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Raise Your Glass to P!nk
Posted By Jane

Raise Your Glass to P!nk

Posted 9 November 2010   by         Permalink | 21 Comments

Tags: Pink, Cows, milk, dairy, bullfighting

WOW! I just saw the video for P!nk's latest (sure to be) hit! And it's made me love her even more :) Never one to shy away from controversy she has hit the nail on the head with this film clip, tackling topics that really tick her off! (And me! And you!)

It starts with P!nk giving a bull fighter a taste of his own medicine, with a magnificent bull watching on. Good thing places like Catalonia in Spain are waking up to the disgusting cruelty of this 'tradition'.

But the scene that's going to expose a few home truths to millions of pop fans watching this video might seem a little absurd at first...

But it really does outline the crazy hypocrisy of a society that thinks it's ok to drink milk that cows are producing for their own babies. While P!nk lovingly bottle-feeds a beautiful newborn calf litres and litres of milk, we then see what the milking machine is hooked up to:

If you think that's strange, don't you also think how weird it is that humans drink the milk of another species? (Gross!) And in doing so, support an industry that considers newborn calves as 'waste products'; tearing one million innocent babies away from their grieving mothers to be slaughtered. I know I think that's strange, and unjustifiably cruel!

Unjustified because, like P!nk, soy milk rocks! And almond milk, rice milk, oat milk and all the other cruelty-free dairy alternatives on the supermarket shelves. Why would anyone even want cow's milk?

A friend of mine recently said "Milk is stealing from babies." So true! And nice of P!nk to give a little of it back!

Join me in raising your glass to P!nk! What's in your glass right now?

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Karen Karen 9 November 2010
Soy coffee! ecstatic

YAY P!NK!  clap love wave
via Unleashed

Compostkitty Compostkitty 9 November 2010
tea with soy happy
and i love this clip and p!nk
via Unleashed

Arianna Arianna 9 November 2010
Good on her for trying but honestly, I think people are too dumb to get it. They'll just think it's gross or funny and wont get the actual message.
She should have made it more obvious I guess.
via Unleashed

Em the planeteer Em the planeteer 9 November 2010
This is the first time that I've seen this video! Thanks for pointing it out!
My glass doesn't have pus milk in it! xoxox
via Unleashed

TofuUnleashed TofuUnleashed 9 November 2010
My cup had yummy soymilk in it!clap looking at cow's breast milk in a carton just makes me want to puke!
just a question...Is pink actually vegan? I don't think she is...weird. confused
via Unleashed

Shorty Shorty 9 November 2010
chocolate (oat) milk happy

love p!nk
via Unleashed

- Kitty Freak - - Kitty Freak - 10 November 2010
Soy chai tea with a tad of coconut milk ^_^

and arghh that is an amazing song and video ecstatic love
via Unleashed

...2 ...2 10 November 2010
Yum, Kat. I love chai tea. ^.^
I just have cordial. xD
via Unleashed

debbie1 debbie1 12 November 2010
Maybe a few will understand the message. She stands up for lots of causes in this one. I like her views.
via Unleashed

CUPCAKES! CUPCAKES! 12 November 2010
Icy soy milk with my own choc mint sauce mixed in.
And ice YUM
via Unleashed

animals deserve 2 live 2!! animals deserve 2 live 2!! 13 November 2010
go pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! clap clap clap peace peace peace thumb thumb thumb thumb
via Unleashed

Spunky Monkey Spunky Monkey 17 November 2010
here here i love p!nk and i am going to get a cup of green tea when i get home
via Unleashed

Dora Dora 27 November 2010
Yaay, good on her, love the video.

Water happy
via Unleashed

princesspie princesspie 27 November 2010
One thing that does annoy me about vegans is that they think soy milk is good for them. Its not. Milk isnt either but soy milk is just as bad.
via Unleashed

EarthDefender EarthDefender 1 December 2010
Awesome. Love pink! ecstatic I will be having Green Tea after lunchhappy
via Unleashed

Jessica10 Jessica10 2 December 2010
Yea Girl!
Who are the rest of the world to say were wrong? The voices for animals in a world that chooses silence.
via Unleashed

OinkMoo OinkMoo 13 December 2010
Apple Juice ecstatic

love this clip hahaha bout the bull fighter got wat he deserved tongue .

love the dairy scence happy

how is cruelty free milk not cruel??
via Unleashed

Contreras Contreras 22 January 2011
"One thing that does annoy me about vegans is that they think soy milk is good for them. Its not. Milk isnt either but soy milk is just as bad."

Not really, soy milk is just the idea of creating a milk like substance out of soy beans and is usually fortified with extra calcium and contains the protein from soy beans.

Of course drinking water and eating soy beans is better for you but i wouldn't go as far as to say soy milk is bad using just the evidence that dairy milk is bad when their not the same thing.

Soy milk is still considered good for you because it provides a decent about of nutrients with only small amounts of salts and fats, if you really want to go for that argument you would have to only eat raw fruits and vegetables because they are better for you then say a patty created from vegetables.
via Unleashed

Claire Bear Claire Bear 5 February 2011
As someone who is interested in making the transition from vegetarian to vegan, I would really love to know why soy milk isn't good for you. I thought it was???
via Unleashed

LadyHayley LadyHayley 8 February 2011
I love P!nk
Love this song
She is amazing
Video is amazing!
via Unleashed

Val Val 13 March 2011
Man I look upto her so much for this

She is absolutely stunning in ever way happy
via Unleashed


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