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Kangaroos Should Not be Boxed In!
Posted By Jane

Kangaroos Should Not be Boxed In!

Posted 2 August 2010   by         Permalink | 9 Comments

Tags: entertainment, kangaroos, boxing, Texas, rant, circuses

When I think of boxing kangaroos I think of enormous male red roos, fighting each other in truly awe inspiring displays of dominance.

Unfortunately, the words 'boxing kangaroo' make too many people think of the cartoonish image of a roo wearing boxing gloves. In Texas, the Rocky Show Circus has taken this image way too far, by not only making a real kangaroo wear boxing gloves, but also boxing shorts, and then forcing him into an actual boxing ring to spar with people. How demeaning to such a magnificent animal!

Long suffering 'Rocky' the roo, frightened audiences recently by knocking over a woman, crazy enough to get in the ring with him, before trying to mount her. In one news article about the incident, an expert said that Rocky was displaying 'natural' behaviour!

Hmph! If you ask me, there is absolutely nothing natural about a rambunctious roo being kept in captivity! Kangaroos are highly social animals but Rocky never even gets to lay eyes on another hopper. Roos are also shy by nature, yet Rocky is expected to box strangers in front of a crowd. Rocky could reach speeds of up to 70km/hr in the wild, but in this farcical circus, his muscular hind legs, adapted for marvellous jumping, are wasted because of his restrictive environment. It's no surprise that he's showing some frustration.

Too many animals used for human entertainment display abnormal behaviours. A beautiful elephant rocking back and forth in boredom; a massive killer whale swimming round and round in circles in his tank; a caged bird, never allowed to fly, pulling out her feathers ... You get the idea.

Rocky should be in a mob happily bounding around the open plains of Australia. Not wearing a costume in a boxing ring in Texas!

Once you get past the many spelling mistakes on their website, I'm sure you'll agree the Rocky Show Circus actually looks way more exciting when Rocky isn't even on stage! Please click here to send the organisers a message to let them know their circus would be so much better if they cut out the cruelty, and binned the boxing!

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izzyfied izzyfied 2 August 2010
How DARE YOU mock and demean our national mascot? Kangaroos are animals just like humans, cats or dogs and they feel fear, pain and stress as much as anyone does. It is utterly cruel to treat a kangaroos the way "Rocky" is being treated. He deserves to live among his own species in the Australian outback, not in some redneck sideshow in Texas!
via Unleashed

Sharm Sharm 2 August 2010
To start with isn't illegal to have a kangaroo as a pet???  
The people going to watch this ridiculous act are just  bad as the people who run  this circus, without paying customers the circus would go broke!
via Unleashed

...2 ...2 2 August 2010
This is a million different kinds of disgusting. I'm about to go send a very angry email.
via Unleashed

Mikey Mikey 2 August 2010
Last time I sent a letter to , it bounced saying the email didn't exist. I have an online action for this issue if you are interested:
via Unleashed

KirstyGirl KirstyGirl 2 August 2010
This sucks. Poor kangas.

Also unleashed you need to add a share button to your stories so I can more easily share these things with Twitter and facebook friends!
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 3 August 2010
Mikey, thanks for the heads up. I've updated the link to point to the feedback form on their website.

KirstyGirl, we used to have a share button on our blog, but we decided to change it to a 'like' button (located between the blog and comments). We've found more people use this button than were using the share button. But we'll take your request into consideration and may bring back the share button in future.
via Unleashed

what dumbass people.
steal our own animals, take them over to other countries, put them in a cage and then force them to box.


via Unleashed

jessika jessika 20 August 2010
this should stop now !!!!!!!!! angry
via Unleashed

prettypoodlexx prettypoodlexx 24 November 2010
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