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Say 'Nup' to Melbourne Cup

Say 'Nup' to Melbourne Cup

Posted 1 November 2010   by Jesse         Permalink | 12 Comments

Tags: Melbourne Cup, horse racing, jumps racing, funny, video, The Onion

It's silly hat season again, with the Melbourne Cup set to take place tomorrow. I still find it hard to believe that the whole nation stops to watch horses being whipped so that they'll run as fast as they can in circles!

To show that not everyone thinks horse racing is something to celebrate (because it sure isn't if you're a horse), this is what I'll be posting to facebook tomorrow (Feel free to do the same!):

If people really want to lose their money and wake up with a hangover the least they could do is leave the horses out of it! I could rant all day about how cruel (and dull) horse racing is, but the satirical news site The Onion has already done a hilarious job of highlighting one of the many problems with the industry:

While I'm on the topic of funny videos and problems with horse racing, I've got one more thing to say. The sooner the horse racing industry gets rid of jumps racing and replaces it with this the better!

Right, you've heard what I think of Melbourne Cup. Now, what about you? Leave a comment.

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Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur 2 November 2010
I also posted that on my facebook!
via Unleashed

pyro.random pyro.random 2 November 2010
Just posted that as my status on Facebook
via Unleashed

Lauren_Hall Lauren_Hall 2 November 2010
Thanks Jesse - I posted the photo and tagged 100 friends.
via Unleashed

...2 ...2 2 November 2010
sad I would die a horrible troll-induced death if I posted that to my Facebook. So tempted to delete many of my so-called 'friends'.
via Unleashed

alyscia1911 alyscia1911 2 November 2010
well i use to be alright with this but now its really mean like how would u liked to be whipped just to win a race or if u were slow get killed its just soooo sad   cry sad cry sad cry sad cry sad
via Unleashed

Mystie Mystie 3 November 2010
Don't worry Valkyrie, we all have uninformed friends who have no idea. But there are also many people out there who know the cruelty that goes on behind the facade of the melbourne cup. You are among friends here.
via Unleashed

Emmy14 Emmy14 3 November 2010
We watched it at school, and I had tears in my eyes, everyone was like why does it look like you crying, and I was like "Because most of those horses will never be seen again, they will probally die!". cry
via Unleashed

Gen_MCRmy Gen_MCRmy 7 November 2010
Yeah, I totally agree with you Emmy. That's so true.
via Unleashed

animals deserve 2 live 2!! animals deserve 2 live 2!! 13 November 2010
those poor horsies!!!!!!!!! cry angry cry bye
via Unleashed

pitterpatter pitterpatter 26 October 2011
That time of the year again...  I'm re-using this image...
via Unleashed

JosiieBrnz JosiieBrnz 31 October 2011
I own a ex-racehorse, and when I got him his metabolism was f*cked, his coat was dull, and he was nutty. Racehorses are drugged up with painkillers, becuase running hurts them so much, they are forced fed to keep their weight on, so when they stop being drugged and forced fed, their metabolisms go into meltdown, their coats go dull, and they get sick. horseracing is horrid.
via Unleashed

simone100% simone100% 16 December 2011
that is simply terrible.i honestly think that a petition should be signed to stop horse racing.but that would probably get all the fast horses killed to because their owners would have nothing to do with them sad
via Unleashed


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