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Camels don't need cups!
Posted By Jane

Camels don't need cups!

Posted 24 June 2010   by         Permalink | 4 Comments

Tags: Racing, Camels, exotic animals, entertainment, rant

...they have humps to carry their drinks in, right?

Try telling that to the organisers of the annual Camel Cup held in July in Alice Springs, who bill a day of camel racing as a fun family event.

Update 04/07/11: Sadly, this silly race is on again in 2011, scheduled to run on Saturday 9th of July

I couldn't help but wonder after stumbling across this spectacle online, who would dream up such a camel crazy idea. I wasn't really surprised to learn that it was two blokes who'd had too much to drink at the pub one night! An intoxicated idea is very rarely a good one!

OK, so the thought of a camel race may be funny, but to actually see it, and the boofhead spectators laughing their heads off at the poor animals, is actually pretty sad.

It's bad enough that people race horses and greyhounds, but now they want to subject docile dromedaries to uncomfortable saddles and lashing whips as well?!

The ridiculous racing event, previously sponsored by Coles [Update 04/07/11: Coles now seem to have seen the light and no longer sponsor the race. Woo!] and XXXX Gold among others, also features dull dudes and dopey damsels vying for the titles of Mr and Miss Camel Cup. I'm not kidding! The guys have to walk like a camel and the girls have to display their knowledge of camel fun facts.

There's also Rickshaw Races, Kids Kamel Kapers and the "hilarious" Honeymoon Handicap ... clearly a plain camel race is not entertaining enough, they feel the need to rob the animals of every single ounce of dignity they have!

I bet if you asked a camel what he thought of The Cup, he'd happily spit in your face!

Oh and here's a fun fact. A camel's hump actually holds fat reserves, not water at all. But I'm sure Miss Camel Cup already knew that!

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LukeJames LukeJames 25 June 2010
Another reason why NT is the more primitive, un-evolved state in Australia. Wish I was in Brisbane.
via Unleashed

In class, we are looking at a news show called Behind the News on ABC. They did a story on this not that long ago... They were treating it like a happy story, they actually thought that the camels LIKE being riden around a dirt track! Half the animals were falling over during the race...
This is just SAD! angry
via Unleashed

kaity kaity 7 July 2011
Why can't people respect animals??  furious

I don't see humans being forced to race around while the animals all laugh! pig  We can choose to join a race or not, but it's not like we ever get whipped while we're there.  
Just let animals live their life peacefully! sad
via Unleashed

Tarzi Tarzi 19 August 2011
That is horrible! Camels aren't meant to race for their amusement!!

They are wonderful creatures...yet they are treated like scum.
via Unleashed


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