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Throwing Animals in Bins is Wrong, Right?
Posted By Jane

Throwing Animals in Bins is Wrong, Right?

Posted 25 August 2010   by         Permalink | 38 Comments

Tags: news, cats, chickens, eggs, vegan

This is making headline news around the world: After 4 year old tabby cat, Lola, greeted Mary Bale in the street for a quick pat, Mary grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and shoved her into a wheelie bin before walking away. Lola was trapped inside the bin for 15 hours. Luckily, this was all caught on film, otherwise Lola may never have been found!

After the footage was posted on Facebook, people worldwide have been outraged that anyone could do such a thing to a defenceless animal.

Surely throwing an animal into a wheelie bin, any bin, and leaving him or her to die is illegal ... well ... it depends on the animal ...

We know that eggs come from hens and that hens are female. So when one hen stops laying eggs, she gets replaced with another ...female. All the egg industry needs are female birds to keep clucking along.

What happens to a chick if he's born a male? Unfortunately, he ends up in the bin. But the difference here is that when male chicks are thrown into bins at hatcheries across the globe, there are no security cameras filming the people responsible, no one will come to their rescue. Every year in Australia alone, an estimated 12 million day old baby birds are either ground up alive or tossed into a bin on top of their brothers to be gassed to death... and this is legal!

See for yourself what happens inside the world's largest hatchery (the same thing happens here):

No animal (furry or feathered) deserves to be tossed into a bin and left for dead. Fortunately, we can all take a stand against this cruelty by giving eggs the flick. No yolk, it's easy as vegan pie!

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Mel. Mel. 25 August 2010
I don't understand how people who do that sort of stuff to animals can live with themselves sad
via Unleashed

...2 ...2 25 August 2010
What is WRONG with people?
via Unleashed

Esma Esma 25 August 2010
Those people are horrific, heartless MONSTERS! I cannot believe such an act is legal. That is horrible. Just because the animals cannot speak English, it does not mean we ignore their rights!!!!!!!
via Unleashed

d-i-am-ond d-i-am-ond 25 August 2010
What the sh*t; I want to throw her in a bin and a trash compactor and ARGLE BARGLE. *rage*
via Unleashed

Emmy14 Emmy14 25 August 2010
Why would you do such a thing?
via Unleashed

Tofu Ninja Tofu Ninja 26 August 2010
I hate humanity.
via Unleashed

J-LO J-LO 26 August 2010
Oh, and the cow who threw the poor cat in the bin for a giggle - she shoud be thrown in a bin and dumped in a big pile of sh*t!!
via Unleashed

J-LO J-LO 26 August 2010
It's all true.  Early last year my hubby and I were desperate for extra money as we just moved to Victoria.  We were so desperate that I took a job at a 'Free Range' chicken farm as a cleaner.  What I saw broke my heart, I lasted 3 days.  Every day I went home crying.  My last job for the night was to take out the trash - I was HORRIFIED when I heard baby chicks in the industrial bins still chirping.  I had to pick up the dead and dying babies off the floor -  the truly terrible thing was this video only shows half of the actual carnage these babies endure.  I've seen baby chicks with terrible head injuries, still alive.  I've seen baby chicks missing wings and legs and beaks, cut, broken and bleeding and still alive. This is the exact same machine that was used at the farm where I had the misfortune to work.  I can still see the broken bodies of baby chicks when I shut my eyes now.  After 3 days my hubby knew that I was so traumatised that I could never go back so he rang the temp agency I worked for and told them what they could do with their job!!  No amount of money could ever make me go back to working at an animal farm.   This was supposed to be a 'FREE RANGE' farm.  What a load of CARP!!
via Unleashed

emileee emileee 26 August 2010
This women is a dick head. She thought it would be funny. No one is laughing.
via Unleashed

Mondayschild Mondayschild 26 August 2010
Oh my gosh... I am glad I watched that, but wish I hadn't.
via Unleashed

LisaP LisaP 26 August 2010
She said that she thought it would be" funny" to throw the cat in the trash, well I would Love to throw her in the trash bin and get a good effin Laugh!! She's a joke of a human being!!
via Unleashed

amoxycillin amoxycillin 26 August 2010
this is absolutely disgusting.
she's obviously mentally unstable.
and animal abuse is often a precursor to human abuse - I don't understand why animal abusers don't get harsher punishment.
via Unleashed

Animallover12 Animallover12 26 August 2010
that is sad! sad sad
and stupid!
via Unleashed

Catzilla Catzilla 26 August 2010

The cat was just being friendly, and she throws her into a wheelie bin!!!!!

