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Speak Up for Lab Animals & WIN FREE LIP BALM!

Speak Up for Lab Animals & WIN FREE LIP BALM!

Posted 21 April 2010   by Karen         Permalink | 44 Comments

Tags: animal testing, giveaway, Perfect Potion, Colgate-Palmolive, Unilever, Procter and Gamble, activism

I was never a huge fan of science in school. The lab always smelled funny and those goggles and aprons were never as flattering as our science teacher made them out to be. But as torturous as that all was, I actually had it pretty easy...

Can you imagine having to spend your entire life in a science laboratory?

That's the reality for millions of rabbits, mice, cats, dogs and other animals. But there's no safety equipment for these little guys. To test consumer products such as hairspray, toilet cleaner and cosmetics, lab animals have nasty chemicals dripped directly into their eyes, and are given chemical burns to their skin. Others are forced to ingest harmful substances that cause painful poisoning and worse - death.

Sadly this isn't science fiction - it's a real-life horror story. But with your help we can give the animals a happy ending...

Not many people know that some of the most well-known companies like Colgate/Palmolive, Procter & Gamble (who own Braun, CoverGirl, Gillette, Pantene,Wella, Herbal Essences, Vidal Sassoon, Duracell and more) and Unilever (who own Dove, Rexona, Lynx, SunSilk, Impulse, Lux, Vaseline, Domestos and more) still fund deadly tests on animals overseas before sending their products down under for us to buy. If you have any of their products at home, you have a great opportunity to help end animal testing by calling their customer feedback number (usually on the pack), and politely letting them know that you won't buy their products again after learning that their company funds animal tests.


Now, we know that your lips might get a little chapped if you have to make a few calls, so to show our thanks, and to celebrate how amazing cruelty-free cosmetics are, we're giving away FREE Vanilla Bean Lip Balm from Perfect Potion to five courageous callers!

To be in the draw simply comment below and tell us who you called, and how it went :-)

UPDATE: Thank you so much to everyone who phoned, emailed or sent letters to companies telling them to leave the animals alone! Unleashed certainly has some outspoken members who should be very proud of themselves! In the end the lip-smacking winners of the Vanilla Bean Lip-Balm are brookeb, angelaartsstudent, AlanaRama, Tracy and Katie2. Thanks again and well done to all of you who entered, and don't forget to always speak up for animals!

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captain~blueberry captain~blueberry 21 April 2010
I called covergirl and told them that after i found out that they still did testing on animals, i would never buy a product of theirs again. Pretty big thing for me as i use a LOT of covergirl cosmetics. But, anything to help a good cause happy
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Mimziiii Mimziiii 21 April 2010
i sent a e- mail to streets (also owned by unilever) telling them to stop petting geletin in their ice-cream but they havent replied yet sad
via Unleashed

Julie Julie 23 April 2010
I do not buy those products as i shop from the ethical shopping guide but i guess ill have to take a trip to the supermarket and get some phone numbers. megaphone gotta get calling
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Lynette Lynette 23 April 2010
I will no loger donate blood to the red cross, I did not know they do animal tests
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Shanae Shanae 23 April 2010
I emailed cover girl and  L'Oreal, i still haven't had an email back from them.
The thing that annoys me is that some company's that don't test on animals still have animal ingredients in them, such as glycerin.
I try to stick to all vegan products, but it can be so hard as there aren't many company's that are completely vegan!  sad
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Nick the activist Nick the activist 23 April 2010
hey my names nick and i have a freind who is a scientist and works with "lab animals" and when i hear about so i rang him with mutiliple facts reviling why they shouldnt use rats, cats and dogs and any other "lab animals" such as animals have more sensitvie nerves and mice can be as smart as a 3 year old human, cats can be as smart as a 5 year old human and dog can be as smart as a 6 year old. he mearly hung up so i began to write my a comment the next day when i hear a knock on the door and my mother comes up with the scientist and in small cage was 3 of the most cutest mice i have ever seen and he said and he took my fact into account and disided to try and free the animals that he is appointed to mostly giving them to freinds but a couple to me to give to loving familys and now here i am writing this comment and i relise that i have change some one prospective of animals and i hope it will stay like that forever.
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d-i-am-ond d-i-am-ond 23 April 2010
I and a friend both called Pantene and SunSilk, we tol them about why we do no wish to buy their products anymore and asked them to reconsider using animals.

