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Have a Cruelty-Free Chocolate Fix This Easter!
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Have a Cruelty-Free Chocolate Fix This Easter!

Posted 11 April 2011   by         Permalink | 16 Comments

Tags: chocolate, Easter, vegan, dairy, calves

It's almost that time again - Chocolate time! Oh, I mean Easter time, yup Easter! But really, chocolate is aaall I can think about this time of year. And since ditching dairy, I've discovered so many delicious and delightful chocolates that I am certainly spoilt for choice!

I know you're dying to hear about them, so without further ado:

bonvita-eggs.jpg&x=100&y=100Bonvita (Karen's fave by a country mile!) have released little half eggs made from rice milk this year, so creamy and so YUM! You can grab these at Vegan Online.

constant-craving-easter-egg.jpg&x=100&y=Constant Craving have also gone all out by encasing their incredible chocolate truffles inside a chocolate egg. And with truffle flavours jaffa, coconut and almond there is certainly one to suit everyone! Order these from The Cruelty Free Shop.

sweet-williams-crackle-bunny.jpg&x=70&y=Now my fave - The ever amazing Sweet William has come up with new Easter products this year. Along with the tried and true chocolate bunnies, they also come in a sugar free variety (still just as sweet, I can vouch for that!) and ... this is so exciting ... a rice crackle Easter bunny! You can order these online too, or just pick them up at your local supermarket.

easter-lindt-bunny.jpg&x=100&y=130Also in the supermarket aisle you'll find the Lindt Gold Bunny (in dark chocolate only!), Lindor pouches of dark chocolate eggs and Whittaker's dark chocolate blocks which are great for melting down and making your own little choc bunnies or eggs with.

For those with someone they really wanna treat this Easter (don't forget - that 'someone' can absolutely be YOU!), you can grab a gorgeous plush bunny with his own assortment of dairy-free fun, including Plamil and Rawganic chocolates and those delicious Constant Craving truffles from the Unleashed shop. (Of course all proceeds go towards helping save the Easter bunny's relatives and furry friends.)

Now remember, that there's no reason to limit this amazing choccy goodness to just one time of year. All these chocolatiers (I love that word!) sell their mouth-watering treats all year round. Hip Hooray!

And knowing that no newborn baby calves were harmed in order for me to satisfy my sugar craving just sweetens the deal!

Which choccies are you gonna try this Easter? Have you discovered one I didn't mention? Tell me, so I can stuff my face with it! I mean, so I can sample it and give you a review ..ahem.

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jack jack 12 April 2011
stop it jane, stop teasing me
via Unleashed

Eliza2 Eliza2 12 April 2011
Yum!  clap
And I found out yesterday that Safeway/Woolworths has some 'Macro' eggs and bunnies labelled lactose-free which are vegan. And I think dairy-free Alpha easter eggs are still available in some lolly shops.
via Unleashed

piglover piglover 12 April 2011
that is a wonderful idea and that is why i love it so much because it delicious as well a safe.

thanks for the idea. chick
via Unleashed

Pegs Pegs 12 April 2011
Yummmmmmmmm! happy
via Unleashed

Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur 12 April 2011
NOMNOMNOM looking forward to easter hahah
via Unleashed

the animaniac the animaniac 13 April 2011
ssssssooooooooo looking forward to easter especially that there are dairy free eggs that taste yum and help cows and calfs.  cow clap
via Unleashed

VeganGod VeganGod 15 April 2011
The Heritage dark choc bunnies are also vegan. They are at Priceline for $1.49 and yummy!
via Unleashed

...2 ...2 15 April 2011
Ah, so many yummy chocolate treats. :3

Except I can't afford to spoil myself and I'm not sure anyone else will either. Ah well. I can be satisfied gazing longlingy at the chockies here. My hips will thank me for it. tongue
via Unleashed

Pinkhotstar Pinkhotstar 15 April 2011
That Constant Craving egg - Jaffa flav. OMG THAT WAS TO DIE FOR. I couldn't wait for Easter, I had to eat the one that turned up at our place.
via Unleashed

Hayley3 Hayley3 15 April 2011
Sweet William bunnies are so good!
via Unleashed

Val Val 17 April 2011
via Unleashed

Cheezels Cheezels 17 April 2011

I certainly can't wait for a guilt-free Easter!  cow
via Unleashed

Glenn Glenn 19 April 2011
Oh Yummy!!!! will try some of these out!!

I also love the choc bars from the Cruelty Free Shop, one tastes like a Milky Way, one like a Mars bar!!! they are DEVINE! (GoMaxGo range)!!
via Unleashed

Piggy Piggy 26 April 2011
Those Constant Craving truffles that came with my Cruelty Free easter pack were just heavenly! My little white bunny was very cute too. Don't think I can wait a whole year to indulge again though. mmmmm pig
via Unleashed

Horizons-Photography Horizons-Photography 17 March 2012
Wish I could afford all these.. they're so expensive :c (not all vegans are rich!)
via Unleashed

blisssparklekimber blisssparklekimber 4 April 2012
hi - you have to try a new South Australian brand called Funky Chocolate - soooo many flavours - free of dairy & palm oil - contact for retailiers
via Unleashed


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