I hope she gets what she deserves!
via Unleashed

wildflowers wildflowers 26 August 2010
That is absolutely so cruel and disgusting!!! How could anyone do such a thing? Someone should do the same thing to her!
via Unleashed

Trish1 Trish1 26 August 2010
What a horrible, nasty, deceitful, disgusting woman.!!!
If she's an Australian like me, I am very very ashamed, to be living in the same country, with a cold hearted cruel person like her. !!!l
via Unleashed

roe01 roe01 26 August 2010
That woman is sick, she would have to be to be so depraved.  Instead of 10 years in jail she needs 10 years in a  home for the mentally unstable.  She must have no thinking capacity its a wonder she could even walk down the street. sick bitch
via Unleashed

J-LO J-LO 26 August 2010
OOps, my apologies to cows.  They are better looking and a lot smarter than this b*tch!!
via Unleashed

Bridgetfahey Bridgetfahey 27 August 2010
Wow, so englands CCTV actually did what it was put in to do? I wonder if that woman is not all there. It seems a lot of cruel people don't fully grasp sympathy, empathy or other people
via Unleashed

Sharm Sharm 27 August 2010
Evil, evil bitch, lets hope karma catches up with her!
via Unleashed

Animallover12 Animallover12 28 August 2010
she said it was a joke!
what a liar!
via Unleashed

Delwen Delwen 29 August 2010
What a B**** !!!!! If I saw her do that ill say "EXCUSE ME??" -slap slp slap-  angry sad furious
via Unleashed

CelticRose CelticRose 31 August 2010
I came upon some teenaged boys one winter morning carrying a bag of newborn puppies that had been thrown into the trash. They gave me the poor little things and I took them home. They stopped crying once they got warm. Someone from the animal shelter later came and took them.
via Unleashed

CityLights CityLights 4 September 2010
It's really stupid how some people can be SO HEARTLESS. I hate that! It's on the news in Australia too and everyone's saying they should protect the LADY from animal lovers... excuse me? What about that poor kitty kitty?

Is this some sort of stunt or some sort of joke? Some people need to grow up.

I only watched the first 14 seconds of the second video... I don't think I'm gonna like it  sad
via Unleashed

virginia virginia 5 September 2010
javascript:smile('furious');void(0);STUPID COW!!!!!!
via Unleashed

Amy.Lou.x Amy.Lou.x 10 September 2010
Wow..........Thats Heartless cry
via Unleashed

Emzio Emzio 11 September 2010
I wish I could rant all day about this, but I'll just say that what that lady did was down-right idiotic!
via Unleashed

karenbaby karenbaby 14 September 2010
She Must be pretty Dim Witted.
She Said It Was A Joke.
Knock-Knock is a joke.
Not leaving an animal to die..
via Unleashed

Wendy2 Wendy2 15 September 2010
If she can do that to an animal can you imagine what this, thing could do to a child angry angry
via Unleashed

mady june mady june 18 September 2010
cry sad scared angry furious
via Unleashed

Emma95 Emma95 21 September 2010
OMG!!!!! that is sooooooooooooo horrible
i am like almost crying here cry sad
WTF IS UP WITH SOME PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! furious
via Unleashed

Ming Ming 22 September 2010
That's why I hate human!!!!
I hate being a human!!!!
They're so HEARTLESS!!!!!
I hope they're tortured before they die!!!!
via Unleashed

mikayla mikayla 24 September 2010
via Unleashed

CatLover CatLover 27 September 2010
It's crul
via Unleashed

Neenzi Neenzi 12 October 2011
Hate the act, not the woman. Pity her. Do not wish ill to her because when you do, it brings bad karma to yourself. I am just perplexed as to what goes through peoples minds to make them do such horrible things. confused
via Unleashed

AllyCat AllyCat 24 January 2012

Have anyone seem the video someone dressed up as a cat, and had a dumy that looked like that women and out her inthe bin, at the same place, same camera! SO AWESOME, but i wish the cat but the REAL women in the bin and taped it down so she can never get out!
via Unleashed

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago 13 August 2012
furious megaphone those people!
via Unleashed

Okami ovo vegetarian Okami ovo vegetarian 12 November 2014
She should be the one in the bin, not the cat who just wanted to be friendly  chick kitty angry furious cry sad scared paw
via Unleashed


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