Tomorrow we're calling Colgate and saying the same ecstatic
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Simon1 Simon1 23 April 2010
Here is a quote from a submission made by the Australian red cross in 2004 "Australian Red Cross Blood Service (ARCBS) volunteer donors and its fractionation into blood products by CSL Limited."


"The involvement of both the Australian Red Cross and CSL in the blood sector grew
out of war. CSL was originally the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories, established
in 1916 as a public sector entity to ensure Australia a supply of biological products
and reagents (such as vaccines). Since 1994, CSL has been a public company, CSL Limited.

Full document

Statement from CSL's current website "Like all pharmaceutical companies, we are required by law to conduct animal research before testing new medicines in people, and to assure efficacy and quality of therapies in production. In this way animals play a vital role in saving lives and advancing human health."

There is the Ausralian Red Cross and an example of their complicated arrangement with animal testing
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Vic Vic 23 April 2010
Is the Red Cross thing also Red Cross Australia, or just another one of those insane things the American branch of everything seems to do?
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angelaartsstudent angelaartsstudent 23 April 2010
I called Colgate also on the above number and got the same answer from a nice but scared sounding lady (scared to be talking to a vegan??? We're hardly going to kill you). I didn't give my address to recieve the paperwork, but the answer was essentially the same. Weird?
via Unleashed

Katie2 Katie2 23 April 2010

contacted Colgate/Pamolive head office on - 1800 802 307. The customer service rep that I spoke to advised me that the company does not particpate or fund animal testing and will post me out some information on their policy on animal testing. Found this interesting and will await their response in the post.

via Unleashed

Tracy Tracy 23 April 2010
I just sent emails to Proctor & Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive and Unilever telling them how disappointing & primitive it is to be testing products on animals and that I will not be buying any of their products again.

I have printed out Cruelty Free's list of safe companies to buy from and I will be taking this with me when I go shopping.

I will also post this information to my facebook to spread the word.

Feel like Im fighting a losing battle but every little decision we all make & every purchase that we make can help towards a big change.
via Unleashed

Yes, just remember guys, one day your own blood might just save YOUR life.
Why on earth would they need to test on animals. >sad
via Unleashed

Georgia2 Georgia2 23 April 2010
I'll be calling ALL of those named above. I will be emailing too. I am really REALLY angry that my species STILL does this to others (and our own).  So many of my friends and family's hearts break over knowing this is done to animals - it costs us our souls as well. How DARE they commit these crimes.
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Karen Karen 23 April 2010
The strongest message we can send to the animal testers is that we won't give them our MONEY to fund further cruel tests. That's why speaking out against testing and putting your cash behind cruelty-free companies is the best way to go.

There are of course people out there who need our help too, so if you can, do give blood too! love
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brookeb brookeb 23 April 2010
Oh my golly gosh, I was going to donate blood but will no longer be doing that!
I always call companyies about animal testing and animal products, but this time I emailed Unilever about their animal testing statement on their webiste. NECESSARY! WHAT A JOKE! Not all companies test on animals! It's not that hard, just make more natual safer  products so there is no need for animal testing at all and go tell the overseas people to do JUMP!

"How we Act:
At Unilever, using non-animal approaches is the norm and animal testing is the exception. Before any animal testing is carried out, Unilever's internal control procedures require senior management to certify that there is no other way of proceeding. Unilever does not undertake animal testing, or commission others to do testing on its behalf, unless it is necessary to meet its health, safety and environmental obligations or it is demanded by government regulators or other official bodies. We do not test finished products on animals unless demanded by the regulatory authorities in the few countries where this is the law. In such cases, we try to convince the local authorities to change the law."

angry cry derrrr idea
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madiwatson madiwatson 23 April 2010
after learning about all these products that still use animal testing.
I will not be buying there products anymore and I will be ringing up all of them telling them why,.
Thank you for letting us know about what products to use and what not too.
via Unleashed

Simon1 Simon1 24 April 2010
I did attempt to post up the Australian Red Cross and their connection to a company called CSL Limited but it didn't work. So much more briefly than the last post CSL do the animal testing and i got this from their website (a section of their statement).

