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Don't Miss The 7:30 Report Tonight!
Posted By Jane

Don't Miss The 7:30 Report Tonight!

Posted 2 December 2010   by         Permalink | 2 Comments

Tags: live export, investigation, TV

UPDATE! If you missed the 7.30 report, watch it online here!

Animals Australia's latest investigation into live animal exports to the Middle East is going to be front and centre on The 7.30 Report tonight (ABC1 at 7.30pm duh!)

Tune in to see undeniable proof that this trade is cruel, with first hand accounts from our lead investigator, Lyn White.

This is an important opportunity to influence public and government opinion. Footage aired from Animals Australia's 5th investigation led to such big public outrage that the trade of sheep to Egypt was banned! So we need as many people as possible to be watching tonight! Please make sure you encourage everyone you know to tune in.

For starters, please update your Facebook/Twitter status to let everyone know they should check it out. Then make sure to tell all your family and friends about it.

After the program tonight, we need people to make their voice heard. So please speak up for the animal by clicking here to email the Prime Minister and the Minister of Agriculture to ask that they do the right thing and ban the live animal export trade for good! (And while you're at it, you could always post a link to that action on Facebook and Twitter too!)

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TofuUnleashed TofuUnleashed 2 December 2010
I just watched the very last bit of was horrible! cry they were stuffing sheep into the boot of a car!!!
And it really infuriated me listening to the guy being interviewed (no idea who he was, as I said I only saw the last little bit) he was asked whether he meant that the live export insdustry would not be completely fixed by next year and he completely dodged around it. Had a bit of a nervous coughing fit as well. laugh
via Unleashed

davlap davlap 4 December 2010
Hi everybody, am just new here and look forward to being a regular contributer. I live in Melbourne ,Aus but am 3 months into 2 year travels around the world. I,m in india at the moment in Udaipur ,and have been volunteering at The Animal aid unlimited , hospital /shelter .If anyone woulfd like to like it on facebook and or look it up online ,that would be great ,as the folk there are doing an awsome job and need all the exposure and help they can get. Please help. Cheers Davlap
via Unleashed


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