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VICTORY! Catalonia Bans Bullfighting!

VICTORY! Catalonia Bans Bullfighting!

Posted 28 July 2010   by Jesse         Permalink | 23 Comments

Tags: bullfighting, Catalonia, Spain, bulls, cows, victory

Three cheers for Catalonia, which today became the first major region in mainland Spain to ban bullfighting! Cheers broke out in the assembly as the vote was passed 68 to 55. Phew!

Thanks to the inspiring campaigning of Catalonian animal advocates and all those who supported the campaign, thousands of bulls in Catalonia will be spared a cruel and gruesome death in the name of 'entertainment'.

In the lead up to the vote, the Catalonian Parliament receieved thousands upon thousands of petition signatures, letters and emails from caring people in Spain and all across the world (including nearly a thousand Unleashed members) in support of a ban. If you signed a petition, wrote a letter, or helped in any way to achieve this historical victory, then thank you!

Time for a fiesta!

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JackiRipper JackiRipper 28 July 2010
via Unleashed

kim. kim. 28 July 2010
ecstatic yay for Catalonia ecstatic
via Unleashed

Lorraine Lorraine 29 July 2010
I was so happy to hear this fantastic news, I had tears of joy! And it feels amazing to be part of this victory!! hooray!
via Unleashed

Michaeljohn Jr. Michaeljohn Jr. 29 July 2010
VICTORY! There's NOTHING like the feel of VICTORY for the "BULLS AND HORSES."
via Unleashed

Michaeljohn Jr. Michaeljohn Jr. 29 July 2010
"CONGRATULATIONS" on the Bullfighting "Ban" in Catalonia.
via Unleashed

SL SL 29 July 2010
Now, we have to keep fighting and STOP this everywhere !
Amazing news !
via Unleashed

Jessica917 Jessica917 29 July 2010
Such a good feeling to know I helped stop that terrible cruelty =)
via Unleashed

NearBastet NearBastet 29 July 2010
That's great !! fantastic !! I am crying now too because we won !!!!
via Unleashed

NearBastet NearBastet 29 July 2010
It's brilliant !!! It's great !!! Fantastic !!!!

Yes yes we won !!! ecstatic ecstatic
via Unleashed

Sara1985 Sara1985 29 July 2010
Great News!! This will put pressure on other areas to ban this horrible act too.... Just like sow stalls and caged eggs will slowly but surely be banned and removed across Australia! Kicking Ass For The Animals!!!!
via Unleashed

Kitton Kitton 29 July 2010
This is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!
via Unleashed

sweetc sweetc 29 July 2010
Great news! Let's keep up the good work and get the rest of Spain to do the same.
via Unleashed

Dutchie Dutchie 29 July 2010
Absolutely brilliant! Let's keep up the good work!
via Unleashed

kim4 kim4 29 July 2010
Great result. Hopefully more of Spains people will help to make a stand against bullfighting.
via Unleashed

LeaMac LeaMac 29 July 2010
Lets hope the rest of the country can now feel the pressure and get rid of this barbaric custom altogether.
Its like anything, if people do not go they have no market for this.
Well done, this is great news.
via Unleashed

Margarida Margarida 29 July 2010
I am very happy, the struggle continues, we will end the unnecessary suffering of the bulls used for the enjoyment of human
via Unleashed

...2 ...2 29 July 2010
This is fantastic!
via Unleashed

Tucker Tucker 30 July 2010

NOW WE NEED TO GET THE REST OF SPAIN TO DO THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
via Unleashed

Mel. Mel. 30 July 2010
Yayyy, ecstatic now the rest of Spain has gotta do it !
via Unleashed

This is great news.!!
Now we just need everywhere eles to ban it! ecstatic
via Unleashed

lillian2 lillian2 1 August 2010
im so so happy! i was in the bathroom when it was on the radio, and i sent a letter through unleashed! yayayayayay
via Unleashed

Animallover12 Animallover12 17 August 2010
this brings lots of joy to me!
via Unleashed

Animallover12 Animallover12 13 September 2010
via Unleashed


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