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Running of the Bulls: A Tragic 'Tradition'!
Posted By Jane

Running of the Bulls: A Tragic 'Tradition'!

Posted 5 July 2010   by         Permalink | 5 Comments

Tags: entertainment, bulls, Pamplona, Spain, bullfighting, Running of the Bulls, sport, tourism, cow, take action

With amazing drawcards like flamenco dancing and the incredibly fun Tomatina Festival (basically just a massive food fight with tomatoes!) you'd think Spain wouldn't need any other crazy attractions to bring in the tourist dollars.

But unfortunately, the utterly cruel and outdated Running of the Bulls is taking place this week in Pamplona....

Each day of the week-long festival, 12 terrified animals are forced to run, slipping and sliding, often breaking limbs, down ancient cobble stoned streets and into a bullring. A hoard of taunting humans run ahead of the bulls, themselves risking serious injury or death.

Once in the bullring, the already exhausted animal faces a matador, who teases and taunts him before driving spears into his back and neck. As the bull loses blood he becomes weaker and finally collapses. Then the matador delivers the final blow, severing his spinal cord with a dagger. Sometimes the matador misses, leaving the bull conscious, paralysed and in sheer agony while being dragged off by the horns. Hardly a bull fight. This is a bull massacre!

Whether it's bull 'riding' in Australia, or bull 'fighting' in Spain, teasing and tormenting frightened animals has got to be one of the lowest excuses for 'entertainment' ever.

If you think Spain's Ministry of Tourism needs to be more creative in attracting tourists, send them a letter and tell them you will never visit a country that advertises bloodthirst and carnage as a 'fun' event!

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Aimee Aimee 6 July 2010
I've emailed the relevant government people about this before and they have said while they receive similar feedback often, it is a tradition and will stay. GRRRR sad
via Unleashed

hayley la BAM ?! hayley la BAM ?! 8 July 2010
a family member of mine went and watched the running with the bulls a few years ago (maybe more like ten or something). she came back and said that it was horrible and that once the bull was first stabbed, she had to turn away because she just could not watch.
and personally, i hate this and always have, they showed footage on tv the other day and even my dad said that it was terrible, and he cares nothing for animal welfare.
via Unleashed

Catieb Catieb 9 July 2010
Just because something is tradition does not mean it cannot change. Using the word 'tradition' to get around this is just an excuse not a reason. Ask them for a reason and I bet they would not have one.
via Unleashed

kim. kim. 16 July 2010
This is disgusting. Just because something is a 'tradition' doesn't mean that its right. Urgh! these people make me so mad!!
via Unleashed

Sharm Sharm 2 August 2010
How is this entertainment? I do not understand the human race, truly despicable!
via Unleashed


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