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Save this date: Live export exposed!
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Save this date: Live export exposed!

Posted 25 May 2011   by         Permalink | 37 Comments

Tags: live export, investigation, Animals Australia, sheep, cattle, cows

Mark this date in your diary, because you won't want to miss this! Everyone is talking about the story that will air on Monday night (30th May) on Four Corners! The program will feature never-before seen footage from Animals Australia's recent investigation into the treatment of Aussie cattle exported live to Indonesia.

Check the countdown now --!

Every year, millions of animals born into Australian care are exported live, to be killed in countries where there are no laws to protect their welfare.

Over the past seven years, Animals Australia has carried out investigations into the treatment of animals exported live to the Middle East. Footage from past investigations has repeatedly shown the live export industry is happy to export animals to countries regardless of how badly they will be treated. When exposed on national TV, evidence provided by Animals Australia led to a ban on live sheep exports to Egypt, and created massive public opposition to the cruel trade.

This coming Monday night, ABC1's Four Corners will air exclusive footage of exported Australian cattle filmed by Animals Australia investigators in Indonesia.

So tune in and tell all your friends and family to watch this groundbreaking story!
Four Corners airs at 8:30PM, Monday 30th May on ABC1.

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Pegs Pegs 26 May 2011
SO going to watch that!
via Unleashed

AliceinWhorrorland AliceinWhorrorland 26 May 2011
will try to watch
via Unleashed

Juby Juby 26 May 2011
It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal...
via Unleashed

lividlotus lividlotus 26 May 2011
Hopefully if I'm not working late, I'll be sure to watch also!
via Unleashed

James misty calvaruso James misty calvaruso 26 May 2011
Watching this definitely
via Unleashed

dianab dianab 26 May 2011
Most definitely watching this and telling my whole school to watch !
via Unleashed

Eddie500 Eddie500 26 May 2011
Australians cannot stand much more of this live export cruelty. New Zealand ceased their live exports after viewing other footage filmed by Animals Australia. Yet our Government are worried about upsetting their industry mates, and their liaisons with other countries. All at the expense of our animals. It is WRONG on every level. SHAME SHAME SHAME on Senator Ludwig and John Cobb MP. And also Julia Gillard who doesn't have the balls to end it.
via Unleashed

OinkMoo OinkMoo 26 May 2011
watching it happy .. although i hope it isnt to bad sad
via Unleashed

AliceinWhorrorland AliceinWhorrorland 27 May 2011
Hoping there's no gore, I don't like gore, and kind of ironic about the whole Julia Gillard not having the balls to end it, but I so agree
via Unleashed

Bee Bee 27 May 2011
Seeing live export kind of makes me wonder what is in the hearts of our government? Have they watched this? And if they have, did this not make them sick? It scares me more than anything. sad
via Unleashed

Justyna Justyna 28 May 2011
watching this!
via Unleashed

loulou loulou 28 May 2011
not sure I will be able to stomach the video, but 100% behind stopping this cruel practice! horrific!
via Unleashed

mickroz mickroz 29 May 2011
This will be an ugly story but exposure is a positive thing!
via Unleashed

Kath Macheski Kath Macheski 30 May 2011
will be watching and getting as many people as possible to watch...
via Unleashed

Hi-Jinks Hi-Jinks 30 May 2011
aaaaannnd it is set to record on IQ ^^
via Unleashed

Phoenix Phoenix 30 May 2011
I came, I saw, I threw up.

Pretty sure I won't be sleeping tonight, so I'm going to spend the time drafting a letter to the PM, asking for change.
via Unleashed

OinkMoo OinkMoo 30 May 2011
writting countless letters, signing petitions, hsaring the videos around, spreading the word . doind everything i can to help voice ecstatic .. cheers.
via Unleashed

Jadetheawesome Jadetheawesome 31 May 2011
watching this makes me ashamed to be human
via Unleashed

sck sck 31 May 2011
humans are bad DNA, I"m still shocked. It has shocked me out of eating meat. This is so cruel, I've gone through few tissues.  THIS MUST BE BANNED NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
via Unleashed

Katie Katie 31 May 2011
Make sure you write to your MPs and Senators!!