Like all pharmaceutical companies, we are required by law to conduct animal research before testing new medicines in people, and to assure efficacy and quality of therapies in production. In this way animals play a vital role in saving lives and advancing human health.

I had several questions for the Aust Red Cross and PCL and have emailed my concerns and questions. Awaiting a reply.
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tigerlily1 tigerlily1 24 April 2010
I will be writing to all the above and any others who do it tomorrow and encourging others to do the same!No excuse for animal abuse!also I have personalised a shopping bag reregarding this of the checkout operators liked it!
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RebeccaXY RebeccaXY 24 April 2010
I use Nutrimetics! They are wonderful!
and not tested on animals.

They have:-
- Cleaning products
- shower gels
- shampoos and conditioners
- facial cleansers
- make-up
- nail polishes and others.

They have so much ...
via Unleashed

Terri Terri 24 April 2010
I joined ChooseCrueltyFree and carry their booklet outlining companies/products that are not tested on animals. Most also contain natural, plant-based ingredients anyway.
I also carry a list of companies that DO animal testing, so that I buy only cruelty free products. I have boycotted Colgate/Palmolive, Garnier, Unilever, Rexona, Dove etc......and their subsidiary companies, for many years. Excellant quality brands like Maybelliine, Covergirl, L'Oreal, Planet Ark, Earth Choice, Nature's Organics, Palmer's, Method and Natura (Woolworths only) to name a few are available at Woolworths, Coles and IGA supermarkets so ...why buy animal cruelty products???? There is no need to support these barbaric companies. If we ALL stop buying their cheap, nasty and crappy products because of their archaic and cruel testing methods, then we can bring them to their knees and force them to adopts humane computer simulated testing.
It makes sense and could work! DO it.
via Unleashed

Ryuk_Ash Ryuk_Ash 24 April 2010
Sent large emails to Unliever and colgate also now ecstatic
via Unleashed

Ryuk_Ash Ryuk_Ash 24 April 2010
I have emailed Gillette, Pantene, Metamucil [shocking] and i cannot believe the Red Cross do this also!
I donate blood when i can, but this is horrid..

I will post any replies i get happy
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anonymous anonymous 24 April 2010
I live in the US and we ended rabbit eye testing here and I hope it ends there and all around the world. I do not believe in animal testing and there other humane methods really. Vivisection is another issue lab animals face not just product testing. It is the year 2010 and it is time to stop and the funding has to stop only way it gonna stop. Scientist my foot.
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Magdalena Magdalena 24 April 2010
I will be taking part tomorrow in the national demo in London, UK to speak against testing poor animals in laboratories, then, after the march we will gather in front of proposed animal  lab to send the message to the people that we never accept cruelty to animals.
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AlanaRama AlanaRama 26 April 2010
i called CoverGirl and said how outraged and discusted that they hurt innocent animals and that if they continue to treat animals like that, i will no loger support them and i will make sure everyone that i know will stand with me too.
The lady that i was talking too said ' i can assure you that CoverGirl has great quality and as for the accusations of mistreatment to animals, that will have to be discussed with my manager.'
Then she said she'd put me through, so i got put on hold then the call got "cut off" >sad
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jaye.x jaye.x 29 April 2010
I am shocked to find out that ALL those products and companies are still testing on animals!! Its disgusting! i have called Procter & Gamble and told them i will NEVER buy another one of there products and neither will my family and i also told them i will be telling everyone i no to stop using there products and to switch to cruelty free products!! i will also make a few more calls to other brands and companies! i can NOT believe that this is still going on! it needs to be stopped!!
via Unleashed

jaye.x jaye.x 29 April 2010
also just wanted to let everyone know!! YUVA is a fantastic skin care range that is ALL natural plant extracts and essential oils!! it is NOT tested on animals and its australia owned and made!! im a beauty therapist at pure indulgance and we use this product and sell it also!! ive personally seen fantastic results with this range and anyone who is looking for good results naturally give it a try!!!
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4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 4 May 2010
omigod i feel sick as i look around my room i have impulse and rexona deodorants, what about bed head by tigi? or rimmel london?  do these support animal testing?
via Unleashed

