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Help Us Pick a New Wallpaper!

Help Us Pick a New Wallpaper!

Posted 21 April 2011   by Jesse         Permalink | 26 Comments

Tags: Unleashed, Birthday, giveaway, stickers

Unleashed recently had it's second birthday. To celebrate we've got some treats on the way for you :)

As Karen mentioned on the forum, we'll be giving Unleashed a makeover. Your ideas for the new look for Unleashed were great, and having seen a sneak peek of the new Unleashed I can tell it's hot!

But before we give the site a change of skin, we need your advice on one more thing. This year, we're not only going to give Unleashed a makeover, we're going to give you 3 wallpapers so that you can give your computer a makeover too!

So we need you to help to make the big decision. By now you've probably entered (and hopefully won) our monthly sticker give away. So you've probably worked out which of these 12 stickers is your fave. So tell us: Which of these stickers would you like to have as a wallpaper for your computer and why?

Then stay tuned... because the brand new look for Unleashed won't be long now ;)

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FUR HURTS! - just because I think it would translate well into a wall paper, and I'd use it at work!
circuses - because a lot of people do not understand the cruelty involved in circuses.
and no testing - just because that mouse is completely adorable, and it's something that people can easily stop doing.
via Unleashed

JodieC JodieC 21 April 2011
Be a Lifesaver! Go Veg!
I have the t-shirt and wear it proudly, especially when I travel  banana
via Unleashed

StephyA StephyA 21 April 2011
1. I love Animals
2. Why love one and eat another
3. Be a lifesaver, go veg.

I really like the I heart animals. It would be my wallpaper if it was an option. I love red and black and it's the perfect slogan for me. The others I think are great statements.
via Unleashed

Steph* Steph* 21 April 2011
1. I heart animals

2. Fur Hurts

3. Why love one and eat another

I think these stickers are 'universal', anybody could relate to them happy
via Unleashed

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 21 April 2011
because they are my faves, and the ones i would use the most often as they are harder to be taken as an insult to omnis.
via Unleashed

Jacqui T Jacqui T 21 April 2011
1. I love Animals
2. Kicking Ass
3. Fur Hurts
via Unleashed

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 21 April 2011
Kicking ass, then fur hurts then i heart animals wink
via Unleashed

Pegs Pegs 21 April 2011
I like the "Fur Hurts" and the "Love one but eat another"
And "meat stinks" and "I am not boots!"

Wow, they would make AWESOME wallpapers! I'm so excited!
via Unleashed

Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur 21 April 2011
1. Kicking ass for the animals
2. Animal circuses are a crying shame
3. Fur hurts

I love the kicking ass for the animals one, the little chick wants revenge!
via Unleashed

JodieC JodieC 21 April 2011
Be a Lifesaver Go Veg!
I've got the t-shirt and I wear it proudly, especially when I travel happy
via Unleashed

meh meh 21 April 2011
I absolutely love the Meat Stinks one. It's cute, clever and not too confronting, which is a good thing for people who might be easily distraught at seeing one that is slightly more graphic.
I personally think that more people would prefer this design and would happily put it on their computer.

I would love to put Meat Stinks on my computer, definitely happy
via Unleashed

Pintu Pintu 21 April 2011
1. I'm not Shoes, Give Leather the Boot!
2. Cut out Cruelty, Dont Dissect
3. Animal Circuses are a Crying Shame
via Unleashed

jack jack 21 April 2011
1. Fur Hurts
2. Kicking Asse
3. i  love animals
via Unleashed

lividlotus lividlotus 21 April 2011
1. Be a lifesaver! Go Veg!
2. I love animals
3. Fur Hurts!
via Unleashed

..1 ..1 21 April 2011
1. Why love one...and eat another?
2. Give leather the boot!
3. Be a life saver! Go veg!

via Unleashed

Lars Lars 21 April 2011
1. be a lifesaver
2. animal cruelty sucks
3. fur hurts

i don't think i could have any of those as my wallpaper as they make me teary
via Unleashed

OinkMoo OinkMoo 21 April 2011
1. " be a life saver" -  this sticker is the cutest! tongue . plus it makes people stop and think , it has a clever slogan and a clever pi to go with it. besides arnt pigs the most gawjus animals ^_^

2. " why love one and eat another"  - BRILLIANT ! the best slogan, i use this alot. i also use this quote in alot of videos and photographs i use. its a great slogan and makes people really think about there food choices.

3." im not shoe's, give leather the boot" . all i can say is clever happy . leather is a forgotten trade that people really dont give much thought into. and the cow is super cute cow
via Unleashed

Ryan Ryan 22 April 2011
"Kicking Arse for the animals" - because it covers every aspect of animal welfare.
via Unleashed

AmyAmeliaRose AmyAmeliaRose 22 April 2011
1. "Be a lifesaver"- Because the picture is so cute and make you stop and look
2. "Why love one and eat another"- A really good question that makes people think
3."Kicking ass for the animals"- Just because it sums up all we stand for in one little sticker happy
via Unleashed

Teegzie Teegzie 23 April 2011
"kicking ass" - simply because I adore that lil' slugger chicken and he (I always think of that chicken as a "he") is a daily reminder to be the voice for animals who can't speak themselves!

Also "Be a lifesaver" because the whole pic would look good as a wallpaper and because it's iconically Australian, in a good way! laugh
via Unleashed

Asik Asik 25 April 2011
Kicking Ass for the animals! because somebody should! People who are care should be animal's voices! And help educate others to be this world  more kinder to animals!
via Unleashed

Courtney1 Courtney1 2 May 2011
Why love one... and eat another!
via Unleashed

Theodora Theodora 18 March 2012
"I'm NOT shoes !"
via Unleashed

Kasedy Kasedy 21 March 2012
Kicking ass for the animals!
via Unleashed

ox.kylie.xo ox.kylie.xo 15 January 2014
So um where do I find out what wallpaper was decided upon? And where can I get it?? happy
via Unleashed

ox.kylie.xo ox.kylie.xo 12 May 2014
'animal cruelty sucks', and 'why love one but eat another'? but all of them have valid points that I love!
via Unleashed


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