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Lady Gaga Gets Gory

Lady Gaga Gets Gory

Posted 8 September 2010   by Jesse         Permalink | 42 Comments

Tags: Lady Gaga, meat, Vogue, gross, video, slaughter, veg

Lady Gaga has taken the cake for revolting this week by appearing on the cover of Men's Vogue in Japan wearing nothing but a bikini made of raw meat. *gag*

Ok, I know Gaga has built her fame on her outrageous fashion, but draping yourself in the flesh of butchered animals is just tasteless attention seeking. In fact, Miss Gore-gore looks about as ugly here as is the reality of how that meat-kini came to be dead. But pictures speak louder than words, so I'll let you decide which is uglier.

What do you think? Which is uglier Lady Gore-gore, or the reality of what happened to the cows she's wearing?

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Mwophie Mwophie 8 September 2010
graphic doesnt even begin to cover it. i was crying before he even brought out the knife,  i had to turn it off becasue i couldt watcv
via Unleashed

Emmy14 Emmy14 8 September 2010
YUCK! I had Lady Gaga!!!!
via Unleashed

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 8 September 2010
I see you guys noticed this.
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 9 September 2010
@4_da_animals1 yup happy
Well spotted. Thanks for sharing on the forum wink
via Unleashed

Jen Jen 10 September 2010
@Jesse  Agreed.

I guess we just can't assume everyone knows what we know.
I'm sure there are a lot of caring and compassionate omnivores out there that may be unaware or trying to make the switch to veg so it's our job to help them out xD
via Unleashed

TofuUnleashed TofuUnleashed 10 September 2010
Eww. That is totally disgusting. Eating meat's bad enough...but wearing it?
Wouldn't you get sick from doing that? I mean, raw meat has heaps of bacteria on it. She must have washed extra hard after doing that.
I thought I recalled Lady Gaga doing some anti-fur thing a while ago... or was that someone else?
What kind of name is Lady Gaga anyway???
via Unleashed

Carol J. Adams Carol J. Adams 10 September 2010
There's another level to what's going on here: the sexual politics of meat. There's been a recent trend in popular culture that creates photo shoots of women wearing raw meat. (See American Top Models 2008, for instance.) I believe associating women with raw meat is a way of leveraging animals' oppression to reinforce women's objectification. It's precisely because raw meat was so recently slaughtered; that raw meat has gory roots, that a patriarchal popular culture wants to dress women in it.
via Unleashed

Animallover12 Animallover12 10 September 2010
they are both horrible!sadsad
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 10 September 2010
Most vegetarians ate meat at some stage. It doesn't mean they are careless people. Most meat eaters are unaware of the cruelty inflicted on animals before they end up on their plate. It's our job to inform them, so they can make the same compassionate choices we have.
via Unleashed

AML AML 10 September 2010
Anyone who supports the meat industry completely fails as a human being.  All you meat eaters should be ASHAMED of yourselves.  Honestly, how do you sleep at night????
via Unleashed

AMJ AMJ 10 September 2010
I second that The Press Corpse. I can't stand Ga Ga either... She is just disgusting... and this picture has confirmed that!
via Unleashed

lillian2 lillian2 12 September 2010
i love lady gaga! but that is abit gross
via Unleashed

Sharm Sharm 13 September 2010
So glad i've become a born again vegetarian (10 days now). Images and footage like this reaffirms why so many people are choosing to be vegan and vegetarians.
via Unleashed

Bernadette Bernadette 14 September 2010
Well now: we need to roast ! furious megaphone pirate
via Unleashed

wild child2 wild child2 14 September 2010
As ellen degeneres highlighted when Gaga appeared on her show wearing a meat dress, what's the difference between wearing the animals flesh or wearing it's skin in the form of leather/fur??
For some reason everyone is offended by Gaga wearing some steak but no one thinks twice when their friend shows up wearing a leather jacket/pants.
I'm not a fan of Gaga btw.
via Unleashed

karenbaby karenbaby 14 September 2010
She is disgusting and tacky.
thats not fashion.
shes not cool.
all of her 'unique outfits'
are just to be different but it fails in so many ways.
she is no artist i could EVER look up to.
via Unleashed

Lizzay of the Hizzay Lizzay of the Hizzay 15 September 2010
ive always disliked her but didnt have anything against her. but god what kind of awful person does that. disgusting.
via Unleashed

