trying anytime soon either.
via Unleashed

ChloeMB ChloeMB 28 April 2010
Aww Charlie is so sweet!
And another thing to always do is buy your pets from pounds or the RSPCA, etc.
via Unleashed

Mimziiii Mimziiii 28 April 2010
you could just keep the babies, at one point i had 7 cats, it was great
via Unleashed


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