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Jumps Racing Claims More Victims - Take Action!
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Jumps Racing Claims More Victims - Take Action!

Posted 3 May 2011   by         Permalink | 38 Comments

Tags: jumps racing, horse racing, take action, entertainment, horses, video, Warrnambool

This year's jumps racing season has barely started and five horses are already dead They're heading into week 6 now and the odds are stacked against the horses. Those racing in jumps races are at up to 20 time great risk of injury or death than horses in flat races.

The Warrnambool Racing Carnival started today. This 'spectacle' features a steeplechase that covers 5500 metres and includes 33 jumps. Can you imagine running that far with a person on your back and having to clear jumps at the same time? It's a tough ask, and tired, exhausted horses often fall suffering terrible injuries. No wonder there's already been one death today. Sadly, it wouldn't be a surprise to see the 'green screen' come out again in the next few days.

You can help stop this carnage! Here's a few simple ways how:

RIP Casa Boy
RIP Hammerblow
RIP Squire Rex
RIP Java Star
RIP Shine the Armour

[Update 20/05/11: Another 2 horses have since died, bringing the total deaths to seven horses in seven weeks.]

Let's hope they end this cruelty before this list gets any longer!

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OinkMoo OinkMoo 3 May 2011
Done  happy .. cant wait till this "sport" is over .. rest in peace xx
via Unleashed

Pegs Pegs 4 May 2011
Thats horrible. I really hate jumps racing. sad
via Unleashed

Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur 4 May 2011
via Unleashed

James misty calvaruso James misty calvaruso 4 May 2011
I have just done it. This is so cruel Is the human race even human?  sad
via Unleashed

madiwatson madiwatson 5 May 2011
this is so horrible.
i hope all the horses who have died during this sport is in a peaceful place now and are resting in peace.
hopefully no more horses have to die before something is done about this so called sport.
via Unleashed

Catzilla Kittypaw Catzilla Kittypaw 5 May 2011
Done and Done
via Unleashed

Lauren Chitty Lauren Chitty 5 May 2011
This is inhumane, pure cruelty and should be banned immediately.
via Unleashed

Hi-Jinks Hi-Jinks 6 May 2011
It's a terrible thing to see death, yet people take their children to this and expect it to be a happy day. There shouldn't be a sport on the planet that makes it almost necessity for the participant to die  cry
via Unleashed

Char Char 6 May 2011
Done happy
via Unleashed

Lee! Lee! 6 May 2011
done ):
via Unleashed

Teressa Teressa 7 May 2011
I hate jumps it's so cruel and horrible, it needs to be stopped!
via Unleashed

OinkMoo OinkMoo 7 May 2011
via Unleashed

Phoebe95 Phoebe95 8 May 2011
done (:
via Unleashed

Justyna Justyna 9 May 2011
i completely agree with everyone sad
via Unleashed

Asti Asti 9 May 2011
Done. It's such a dreaful "sport".
via Unleashed

Cheyenne1997 Cheyenne1997 10 May 2011
via Unleashed

Minion Minion 10 May 2011
Done - this is not a sport, its murder on a track. The sooner this is stopped the better
via Unleashed

James misty calvaruso James misty calvaruso 10 May 2011
Done ecstatic lets put an end to this ''sport''
via Unleashed

dianab dianab 17 May 2011
done !
via Unleashed

Catzilla Kittypaw Catzilla Kittypaw 20 May 2011
Ok dudes, how does this get crossed off on our action alerts list?
DId it twice i think lol
via Unleashed

Desiree Desiree 21 May 2011
done twice!
via Unleashed

Jane Jane 24 May 2011
Hey Catzilla and xkatrina,
We recently updated the way actions can show up in the list, so that we could include ones like these that we post in blogs and give the list a little variation, but that means that temporarily there's no way for these types of actions to get crossed off the list - even after you've done them.
We are working on it though - I know how good it feels to cross things off lists! Sorry about the hassle.
via Unleashed

Sue4 Sue4 24 May 2011
This terrible so called sport (blood sport it should be called) has got to be stopped.
via Unleashed

Harlequin Harlequin 25 May 2011
Aside from wishing all forms of racing to cease, immediately... I hate that they put the bloody privacy barriers up when tending to or killing injured horses. At that point the horse is in pain and simply needs to be helped.

Whether their excuse for doing this is to respect the dignity of the horse or to not upset people...screw it, take the barriers down and let the audience see the poor thing be euthanised...

Take the 'privacy' barriers down and show the audience what kind of industry they are supporting!
via Unleashed

...2 ...2 25 May 2011
Done. happy I have a feeling many friends shall be pissed at me in Facebookland. tongue
via Unleashed

Bee Bee 25 May 2011
Amazingly enough alot of my friends were all for the banning of this sport, the people who werent were deleted haha. clap
via Unleashed

jade_melisa jade_melisa 26 May 2011
done and made a banner
via Unleashed

Bee Bee 27 May 2011
Done and done!
via Unleashed

Shrkara Shrkara 29 May 2011
This is an absolute barbaric practice that should be discontinued immediately!
via Unleashed

juliamarie juliamarie 2 June 2011
done  thumb
via Unleashed

h0les h0les 2 June 2011
please. if you support, don't attend the race meets.
don't support an industry that thrives on cruelty and exploitation.
via Unleashed

Shavvy Shavvy 3 June 2011
via Unleashed

Amandas Amandas 6 June 2011
via Unleashed

jodes5 jodes5 8 June 2011
via Unleashed

Crimson_Vampire Crimson_Vampire 11 June 2011
DONE! ecstatic
via Unleashed

lyds lyds 12 June 2011
complete C:
via Unleashed

Asik Asik 12 June 2011
Done! Hopefully this cruelty will finish soon! Not everything in this wirld should be about money!
via Unleashed

Jerrif Jerrif 24 April 2012
To avoid all the circumstance of accidents it is necessary to learn some <a href="">racing tips</a>. This is also to ensure that all the participants are safe.
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