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A Message to My Mum

A Message to My Mum

Posted 6 May 2011   by Karen         Permalink | 2 Comments

Tags: mother's day, factory farming, pigs

Dear Mum,

Thanks for being amazing! I appreciate everything you've ever done for me.

But above all else, thank you for showing me what compassion is; thank you for encouraging me to think for myself; and thank you for always supporting my decisions. If it weren't for these simple gifts that you've given me, I doubt I would be campaigning for animals today.

It fills my heart with sorrow to know that unlike you, many mothers won't feel loved and cared for this mother's day (or any other day of the year). For new mother pigs, pinned tightly between metal bars, unable to properly nurture their newborn babies - used as nothing more than milking machines - this Mother's Day will be just like any other day of their lives: miserable.

But you've taught me to be an optimist. And one day I hope they will be as happy and free, with their family, as you are. Thank you for giving me all the space I need and the voice to speak for them and work towards that hopeful day.

I promise to take what you've given me and do all that I can to make this world a better place for everyone.

Happy Mother's Day!


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lividlotus lividlotus 7 May 2011
What a lovely letter love
via Unleashed

Pegs Pegs 9 May 2011
I loved it! I think it will touch the hearts of anyone who reads it!
via Unleashed


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