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Be an Animal Hero Just By Conquering Boredom!
Posted By Jane

Be an Animal Hero Just By Conquering Boredom!

Posted 8 January 2011   by         Permalink | 1 Comment

Tags: holidays, activism

School holidays are awesome, but it's usually around about this time in the proceedings that you really feel the need to actually DO something? And unless you have a crystal clear swimming pool with cool fresh water to dive into for a refreshing burst of icy cold ... sorry got a bit carried away there "ahem" you may even be relegated to the couch to escape the heat (or torrential downpours depending on which part of Australia you're in!).

Either way there's heaps of things you can do in your holidays that will not only conquer your boredom but will be a huge help for animals who need you to use your voice (or keyboard, or facebook account) for them.


OK, there's so much stuff you can do with the click of a mouse it's incredible.

  • You can sign online petitions or send instant emails to key decision makers to ask that they help animals too. This live export advocacy is ultra important right now, and will get you started.
  • If there's an issue that is really important to you, you could write a letter to the editor of your local paper, or even a national paper. This is a great way to make sure people become of aware of issues that may not be hitting the news daily, but go on constantly (like testing cosmetics on animals, or the killing of calves in the dairy industry, for example). The more letters you write the more chance you'll get one printed (that will massively impress your mates too!)
  • Twitter and Facebook are so much more than fabulous time wasters. By posting links on your page, you loudly spread the word about animal cruelty and how it can be stopped without even clearing your throat. Back in August, Unleashed members posted a link to a petition to ban circuses. It generated thousands of signatures and by November, the ban was in place! Kitten-Mouse.jpg&x=300&y=199Ok, so a little more went into that campaign than the petition, but every little bit helps! (Like a letter in a newspaper, online links keep issues in people's minds whereas they may have forgotten about them otherwise).

Not Raining? Not scorching?

Then get out there and let everyone see your beautiful face!

  • Handing out leaflets in a friendly manner in a busy area can generate a lot of interest from passers by and more importantly, raise awareness on issues that are usually hidden from view (like factory farming!). Unleashed members are great and proactive when it comes to things like this, so if you want to get involved, join the Action Team or jump on the forum to see what's coming up in your area (or arrange your own leafleting session!)
  • This time of year the shelters for homeless dogs and cats are, unfortunately, bursting at the seams. So it's a good thing you have some time on your hands to volunteer and help out. Dogs need to be walked, cages need to be cleaned, and tummies need to be tickled. So contact your local shelter now and see how you can help.

That should keep you busy until (gulp) school goes back. But why break new habits? You can keep these things up for as long as you want!
Do you have any other cool ideas? How are you gonna spend the rest of your holidays?

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grey4dk grey4dk 11 January 2011
There is something else that can be done with a great measure of success namely to alert others to the plight of racing greyhounds. The industry claims that the greyhounds recieve the very best of care and nutrition. Nothing could be futher from the truth. They claim that the greyhounds love racing this is also a bit of a fib. Based on these facts greyhounds are kept in small cages encloseures hardly big enough for them to stand up straight much less turn around. Most of the time they are muzzeled they stay in these darkend kennels for more than twenty hours a day. Is it any wonder that they love getting outside for a bit of stimuli. This does make them happy in the sense that it is a break in the boring days cooped up in kennels without any or very little contact with humans and other canines? Then there is the configurations of the tracks oval or round tracks have long straights with sharp bends. Most fatal accidents happens on either the first or second bends of these tracks. Precious lives are wasted every day on these death tracks. What happens if a greyhound is not good enough for the track? Most are never heard of again why? They are either exported to places such as China,Korea or Vietnam and most of us know that a dog is considered a delicacy in those places we also know that they are usually tortured to death as this is supposed to make the meat more tender. Other greyhounds are shot with a captive bolt pistol and burried somewhere out of sight and believe it or not some are turned loose still muzzeled how are they going to survive? To say nothing about the impact this has on the indegenious wildlife. I think it is high time something is done to end this wanton cruelty. The industry will deny it but the evidence is overwhelming. There are rescue groups in Australia and I think they can verify the things I have said above. This is no joke it is a matter of life and death for the greyhounds so please do the greyhounds a favour don´t bett against them at the bookmakers or the tracks. The poor greyhounds run for their lives on those tracks. There is something else you can do adopt your own noble greyhound if you have a place on your sofa let a greyhound race into your life. I did and have absolutely no regrets.     innocent love
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