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Children of All Ages Delighted by Enslavement of Topsy the Elephant

Children of All Ages Delighted by Enslavement of Topsy the Elephant

Posted 4 June 2010   by Jesse         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: circuses, exotic animals, The Onion, funny, elephants, entertainment

I still remember being taken to the circus as a kid. One of the things I remember most about the circus were the elephants. I remember how they were dressed up with cloaks and head-dresses. I remember they even put glitter on them! I also remember how those gentle giants performed the cutest tricks (or at least I thought so at the time) with just a small tap on the side from their trainer.

Something I never realised at the time was that those elephants were performing such unnatural and awkward tricks because they had spent countless hours in 'training', being beaten with a hook if they refused to perform. I also never realised till years later, that the glitter that made the elephants all the more spectacular when I was a child was probably hiding 'training' wounds.

Is there any bigger facade than animal circuses? Children watch in innocent amazement as wild animals are dressed up and tormented for their entertainment. I wish I'd known the truth then. I never would have gone along with it.

So yesterday, I was glad to read the headline "Children of All Ages Delighted by Enslavement of Topsy the Elephant" on the front page of the satirical news site, The Onion. This story is at the same time shocking, hilarious and spot on. It's well worth a read...

Here are a few of the best snippets from the article:

"He's such a funny happy elephant," said 8-year-old Madison Helms, referring to the abused creature that spends the majority of his time chained up in a cramped, feces-covered enclosure. "He loves being in the circus!"

"Look, they're dancing," said 5-year-old Jonah Meeks, mistaking the elephants' constant swaying for something that wasn't a maladaptive behavior caused by serious psychological trauma. "I can dance like an elephant, too. Look at me!"

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Nick the activist Nick the activist 5 June 2010
mmm its very sad and how they are transported it more upsetting ive never been to an animal circus but i have been to cirque du soleil which is completly animal free and its so good ecstatic
via Unleashed

PenguinPerson PenguinPerson 8 June 2010
its so sad, that they have them in those conditions. Yeah cirque du soleil is great! Circuses are even better without animals because then the animals aren't put in bad conditions.

via Unleashed

Clud Clud 16 June 2010
I like the way they wrote this. It sends a message in a funny way. Laughing at the horrible fact that people find it okay for animals to be treated this way.
via Unleashed

Teaaasshhh Teaaasshhh 17 June 2010
stop animal crulty especially ones like this animals are born and created to run free and wild not to be for our entertainment unless someone goes out to the wild and video tapes them ! this should be prenounced as a crime ! its not right to lock these animals up just for our own special entertainment do u think that if they had a choice to go back to the wild or stay locked up in the cage  they would stay locked up in a cage for the rest of their lives ?? i certantly dont !
via Unleashed

Hitler Hitler 26 June 2010
Thats why i dont go to the circus!
via Unleashed

Proudwomon Proudwomon 23 July 2010
elephants, such close kin, such magnificent animals - what is wrong with humans that we need to prove our superiority over other species? i once read a book about a circus elephant - Modoc - it was a beautiful, sad, and disturbing expose on what we do to these long-lived, long-memoried cousins...
via Unleashed

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago 7 August 2012
The circus is coming into Denver in a few weeks-I think.
I am going to protest!
via Unleashed


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