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The Ad the Dairy Industry Didn't Want You to See

The Ad the Dairy Industry Didn't Want You to See

Posted 27 January 2011   by Jesse         Permalink | 13 Comments

Tags: Dairy, Milk, Vegan, Campaign, Newspaper, Cows, Calves, Bobby Calves

Most people wouldn't stop to ask, as they pour milk into their morning coffee, what went into producing that milk. But this morning, as people take a sip and open today's paper, they'll find out, because of this campaign ad.

It'll come as a shock to most Aussies to learn that every year in Australia over 700,000 calves are killed as 'waste products' of the dairy industry. What may come as even more of a shock is that the dairy industry is now pushing for legislation that would allow calves to be starved of feed for the last 30 hours of their lives, before being killed at the slaughterhouse!

This proposed new standard is under 'public consultation' at the moment. Did you know you were being consulted? No? Neither do most people, because the government and industry conveniently neglected to let the public know!

But just because they don't want to tell the public the truth, doesn't mean we can't do that for them! After all, people have a right to know what they are buying into if they drink dairy.

So today Animals Australia is running the above ad in major newspapers across the country. Make sure you grab a copy of one of these papers and show the ad to all your family and friends:

  • Daily Telegraph
  • Sydney Morning Herald
  • Herald Sun
  • The Age
  • Courier Mail
  • West Australian
  • The Advertiser
  • Hobart Mercury
  • Canberra Times

Want to make your voice heard too? Great! Click here to check out the video that exposes dairy's dark secret, and to get tips on how you can make a difference for calves - including the chance to win delicious dairy-free chocolates!

Have you already spotted our ad in your local paper? What did you think?

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renea renea 27 January 2011
Thank you guys so much for making me aware of this. Ignorance is bliss, but not when it affects so many others, then it's just arrogance..
I am doing everything i can to expose this and help, i have posted it on my facebook and am telling everyone i know about this.
via Unleashed

pyro.random pyro.random 27 January 2011
I just found the add, it's on page 15 of the Herald Sun. I loved it
via Unleashed

taylorpaige taylorpaige 27 January 2011
this is excellent. happy
via Unleashed

..1 ..1 27 January 2011
I saw the ad in The Mercury today! I showed it to my family, I don't think they actually knew that calves of the dairy  industry died. I loved this ad! happy
via Unleashed

Michaeljohn Jr. Michaeljohn Jr. 27 January 2011
"Thank You" for this.
Michel Michaeljohn;
Southern California;
United States.
via Unleashed

...2 ...2 27 January 2011
That's fantastic!
-_-' You know I still have a friend who insists that this statistic is rubbish, and that cows magically start lactating on their own.
via Unleashed

Renu1 Renu1 28 January 2011
Thanks for the ad. I saw it today. Next time we should have a larger ad.
via Unleashed

meh meh 28 January 2011
@ AA: What kind of responses have you received from this ad?
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 28 January 2011
@Sarah: Very good! There have been many people respond to say they had no idea and now plan on going dairy-free. You can get an idea of the response by reading some of the comments on our facebook page and here:
via Unleashed

Kezzam Kezzam 31 January 2011
I'm a dairy farmer and I'm just wondering, whats the big secret?
Our farm isn't surrounded by cyclone fencing and our gateways not covered with a steel gate and guard dogs. In fact our farms on a main tourist road with a big open gateway. If a complete stranger drove in we would be more than happy to show them around and tell them what happens to our bobby calves.
It is not our fault children in cities are not taught about farming, yet somehow it's our fault they don't know what happens on farms.
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 1 February 2011
Hi Kezzam, thanks for joining the discussion. It is good to know you are keen to be transparent about your practices and welcome visitors to your farm happy

Unfortunately, Dairy Australia and the Australian government neglected to make it widely known that there was a public consultation on the new standards for bobby calves - something they should have done by now.

As someone who works with calves, I'd be interested to know what you think of the proposed standards to permit calves to be off feed for 30hrs before slaughter?
via Unleashed

Kezzam Kezzam 2 February 2011
Hi Jesse thanks for the question.
I do support the proposed standards for calves being off feed for 30 hours.
Before leaving our farm all bobby calves are given at least 2 litres of milk within a couple of hours of leaving. Now for example a 35kg bobby calf will receive closer to 3 litres of milk. Now milk is around 87% water so that 35kg calve will be getting around 2.6L of water from that milk. Now my research tells me that a 35kg child requires about 1.8L of water every 24hr so 2.6L of water should sustain the calve for the full 30hrs (especially when most calves are born in the winter/Spring months when the temperature is cooler).
It is also well known that milk is very rich in protein, energy and minerals which in the 3litres of milk would be enough to sustain the calf for 30hrs.

Yes by the end of the 30hrs the calves will be feeling quite hungry but it doesn't mean their bodies require more nutrients.
As we can all see Australia has a serious obesity problem and that's mainly due to people feeling hungry  and then eating more when their body does not require it.

I hope this gives you a better understanding that we are not out to starve bobby calves just to make a few bucks. We love our animals and try to do what we can to make their lives comfortable even if it is short.
via Unleashed

Bondi Tom Bondi Tom 9 April 2011
Great Add, we need more of these to push the truth out to the wider, ignorant, community...
via Unleashed


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