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If we could talk to the animals
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If we could talk to the animals

Posted 9 March 2011   by         Permalink | 11 Comments

Tags: dolphins, dogs, pigs, foxes, rabbits, mice, rats, fur, factory farms, video, funny

Have you ever wondered what your dog or your cat would say if they could talk back to you? I'm certain my dog, Kia would tell me she doesn't care if she has her own chair, she'd rather sit in mine! I also have no doubt that as I type this, she is trying to say "Hurry up, let's go outside for a tug of war!"

And what would animals say to each other? I really hope this video is close to the truth ;)

A biologist from the Bahamas might be on her way to discovering what animals really have to say. Denise Herzing has been working with dolphins for years and has devised an amazing way for humans and dolphins to communicate. Using symbols, and a keyboard synthesizer that creates sounds similar to those naturally produced by dolphins, they can actually ask each other for particular objects, like a ball or a scarf. How incredible! And she thinks it's only a matter of time before more complex interactions get started.

So just what will dolphins tell us?

And what about less fortunate animals? What would foxes and rabbits raised for their fur say? Or chimps and rats in labs? Or pigs and chickens in factory farms?

(Alright Kia, I'm nearly finished!) But I'd love to know, what do you think animals would say to us?

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Brendon Brendon 9 March 2011
Funniest video ever!
I think they'd say "Stop eating us" and something along the lines of "leave us the **** alone!"
via Unleashed

AmyAmeliaRose AmyAmeliaRose 9 March 2011
Love that video!!!  funny
via Unleashed

emileee emileee 9 March 2011
Loved the video. Thanks for sharing happy
via Unleashed

..1 ..1 10 March 2011
Haha! Loved the video.
I think animals would tell us to try being the ones raised for food, clothing and testing. See how much we like it!
via Unleashed

Pegs Pegs 15 March 2011
That is VERY funny!!!!!  funny laugh clap
via Unleashed

lividlotus lividlotus 26 March 2011
I LOVE the videos, fantastic and hilarious.
via Unleashed

Ask Animals Anything Ask Animals Anything 8 June 2011
Hello, this is the name of our family fundraiser this year
Ask Animals Anything.  We are doing a fundrasier for Australia Zoo Wildlife Wariors.  We are putting on a Animal Communication Workshop for one day on Saturday the 10th of September.
We Are Donating 100% of the Profits to the Wildlife Warriors!  
If you attend this workshop you will be taught how to Talk to the Animals!
via Unleashed

Moo Moo Moo Moo 10 June 2011
It would be so funny to her my cat talk to me  happy
via Unleashed

Ask Animals Anything Ask Animals Anything 9 July 2011
Hi Everyone.  We have a great ticket deal on at the moment.

You can purchaser a ticket for just $125 each!  How awesome.  Enjoy a day of mediation, healing and then connecting to the animals.  We are having the animals from the hospital drop on by through out the day so we know what we are hearing is the real deal!

Prizes, raffles, freebies and everyone gets a goodie bag to go home.  Aura photos at discounted rates and a whole lot more.  Come along as we are donating 100% of the profits to the wildlife Warriors Hospital at Beerwah.  

Email me for more detail

See you there!
via Unleashed

Ask Animals Anything Ask Animals Anything 7 October 2011
Hi Guys

Our fundraiser was awesome.  We donated $10,137.00 to the AZWW animal hospital.  We have a new event now on Sunday the 27th of November.  Steve Austin has donated his time and Dog Training workshop.  Only $100 a ticket and this includes your meals for the day.  100% of the profits to the AZWW hospital again!  Lets beat the $10K mark again!  email to learn more!
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ox.kylie.xo ox.kylie.xo 15 January 2014
Any updates on the progress of this... I really would love to talk to them happy
via Unleashed


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