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The Heroes of Halloween!
Posted By Jane

The Heroes of Halloween!

Posted 30 October 2010   by         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: Cats, Bats, Rats Owls, Wolves, Halloween, Recipes

It's Halloween time! Which means lots of talk of witches, ghosts, werewolves, zombies, bats, rats and black cats ... spoooooky!

But rather than fearing the animals traditionally associated with Halloween, I want us all to remember how awesome these creepy creatures really are and why we should love 'em! (Let's face it, this ain't gonna be a tough task!)

While in the US, black cats have the lowest adoption rates from shelters than any other colour, in Scotland it's believed owners of black cats will have lots of good luck and, shall we say, suitors. So single Scottish gals are reaping the benefits of having black moggies around the house!

Far from being scary symbols of vampires, bats are considered good luck in Poland and in China they are signs of happiness and prosperity. And let's not forget what would have become of Gotham City without Batman around to save the day!

Here in the Western world there's tales of werewolves coming out when the moon appears (and the Twilight stories aren't helping dispel this myth!), in Japan, wolves are considered to be Gods, where grain farmers even pray to wolves at shrines, asking them to protect their crops.

HedwigIn China, the rat is the first sign of the zodiac, and if you're born under this sign you are said to be intelligent, creative, generous and honest. Funny then, that in Western cultures, dishonest people are called 'dirty rats'! In India, it's considered a blessing to eat food that has been touched by rats ... now I love all animals, but I'm pretty sure it's gonna take a long time for that idea to catch on here, if ever!

Thankfully owls have managed to overcome their reputation of being 'bringers in death' as they're known in Africa. Today owls are symbols of wisdom. And of course, Harry Potter's beautiful Hedwig has shown us they're pretty good at delivering messages too!

All this talk of superstitions and cultural beliefs has got me feeling all inspired. When the kids come trick or treating at my door tonight, I'm gonna be all ready with my cruelty free white chocolate bites and witches' fingers (no, even witches don't get harmed in the making of these!).

That is as soon as I adopt a black cat to keep me company and attract lots of ... um ... protectors to my house for Halloween! ;)

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Emmy14 Emmy14 30 October 2010
Love halloween! Just made a pumpkin lantern! So fun!!!!!!!!!
via Unleashed

Jen Jen 30 October 2010
Oh wow! Those witches fingers look awesome! happy
I'm tempted to make them... very tempted xD
Almost wish I could go trick or treating 'round your place... free vegan sweets! happy
via Unleashed

TofuUnleashed TofuUnleashed 30 October 2010
Oh my golly gosh those witches' fingers are SCARY! They look so real! laugh
via Unleashed

Chip Chip 31 October 2010
Haha, I have three black cats at my house!! happy
via Unleashed

...2 ...2 2 November 2010
Owls are one of my favourite animals. They're the animal associated with the Greek goddess Athena. She is the goddess of wisdom, war, aristocracy, justice, crafts, and much more. happy
via Unleashed

Strawberry Splash1 Strawberry Splash1 30 November 2010
Spooly! Whooo I think this blog is really cool and I LOVE owls.
via Unleashed

Proudwomon Proudwomon 17 November 2011
i've shared my life with black cats for decades... true friends...
via Unleashed


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