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YOU DID IT! Nova pulls cruel animal stunt!

YOU DID IT! Nova pulls cruel animal stunt!

Posted 15 March 2011   by Karen         Permalink | 6 Comments

Tags: entertainment, scorpion, radio, victory

...why the happy dance? I'll tell you why! Thanks to a flood of messages from Animals Australia and Unleashed supporters who know animal cruelty when they see it, Nova FM Sydney has agreed to abandon a week-long stunt involving animals who would be brought into the studio to bite or sting show host Merrick Watts!

A video posted on the radio program's website yesterday showed an agitated rainforest scorpion provided by Sydney Wildlife World being poked, prodded, screamed at and dropped onto the studio floor -- all in the name of 'entertainment'!

We are pleased that on this occasion Nova FM has listened to public concern and has since reconsidered the this ill-conceived stunt. Nova today informed Animals Australia not only that plans to torment animals on air for the remainder of the week have been shelved, but also that pictures and video of the cruel stunt will be removed from their website. What a relief!!

All animals deserve to be treated with kindness, whether they're fluffy, scaly, or even scary.

Please send a brief message to Nova FM either on their Facebook page, or via Twitter to thank them for their decisive action!

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Pegs Pegs 15 March 2011
AWESOME!!!! I am very happy for those poor animals!  happy
via Unleashed

MarianaNicety MarianaNicety 15 March 2011
Oh now you got the right link!
via Unleashed

Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur 15 March 2011
WOOHOO!!! This is great!!  
I feel a dance coming on...  dance
via Unleashed

pitterpatter pitterpatter 15 March 2011
This is so brilliant!  It only took, what?  A couple of days?  Go people power!
via Unleashed

Connors_mummy Connors_mummy 15 March 2011
yay awesome!!!!
via Unleashed

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago 15 August 2012
Aww poor scorpion...
via Unleashed


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