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WMD: World Milk Day or Weapon of Mass Destruction?
Posted By Jane

WMD: World Milk Day or Weapon of Mass Destruction?

Posted 31 May 2010   by         Permalink | 8 Comments

Tags: milk, dairy, cows, environment, soy milk, World Milk Day, WMD, banner

Did you know that June 1st is 'World Milk Day'? Or, as I think it should be called, WMD? I think this acronym is more than suitable because milk is a Weapon of Mass Destruction -- for cows, calves and the environment.

On WMD, let's remember the 1 million bobby calves who were taken from their grieving Mums, only to be slaughtered as 'waste products' of the dairy industry -- so that the milk nature intended for them could be fed to humans...

On WMD, let's spare a thought for the struggling Murray Darling Basin. It takes 200 litres of water to get one glass of milk. Not only is this the driest inhabited continent in the world -- our river systems are at record lows. But I'm taking shorter showers while the dairy industry is draining our waterways!

On WMD, let's think about how we can change things for the better. What better day than World Milk Day to mark the day you ditch dairy?

Going dairy-free is easier now than it's ever been. Every time you choose soymilk, rice milk, soy ice creams, dairy-free cream cheese, whipped 'cream', yoghurts, or any other dairy alternative, you're helping the cows, the environment and yourself!

Here's an amazing recipe to get you started... a non-dairy cheesecake (it's a Weapon of Mass Deliciousness!)

P.S. Did I mention, "Milk is for babies"? Check out our new WMD-inspired banner! Show you care by slapping it on your Myspace, or uploading it to Facebook :)

Milk is for babies! |
Click here to download the banner, or copy and paste this code to your Myspace:
<a href=""><img border="0" src="" alt="Milk is for babies!" title="Milk is for babies" height="250" width="280" /></a>

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I Care I Care 1 June 2010
Thank you for spelling out the behind the scenes details of how we get our milk. Most people don't know. Even those who are 'vegetarian' but consume dairy products often are unaware of the horrors.
via Unleashed

EmilyCares EmilyCares 1 June 2010
I wasnt aware that the babies were killed???
I knew about baby chicks thats why i dont buy eggs!
Such a waste of life...
I think this may be my day to give up the dairy and swap vegetarian for vegan!!! cow
via Unleashed

ilytopy ilytopy 1 June 2010
If i had known it was world milk day i wouldn't've had that cheese pizza!

Before anyone guilts me, I'm slowly going vegan, and feel great about it.
via Unleashed

Pomi Pomi 1 June 2010
Already stopped drinking the cows milk =D

Milk disgusts me more than any other animal product. And thats really saying something. I just want to punch it in the face.
via Unleashed

kellz kellz 2 June 2010
i think that people should not eat meat and dairy is ewwwwww i neva liked it
via Unleashed

Grace Grace 6 July 2010
I wish I would've known about this but I only found out! So tomorrow I won't drink Milk and that can be my day for 'WMD' They should advertise it more!!!
via Unleashed

Grace Grace 6 July 2010
Ohh a month too late sad Will not eat Dairy for a day coming right up!!!
via Unleashed

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago 7 August 2012
I need to buy a software and make an anti-milk  video...
via Unleashed


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