Emmy14 Emmy14 17 September 2010
Taylor Swift is perfect!
via Unleashed

Connors_mummy Connors_mummy 18 September 2010
very disrespectful sad
via Unleashed

Mooshelle! Mooshelle! 19 September 2010
Fashion is not wearing butchered animals, this is just wrong !
via Unleashed

Cailyn Cailyn 22 September 2010
that is sooo gross and sooo wrong sad
via Unleashed

mikayla mikayla 24 September 2010
lady gaga,
im so ashamed she did that!!!
im positive she didnt stop and think of how many animals had to b killed for "1 night"
plus it didnt even look good!?
via Unleashed

TeenTopYesPlease TeenTopYesPlease 24 September 2010
That is so f***en disgusting!
You dont even have to be vegetarian/vegan to realise how wrong this is....what the hell is wrong with her (it isnt even fashionable!)

majorly pissed...*tsk tsk
via Unleashed

CatLover CatLover 27 September 2010
via Unleashed

ecochick ecochick 29 September 2010
*sigh* i actually liked Lady GaGa. she is very induvidual and out there, just like me... but this is horrible, im actual devo that she would stoop to that level.  sad
via Unleashed

Chanelle Chanelle 2 October 2010
makes me feel sick, i already hated lady gaga and now shes just disgusting
via Unleashed

Holly3 Holly3 8 October 2010
this is horrible! i had to stop watching when he brought out the knife.
via Unleashed

Tierney! Tierney! 9 October 2010
YUCK! Thats just disguisting.Even if you loved meat iikkkk I know Lady gaga is know for her crazy outfits but thats just to far. Ands shes 7th on the Forbes most powerful women list. Oh yea cos wearing a dead animal is so powerful. angry
via Unleashed

Daveexoxo Daveexoxo 10 October 2010
I'm a Lady Gaga fan, but... This really, jus... Its a bit like why? There's no meaning or statement, its just sick.
via Unleashed

Chanelle Chanelle 1 November 2010
i already hated lady gaga, this just shows how cheap and patthetic her fame is,. that its built on gimics
via Unleashed

Gen_MCRmy Gen_MCRmy 7 November 2010
I watched all of it. You guys should watch all of it too. Surely watching a video in your comfortable chair, sitting at the computer isn't as bad as being that cow and hanging up and being slaughtered like that. Just imagine being that cow.
via Unleashed

animals deserve 2 live 2!! animals deserve 2 live 2!! 20 November 2010
horrible, just horrible
via Unleashed

SS-Cyanide SS-Cyanide 26 November 2010
i admit i liked her until this horrid display ick
via Unleashed

Stuff Stuff 27 November 2010
I liked her until she did this...this is disgusting and horrible
via Unleashed

Melody Melody 29 November 2010
Animas had to die for this. This is sooo horrible  furious
via Unleashed

Claire Bear Claire Bear 15 February 2011
Went to watch the video, but Youtube has taken it off. Like to watch this confronting stuff, as it makes my resolve stronger. I have watched movies like this since my recent conversion to vegetariansm (half way to veganism) and have found that it isn't hard not to eat animals or eggs or milk because it physically repulses me due to being confronted with the truth.
via Unleashed

Linaeriksson Linaeriksson 15 February 2011
i dont think a middle aged man would ever do some thing like this. just showing how degraded some woman are, just for a little bit of fame. feel sorry for her.
via Unleashed

Glenn Glenn 21 February 2011
i LOVE gaga but did not like seeing this....

whilst i dislike the fact she used meat as clothing, i think it kind of highlights what leather/fur clothes hide. Leather is the flesh of animals, just treated. What Gaga wore is no worse than a suit of leather or fur, just more confrontational. So I dislike her wearing this, just as much as other people who wear other animal products.
via Unleashed

Val Val 11 March 2011
God I was so upset when I found out she did this.. REALLY disappointed.
via Unleashed

Tangled.legs Tangled.legs 18 March 2011
Lady gaga is foul she makes me sick.
via Unleashed

Pegs Pegs 13 April 2011
Ewwwwwww, Gee whiz, lady gaga has some sick taste of fashion!
via Unleashed

Okami ovo vegetarian Okami ovo vegetarian 12 November 2014
cow chick fish paw pig rabbit furious cry
Ewwww that is so gross
via Unleashed


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