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Circus Has to Swallow Goldfish Ban

Circus Has to Swallow Goldfish Ban

Posted 9 September 2010   by Jesse         Permalink | 15 Comments

Tags: victory, circuses, fish, Animals Australia, exotic animals, video

When you think of animals in circuses, what comes to mind? ... Elephants, lions, monkeys, goldfish ... hold up! ... goldfish?

Yes, you read right - goldfish. The Moscow circus was this week banned from performing an act in which a woman swallowed 3 live goldfish and then regurgitated them, after Animals Australia reported the act to the NSW Govt.

It's bad enough that elephants and other exotic animals suffer miserable cramped and inadequate lives in circuses, but how could anyone imagine that swallowing a live animal would make for wholesome family entertainment? Mind you, if you ask me, swallowing dead animals at the dinner table hardly makes for a wholesome family activity either.

Anyway, if you're thinking "But they're just goldfish, don't they have a 3 second memory?", then to dispell this myth I'll refer you to that amazing fountain of knowledge that is Japanese Novelty TV:

I bet you didn't expect to see synchronised swimming goldfish when you woke up this morning ;)

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Emmy14 Emmy14 9 September 2010
Hahaha goldfish are awesome! My first pet was a goldfish, but he's dead now sad
via Unleashed

Mwophie Mwophie 9 September 2010
trust the japanese (no racism there, honestly)
they did after all, invent human tetris happy
maybe there is a new game show in there somewhere?
via Unleashed

Jen Jen 9 September 2010
Awww synchronised swimming goldfish! happy Awesome!! xD very cute.  clap
via Unleashed

Brendon Brendon 9 September 2010
People are such bullies!
Why, Oh WHY is it so hard for us to just leave them alone?
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 10 September 2010
@Mwophie I love human tetris! Funniest thing ever!
via Unleashed

Hitler Hitler 10 September 2010
wasn't even aware this was even happing, im glad its begin banned. Were did you find out about this?
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 10 September 2010
A supporter who attended the show in Sydney reported it to us.
via Unleashed

Animallover12 Animallover12 10 September 2010
People are such bullies!
via Unleashed

Amy.Lou.x Amy.Lou.x 10 September 2010
-Sigh- Can Anybody Here Tell Me Whats Special About Swallowing Goldfish Then Puking It Up ?
via Unleashed

Emma95 Emma95 16 September 2010
y would someone do that
poor fishy fish
via Unleashed

mady june mady june 18 September 2010
Wow, thats horrible, why would anyone do that anyway? huh
via Unleashed

Cailyn Cailyn 22 September 2010
i would never do that thats groos,wrong orrible poor fishy  fish free the fishh free the fishh happy
via Unleashed

mikayla mikayla 24 September 2010
via Unleashed

grizzly grizzly 14 January 2011
I have seen this before , oldest trick in the book.:
(a) glue magnetic material to underside of fish
(b) Get hired help to hide under table and using strong magent
control movement of fish

.... mmm cheaters !!!
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 14 January 2011
@grizzly, If you're right, then that's very disappointing. I watched the video again to see if I could pick up on that, but it struck me that the fish's fins were moving as you would expect if they were actually doing the swimming.
via Unleashed


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