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It's Good News Week!!
Posted By Jane

It's Good News Week!!

Posted 10 November 2010   by         Permalink | 8 Comments

Tags: Victory, possums, pigs, coles, circuses

This has been an AWESOME week for animal victories! And what makes these wins that much sweeter is that they wouldn't have happened without us! That is Unleashed members like YOU!

First we found out that the brutal plan to trap, transport and slaughter Tasmanian possums at a notoriously cruel abattoir has been rejected by the federal Environment Minister. Tony Burke couldn't ignore over 500 emails from us outlining that there would be no way to carry that out humanely. Now no possum has to face the shear terror of a slaughterhouse for the export market!

Next up, Coles announced that they will phase out any products from piggeries using sow stalls from their own range of pork, ham and bacon (side-note -- yuck!). This means that by 2014, Coles won't be supporting any pig farmer who, cruelly yet legally, confines mother pigs in cages barely bigger than their bodies while they are pregnant. Less pigs trapped in sow stalls means more pigs with space to do simple things like turn around. There's still a long way to go before Coles can call themselves cruelty-free, but these changes are coming about through pressure from consumers (and of course from gorgeous Lucy Pig!).

And finally, last night the Ku-Ring-Gai Council voted 7-3 to ban cruel exotic animal circuses! This ban was actually already in place until the circus industry applied enough pressure for the council to backflip in August and overturn the ban. This outraged the public, but one thing Unleashed members know how to do is make their voices heard. Thousands of signatures on the Animals Australia online petition -- or as I like to call it -- the deafening roar, convinced councillors that lions (and tigers, and monkeys...) don't belong in the circus!

I just have to say thank you, thank you, thank you to all of the incredible Unleashed members that have played a massive part in improving the lives of these beautiful, innocent animals.

We are their voice -- this shows how powerful we are when we speak up!

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...2 ...2 10 November 2010
Aw, yay. ^.^ This made my week infinitely less sucky.
Speaking of "Good News Week", I miss Breadman's weekly posts about good stuff in the vegan world. sad
via Unleashed

Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur 10 November 2010
via Unleashed

Clud Clud 10 November 2010
yay ecstatic
via Unleashed

Alana Alana 12 November 2010
That's awesome!
via Unleashed

Nostalgic Nat Nostalgic Nat 15 November 2010
So wonderful to hear of some victories for the animals. Lets all keep up the good work and keep supporting the animals and speaking up for their rights! love
via Unleashed

Madhu1 Madhu1 24 November 2010
New, stumbled on this site while looking for Vegan shoes. peace
via Unleashed

o0-pECe-L.u.B-kIttYS-0o o0-pECe-L.u.B-kIttYS-0o 30 November 2010
clap woop woop awsome news!
via Unleashed

Squaawk  -  The Voice Squaawk - The Voice 5 December 2010
Thats awesome to hear about Coles!.. and its funny that i have read this.. i dont know if anyone shops at coles but they are currently doing a thing where they ask customers to do an online survey.. where you can win coles vouchers..

so i have been doing the online surveys and getting my friends to do them too.. and we have all been urging Coles to boycott caged eggs.. and boycot the selling of non free ranged meats..

I encourage.. if you shop at coles and spend over $100 .. go to

and fill in the online survey.. it only takes about 20 mins to do..

If we can get a heap of people.. (ie: their potential customers).. urging that they boycott caged eggs & non free ranged meats... & then also  lower the prices or free ranged products so everyone can afford to buy them.... If we put the pressure on Coles.. and urge them to set an example against other supermarkets..

Then they would gain soooo much more support and i guess $$ for them.. by a larger amount of customers.



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