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Let's Give Animals a Happy New Year!

Let's Give Animals a Happy New Year!

Posted 29 December 2010   by Jesse         Permalink | 22 Comments

Tags: New Year, veg, dairy, eggs, activism, earthlings

The new year is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf. So we hope that the animals have made it onto your resolution list! If not, then we've got a few suggestions for how you could make a world of difference for animals and the planet in the new year:

  1. Pledge to take animals off your plate. All animals - cats, dogs, pigs, lambs and even fish! - are individuals with feelings and their own desires and as the actor James Cromwell said, "I don't eat anyone who would run, swim, or fly away if he could."

    If you think animals rock, but need a little added incentive to take that next step, then this film should give you the extra motivation you're looking for:

  2. Already meat-free and lovin' it? Great! Then how about taking the next step and giving dairy and eggs the flick?

    Sadly, the milk and egg industries aren't without their body count - and it's the babies of these industries who are the first casualties. About 12 million day old male chicks and a million unwanted baby calves from the dairy industry are discarded and killed as 'waste products' each year. And even dairy cows and egg laying hens don't get to live a full life. When they are no longer productive enough to be profitable, they too find themselves on the way to be slaughtered.

  3. So you're meat-free, don't do dairy and set a good eggsample by not eating eggs? Awesome! Then next year make your voice heard, even louder, for the animals!

So that's our tips for the new year. Now... what are your new year's resolutions?

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Emmy14 Emmy14 29 December 2010
Awesomehappy Happy New Year everyone and the animals!!!!
via Unleashed

grey4dk grey4dk 1 January 2011
it is my hope that 2011 will be better for the animals the world over than it has been this previous year. my resolution is to do more to raise the awareness of what racing greyhounds are subjected to. To alert others to the plight of the Spanish galgoes to put the spot light on factory farming and its mistreatment of the poor creatures within it. It is also to write more to get more aquaintances and possibilly friends. I wish all of you a very happy new year lets help as many of them as we can in this comming year that has now come.  ecstatic
via Unleashed

AllyCat AllyCat 31 December 2011
Wow, now its the end of 2011. Bring on 2012!!!
via Unleashed

J-LO J-LO 3 January 2012
Here's to higher awareness of animal cruelty and ending it in 2012! Happy New Year to all  happy chick
via Unleashed

FlyingFox FlyingFox 6 January 2012
New year - new lifestyle: I have gone from being a vegetarian to a vegan and I feel great! 2012 will bring a lot more action from The Fauna Fighters, Melbourne own masked animal activist duo: find us on facebook -
Stay well and have a good start to the year!
via Unleashed

khoofbeat5 khoofbeat5 7 January 2012
Happy new year! I'm going to do this, definitely! I pledge to go vegan this year! (I am currently vegetarian)
via Unleashed

Taran-Paige Taran-Paige 9 January 2012
I have been vegetarian now for a long time and i have been slowly getting rid of all animal products! My cupboard is animal friendly so are my shoes, and I no longer eat dairy all that's left is eggs and I will be a proud Vegan happy Happy new Year! love
via Unleashed

Pretty Lady Pretty Lady 10 January 2012
It make me so happy to see people wanting to make this world a better place with minimal suffering!
via Unleashed

Mishelly1990 Mishelly1990 12 January 2012
Save our animals
via Unleashed

Jessnutt Jessnutt 17 January 2012
So much has changed for me in just a year, and by changing myself I am opening up the eyes of those around me and helping them change too. I plan on making even more change 2012 because every person makes a different. Even if it is just to the lives of one animal, it adds up.
via Unleashed

elelovespanic elelovespanic 23 January 2012
Giving veganism a go, and being a greater voice for animals at my school.
via Unleashed

Samantha87 Samantha87 23 January 2012
I plan to stay vegan!
via Unleashed

N-body N-body 23 January 2012
Save the animals! Especially mooo cows happy
via Unleashed

lividlotus lividlotus 24 January 2012
Earthlings did me a world of wonders by showing me the cruelties of factory farming and what eating/wearing animals does and was the very thing that turned me vegan!
via Unleashed

Maddyson Maddyson 25 January 2012
To do as much volunteer work for animals and their rights as i can!
via Unleashed

Organic.hippie Organic.hippie 28 January 2012
The family loves meat. makes me extremly uncomfortable to have to eat dinner with them, , plus i turned 3 people off meat anmd dairy by telling to watch earthlings (: YAY
via Unleashed

...2 ...2 29 January 2012
I've already done all those things... so... I pledge to continue?
via Unleashed

...2 ...2 29 January 2012
And use my culinary prowess and barrages of nutritional information to persuade the less animal-rights inclined of my friends to go veg.
via Unleashed

MellyMoo MellyMoo 11 February 2012
I am now 95% vegan with only the array coffee I have in the morning left (I make it but instead of using my rice milk I use cold water to bring the temp down). I think it has milk solids in it. Otherwise I've kicked it all!
via Unleashed

MellyMoo MellyMoo 11 February 2012
Sorry "array" means "jarrah"
via Unleashed

Carmen for the animals Carmen for the animals 19 February 2012
Plan to be a positive role model by showing the benefits of being Vegan. My sister has noticed and my daughter watched "Earthlings" and is now a Vegan!!!  clap
via Unleashed

odettica odettica 25 December 2013
Felicidades a todo el lindo equipo que hace posible tan bella labor de hablar por quienes no pueden hacerlo.
via Unleashed


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