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Carl Cages Himself for Chickens!
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Carl Cages Himself for Chickens!

Posted 5 April 2011   by         Permalink | 15 Comments

Tags: eggs, chickens, cage, activism, battery cage, news, new zealand

There's a new legend in town! New Zealander, Carl Scott is at this very moment, sitting alone in a tiny cage next to a highway, and he plans to stay there for a whole month!

Why? To shine the spotlight on the cruel treatment of chickens kept in battery cages for their eggs (yes, sadly the situation in NZ is not much different to Australia). Now that's commitment!

The space he's living in for the next month is less than two metres across, 130cm high (he can't even stand up!) and even includes his toilet. Yet Carl would be the first to tell you that despite these cramped conditions he's still got it way better than the average chook (let's call her Betty).

To start with, Betty doesn't have her own cage; she has to share it with up to 5 other birds, with less than the space of an A4 piece of paper for each to live in . She can't even flap her wings!

Betty's cage is one of thousands of cages, stacked in rows - up to four cages high. Living in the bottom row, she is showered with waste from hens locked in cages above hers.

Betty has lost many of the feathers that would keep her warm from constantly rubbing against the wire of the cage. If Betty isn't living in chronic pain from an untreated broken bone, then stats suggest that at least one of her cagemates is. [1]

For virtually her entire life, she has been locked in this tiny cage in a windowless shed. The short time before she was put in this cage was no more pleasant. During that time the tip of her beak was sliced off with a hot iron, without any pain relief.

Even if Betty survives life in this miserable cage, her only 'reward' for producing eggs will be death. When she no longer lays enough eggs to be 'profitable', she will be trucked off to slaughter with her cage-mates (before her second birthday), without ever knowing the simple joys of dustbathing, perching or building her own nest.

There is absolutely no doubt that chickens in battery cages endure a life of hell. None of us would want to trade places with them. Which makes Carl's demonstration all the more heroic. Carl, you're a legend!

If you don't think any person or animal should be forced to live this way, have your say for chickens in New Zealand here and chickens in Australia here.

Do you think you could spend a month in a cage for the cause?

Ref [1] Parkinson G (1993), "Osteoporosis and bone fractures in the laying hen", Progress report of work at the Victorian Institute of Animal Science, Attwood

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wild child2 wild child2 5 April 2011
I agree we have to start somewhere and look to improve standards for hens that in reality will never be free from the commercial egg industry altogether, however Carl is promoting free range eggs?? Is he really a hero?
via Unleashed

wild child2 wild child2 5 April 2011
I take my comment back, he's doing a good thing
via Unleashed

Taxidermied Baphomet Taxidermied Baphomet 5 April 2011
Great stuff! We need more activism!
via Unleashed

Pegs Pegs 5 April 2011
WOOOOOOOOOOOO, GO CARL! Gee, what a great idea! I think someone should also get a crate, and willing animal activist should all stuff themselves inside it, showing what its like for cattle, pigs and other animals to go to the butchers!

Go CARL!!!!!!
via Unleashed

Val Val 5 April 2011
champion!!!!! ecstatic
Now, imagine if EVERYONE did that?
via Unleashed

prettypoodlexx prettypoodlexx 6 April 2011
I would LOVE to do something like this! =O
via Unleashed

Gervin Gervin 7 April 2011
Carl you have all my admiration and support. Tomorrow I will go aroung GB to put in the mailboxes the hens postcard to  send to the prime minister! You gave me inspiration! Thanks for what youre doing! I love chocks and roosters, are pets to me!
via Unleashed

JudCol JudCol 13 April 2011
Good on you Carl... You have my total support. I hope people take notice to the reason behind your efforts and you get the point across. clap
via Unleashed

natasha2 natasha2 17 April 2011
Its great what you are doing,I hope that the publc take note of what you are doing,lucky you are only in there for a month or you would end up looking like those poor chickens with no feathers,beaks or quality of life.
via Unleashed

hannah10 hannah10 17 April 2011
go carl this is great to hear. and gerbiv fantasic idea
what ive noticed is that most people just block out what happens to animals. they act as if nothing is wrong. what we need is ways to make it easier for the average persone to feel like they CAN make a change. just show everyone how easy it is.
via Unleashed

Kath Macheski Kath Macheski 19 April 2011
Thanks Carl - let's hope this story get huge exposure and people listen and change the the eggs they purchase and force changes to how the Hens are treated.
via Unleashed

Fish Lover Fish Lover 20 April 2011
Looks Pleasant, Great Job!
via Unleashed

lividlotus lividlotus 20 April 2011
I'm glad more people are bringing some attention to the issue of caged chickens; well done Carl!
via Unleashed

christi christi 5 May 2011
go carl i wish i was old enough and i would lock my self in a cage to also my parents won't let. you rock cool clap thumb
via Unleashed

AliceinWhorrorland AliceinWhorrorland 18 May 2011
Go Carl =)
via Unleashed


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