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Help Pull Strings to Stop Circus Cruelty!
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Help Pull Strings to Stop Circus Cruelty!

Posted 16 March 2011   by         Permalink | 8 Comments

Tags: animal circuses, exotic animals, entertainment, posters, petition, activism

Roll up! Roll up! The circus is in town! Come along to stare at the bearded lady, marvel at the amazing acrobats on the highwire, laugh at the clowns and cry when you see the miserable performing monkeys, lions, tigers and bears ... oh my! Stop! The show mustn't go on!


How great is this clever ad by Italian animal rights group, the LAV? Just like a puppet on a string, an animal in a circus is forced to perform whether he wants to or not. And I bet he'd rather not. I mean, who would want to sit in a tiny barren enclosure, only to be let out to perform ridiculously humiliating 'tricks' that he would never do in the wild?

Travelling between towns is no fun for him either - cooped up for days on end in the back of trains or trucks. It's no surprise that many animals kept this way develop worrying habits like pacing, swaying, or biting the cage bars.

We want to see cruel animal circuses go the way of the dinosaurs, and we're starting with New South Wales! Animals Australia, together with Animals Asia and RSPCA NSW want the whole state to get rid of this outdated practice (I refuse to use the word 'entertainment').

If you're in NSW, you can help! Print out this petition and get it chock full of signatures and send it back by May 1st. It's going straight to the top to be tabled in the NSW parliament by the Lord Mayor of Sydney!

Councils like Ku-Ring-Gai and Lismore in NSW and Ipswich and Gold Coast in QLD have already banned circuses with exotic animals so we know it can be done! Once you've done your part, click here to let us know!

Not in NSW? You can still help by taking the pledge to end circus cruelty. Ask your local council to ban animal circuses or write a letter to the editor of your local paper.

Animal cruelty is just not entertaining. What would you rather see in a circus?

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Jacqui T Jacqui T 16 March 2011
Will be doing this!
via Unleashed

Edwina Edwina 16 March 2011
online petitions move so fast, why is there no online petition?
via Unleashed

Jane Jane 16 March 2011
Hey Edwina,
Because this petition is being tabled in parliament by the Lord Mayor of Sydney, only original signatures can be accepted, therefore we can't ask for online ones.
It's a bit of extra effort to print out the page and send it back, but if the ban goes through it will all be worth it ...and the animals will thank us! Or ....roar with delight ...or something!
via Unleashed

Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur 16 March 2011
Aw, so I can't help by getting signatures? I'm in QLD.
I've signed the pledge and posted it to my facebook, is there another way I can help?
via Unleashed

Karen Karen 16 March 2011
'fur, absolutely! One of the best things you can do is write to your local council, and tell them why you won't want to see animal circuses performing on council land. There are several councils in Australia (including the entire ACT) that have a ban on exotic animal circuses on council land, including the Gold Coast. Councils won't make these decisions without public support however, so it's really important that they hear from you! love
via Unleashed

Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur 18 March 2011
Okay Karen, I'll get right on it! Thanks happy
via Unleashed

Taxidermied Baphomet Taxidermied Baphomet 20 March 2011
Signed. Im happy to see some area's have already placed these bans, and hope to see it happen everywhere
via Unleashed

wild child2 wild child2 25 March 2011
Any thoughts on whether the movie "Water for Elephants" will glorify circuses and increase numbers to their shows?
via Unleashed


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