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Mysterious Stranger Wants People To Go Veg!
Posted By Jane

Mysterious Stranger Wants People To Go Veg!

Posted 14 July 2010   by         Permalink | 5 Comments

Tags: food, veg, restaurants, health, Buddhism, Taiwan

I just learned that in Taiwan if a person wants to thank Buddha for granting a wish, they buy a stranger a vegetarian meal. It's not unusual for people to also do this just to gain peace of mind. Pretty cool huh?

Well, one mysterious stranger on a motorbike has gone one better than this (or should that be 9,999 better?). He handed over the equivalent of $17,000 to the owner of Taipei's Lotus Heart Vegetarian Restaurant, asked him to feed the public and rode off into the sunset! His peace of mind must be through the roof!

This is enough money for 10,000 vegetarian meals! Restaurant owner, Hsu Min-long, has already given free veg meals to low-income families and children from the local orphanage, but there is still so much money left that he will cook free veg meals from 11am to 9pm for eight consecutive Sundays!

What a fabulous idea from a person who must have the most peaceful mind in all of Taiwan now. I can't think of many more effective ways to spend a lazy 17 grand, than by having people taste for themselves how amazing veg food can be and maybe sticking with it for life!

But then, you don't need 17 grand to share great veg food with friends. So why not score some good karma for yourself by cooking up a veg feast for your friends?

Oh, how I wish that compassionate biker and best pal of Buddha would ride into Adelaide and share the love between Joy Discovery, Bliss Organic or Zenhouse Yum Cha so I could eat delicious veg food for free!

What would you do with a spare $17,000? Which restaurant do you wish the anonymous giver would visit?

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.ellehcoR .ellehcoR 14 July 2010
This is gorgeous story! One that you don't hear much of in Western society. I know they have "karma nudies" that say on the bottle to pass onto a stranger, but I admit I havn't ever done it myself :/

Living in Melbourne, if I had the $17,000, I would pass it onto the Crossways vegetarian eatery... its a non-profit hare krishna restaurant charging only $5 for a mammoth plate   drinks   dessert, and im pretty sure its run by volunteers too! Feeding everyone from financially unstable students to melboure business men (and i love it when i see the two types sitting at the same table)..... yeahp I'd love for Crossways to receive a bit of extra $$$
via Unleashed

Brendon Brendon 15 July 2010
That's awesome!
Although all my non-vegan friends pay me out I always try to feed them vegan (even if they complain) because in my mind that's one less meal that an animal had to die for.
To ".ellehcoR" above me. Crossways is awesome!! I've only been to Melbourne once but I went there 4 times whilst I visited. Great food at affordable prices. Yum!
via Unleashed

Etranger Etranger 16 July 2010
$17,000 = 10.000 meals? That's $1.70 a meal. I know eating Veg works out  cheaper, but that just doesn't sound right
via Unleashed

...2 ...2 16 July 2010
Wow! What an awesome person. He deserves all the good karma that comes to him... which, I guess is the whole point of karma...
via Unleashed

Mel. Mel. 19 July 2010
That's amazing  happy
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