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Athletes Batting for Fast Food :(

Athletes Batting for Fast Food :(

Posted 29 March 2011   by Jesse         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: cricket, sport, health, fast food, vegan

Have you heard? Ricky Ponting is retiring as captain of the Aussie cricket team.

To mark the occasion the 7PM Project are running a poll asking "What will Ponting's captaincy be most remembered for?". I thought it was amusing that "a new world record for commercial endorsements" was out in front in the poll. Tbh, there's not a lot Ponting hasn't endorsed: milk, deoderant, oil, vitamins, banks, beer, sunglasses, breakfast cereal... In fact, I heard that he tried to drop the 'y' from his name to make himself more marketable!

But what really bugs me is the fact that the Australian Cricket team's official sponsor is KFC!

Even setting aside the fact they are promoting a company that confines millions of birds in factory farms, how can a team of elite atheletes sell food that is only going to add to the problems of childhood obesity, heart disease, etc? If you ask me that's just not cricket!

A few weeks ago it was reported that another cricketing great, Stuart McGill refused to promote KFC when he was on the Aussie cricket team. He said: "I don't think you can have any of us [cricketers] advertising junk food to be honest. ... It's just wrong in so many ways." What a top bloke!

Wouldn't it be nice if a few more cricketers took a leaf out of Stuart McGill's book and refused to promote unhealthy food; or better yet, followed Greg Chappell's lead and cut out cruelty by going vegan!

What do you think of athletes promoting junk food?

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..1 ..1 30 March 2011
I think it's sad when athletes promote junk food. To me, it looks like they care about money and personal publicity more than their career and passion for sport.

It's also rather sickening, no athlete would eat that, so why are they giving off the impression that athletes do? Are the trying to promote childhood obesity? Are they trying to encourage unhealthy eating habits to prevent athletic potential? Hmmm...
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vernon vernon 30 March 2011
via Unleashed

vernon vernon 30 March 2011
finger lickin chicken sh*t
via Unleashed

Pegs Pegs 31 March 2011
"Its more like cricket WITHOUT the colonel"

Thats what I reckon anyway!
via Unleashed

Taxidermied Baphomet Taxidermied Baphomet 1 April 2011
Man i dont get how KFC can be supporting a sport, and you also see many alchoholic companies supporting sports.. Sport should be about health, team spirit, family outings, and good moral thinking..
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Val Val 3 April 2011
How ironic athlets promoting KFC. Just the way maccas promotes being healthy and fit...WTF?
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Gen_MCRmy Gen_MCRmy 14 April 2011
I get so annoyed whenever I see this ad, being a vegan. Would you believe that KFC also has a racist ad? Let alone ruin crickets' popularity by advertising something as crap as fried baby chickens and their wings. Their are a lot of vegan and vegetarian cricket fans out there.
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