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 4 May 2010
oh and what about the body shop?
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Patrick Patrick 8 May 2010
This is a link to my Care2 petition to end the use of chimps in animal testing. It's so close to it's goal (after almost a year), so please anyone sign and forward. Cheers, copy and paste. /1/stop-using-chimpanzees-in-a nimal-experimentationtests
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Lillian1 Lillian1 14 May 2010
I will now read the labels of our bathroom products now when we go to the supermarket and pusuade mum not to buy these things, even if they are on special!!! megaphone rabbit
via Unleashed

Alisha Alisha 20 May 2010
could some send me a link of the red cross using animals in testing would be interesting to read
via Unleashed

PenguinPerson PenguinPerson 27 May 2010
i emailed unilever and procter&gamble for various reasons.

via Unleashed

x.erin.x x.erin.x 29 May 2010
i looked on to the back of my makeup(covergirl) and noticed that they use animal testing, so i got their phone number for complaints and told them that i would no longer be using their product, and i would also be telling my friends not too because i had seen how cruel they are with animal testing. in the end they ended up hanging up on me. at least i put my messege out there!
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kellz kellz 4 June 2010
i hate cover girl nAnx ewwwwwwwwwwww nama saya
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Lesley Lesley 3 July 2010
After using Dove products for most of my life, thinking that they would only do good for my skin, I found out that they test their products on innocent animals.
So i dropped them an email stating how consumers these days do not appreciate animal testing for their products and that I will not be buying their products anymore.
I haven't received a reply yet, however even without a reply I will know not to support brands that do not look after our animals. sad
via Unleashed

animal luver animal luver 3 October 2010
ive just sent a letter to all 4233546759 different companys that test their products on animals
via Unleashed

Tierney! Tierney! 9 October 2010
Oh my gosh I had no idea >sad sad
via Unleashed

Kitton Kitton 19 October 2010
I contacted PPS Hairware. They claim to "Only test on Party Animals" yet aren't on the CCF or Peta cruelty free lists.

I received a reply to my email telling me that - "we don't test on animals" but "we do use products that have been tested on animals"

So from the looks of it they thinks it's ok because they don't actually do the testing themselves...sick. Boycott PPS!
They need to stop buying ingredients tested on animals and stop lying to consumers!!!!!!
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Sunshine Sunshine 9 November 2010
Can anyone tell me if MAC cosmetics test on animals? I am getting conflicting information and they are my favorite but I do not want to support them if they do that?
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mattyk. mattyk. 22 June 2011
PLEASE someone tell me why ellen degeneres is constantly being honored by animal rights groups while she is a spokesperson for covergirl cosmetics? No one will answer me. Thx.
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AllyCat AllyCat 12 August 2011
I emailed and sent letters to Macleans, Colgate, Cover girl, and heads & shoulders that i will NEVER buy their products again, because they are tested on animals. I also said I am telling my family and friends not to either, and they will lose a lot of people who always bought their products. Not anymore!

I will comment their replies. If i get any! happy
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AllyCat AllyCat 15 August 2011
I got a reply from P&G.

Hi Alexandra,

Thank you for contacting Procter & Gamble.

We always welcome feedback from our consumers as means of assessing attitudes toward our products and service.

We take your concern very seriously and would like to share some facts about this important issue.

Please visit the following website that shares the P&G policy, practise and approach to animal testing and alternatives

I hope you find this information helpful. Your reference number for this e-mail is 09112990.

Should you have future questions regarding our products you may e-mail or call us on our toll-free number 1800 641 820.

Kind regards,

Consumer Relations Representative
Procter & Gamble
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