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Pardon a Pig and Join a New Tradition!
Posted By Jane

Pardon a Pig and Join a New Tradition!

Posted 17 December 2010   by         Permalink | 5 Comments

Tags: pigs, factory farming, Christmas

When it comes to Christmas, there's a few traditions you just can't go without. Decorating a tree, pulling bon bons, making the most of the colourful paper hats and lame dad jokes inside said bon bons, wrapping (and unwrapping) presents, wrapping your sisters in tinsel, wearing crazy reindeer antlers on your head before putting them on Grandpa and taking his photo as he snoozes in his chair, searching out the one CD your parents have that is full of Christmas songs to be played over and over again, eating so much great vegan food you have to undo the button on your jeans and have a nap ... I could go on!

And I will! Because there's a new tradition to add to the list, and it's going to catch on like wildfire!

In the United States, the president pardons a turkey each year at Thanks Giving (Lucky turkey! Too bad it's only one!). Here at Unleashed we invite every single Australian to Pardon A Pig for Christmas and leave them off the Chrissy menu!

Quite frankly, there's too many legs of ham sold at Christmas time for my liking, let alone for the liking of the millions of pigs who used to walk around on them!

The suffering of pigs confined in factory farms is immense. From mother pigs being confined to sow stalls and farrowing crates that severely restrict their movement, to piglets having their tails, teeth and testicles sliced off without pain killers, the festive spirit never quite finds it's way to factory farms.

So far thousands of Aussies and celebs have Pardoned A Pig, meaning there'll be a lot more room at the table for kindness and goodwill this year. (And here's some recipes to help fill that cruelty-free space!)

So join in the new tradition and get everyone you know to take part (wake Grandpa up too to make sure he doesn't miss out!). Let's help all animals to feel the kindess and giving spirit of the holiday season!

Oink! Ooh sorry, pardon me! (If I've missed any of the fabulous traditions that make up your Christmas day, list them below!)

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OinkMoo OinkMoo 18 December 2010
christmass !!! yay , wow im 17 and i still buy my animals prezzies tongue ... 67 prezzies all up! lol and my 2 younger sis bought all there animals prezzies 2

my pig shilo already got his prezzie early .. 13 acar paddock ( house paddock) with his 3 lambs , who are all besties and i think the lambs are happy they wont become chrissy dinner < like how they were ment to be sad mmm even got chester( lamb) a lil out fit for the day tongue ...
via Unleashed

TofuUnleashed TofuUnleashed 18 December 2010
WOOT! dance
That, my friend, is my all-time favourite picture in the world!
And pigs are beautiful! pig
via Unleashed

DazzaB DazzaB 4 January 2011
I pardoned a pig and got my e-certificate, and when I showed my mates at work, three of them decided they wanted to pardon a pig too! What a great, fun, positive campaign - here's to a bigger and better pardon-a-pig for christmas in 2011!!
via Unleashed

mendi mendi 26 January 2011
i m proud to be vegan heeeeeee haaaaaaa

when i deny to eat dairy products and tell my frnds the reason behind it nd also show them some videos regarding it.......they do react on my explanation.......
may be some day they will realize whats wrong they r doing.chick

anyways  i m happy

  clap wave wave banana monkey pig
via Unleashed

TeenTopYesPlease TeenTopYesPlease 24 January 2012
This just shows why its great to be Vegan!! happy
via Unleashed


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