This event explains how to grab their email addresses - for some senators, you'll need to use their 'online contact forms' but just copy & paste into each one, doesn't take long!
via Unleashed

Meganpie Meganpie 31 May 2011
god its inhuman! D'X how can they treat them so?!?!?!
via Unleashed

juliamarie juliamarie 31 May 2011
So horrible watching these beautiful animals being mutalated and treated so cruelly all before they are killed. How can humans do this - seriously!!!! i have sent my letter off to the PM already and are doing anything i can to help.

Thing that gets me is i have spoken to a couple of people about it today who only saw a tiny flicker of four corners last night who both said - 'oh know i couldn't watch it makes me sick' yet they are both meat eaters??? what the............
via Unleashed

dude dude 31 May 2011
I will not be travelling to Indonesia or any other Muslim country ever again. If we stop exporting they will find cattle somewhere else. I say hit them in their wallets. Its not doing the Aussie beef industry any favours either.
via Unleashed

terminiers terminiers 31 May 2011
via Unleashed

jaylatte jaylatte 1 June 2011
I cried so hard. Beautiful, gentle souls subjected such inhumane treatment. Spreading the word on facebook and twitter.
via Unleashed

madiwatson madiwatson 1 June 2011
watched this and cried most of the night,
my eyes were swollen for crying so much.
i swear the people who can do this to animals have to heart and dont deserve to live,
i know that if i came across one of the people who does this to animals i would probably kill them,
via Unleashed

...2 ...2 1 June 2011
It's hard to watch, isn't it? My mum was pretty struck too.
Well done Animals Australia. It feels like this might be a breakthrough.
via Unleashed

its so sad sad
via Unleashed

AlanaRama AlanaRama 1 June 2011
I really hope these conditions begin to change.. sad
via Unleashed

AliceinWhorrorland AliceinWhorrorland 2 June 2011
I watched, signed the petition, posted on Julia Gillard's facebook page (until I got blocked from posting = ) and posted the site on another website I hope they ban it, it made me feel sick
via Unleashed

h0les h0les 2 June 2011
i can barely find words to express how awful this is.
i had to made myself watch it.
i am vegan already, but this just make me so sad, and it feels like this cruelty is going to go on and on forever, i feel utterly helpless. and sad. and i cry.
via Unleashed

Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur 3 June 2011
I watched it and asked a few of my friends to watch it (I'm not sure if they did or not) and it was honestly horrific.

This needs to stop, immediately.
via Unleashed

elliiee.xo elliiee.xo 3 June 2011
I think it is absolutely disgusting that the government is still allowing this to happen.
via Unleashed

Milo Milo 3 June 2011
I didn't watch it as I am overseas (country that blocks almost every website.. except some pages). Also, I should say that I do not think I can ever make myself to watch all of it... but I can tell you that after all the comments I have seen on online News, some pictures (non-too graphic) and also some other journalist comments in websites....I have become vegetarian (4 days and going on)..... I read once, but didn't get it (WHAT AN IDIOT I WAS!)... if you cannot watch an animal being kill for you to eat him/her, you shouldn't eat any kind of meat!...Eating my own words now!! I can't wait to go back to OZ land in 3 weeks time to get into my new full vegan life!! clap
via Unleashed

mandyATTHEDISCO mandyATTHEDISCO 4 June 2011
It saddens me that this can go on and members of parliament only decide to do something when it's brought to the public's attention in such a shocking way.
Though, it does demonstrate the importance of voicing our disapproval of such cruel treatment of animals.
via Unleashed

Kristy3 Kristy3 4 June 2011
Live animal export is barbarick, horrible, disguisting and even sadistic. It should be banned NOW. It has been exposed about the treatment of cattle in Indonesia, but what about the rest of world. Are the practices in Australian abbitoirs much better?? Even if there was a ban to export to Indonesia, what about the animal welfare in other places around the world? Why is there not International Animal Cruelty laws?? I doubt Aussies would expose and protest in countries where there is little concern for Human Welfare let alone for the poor animlas. It a very cruel world we live in.
via Unleashed

ANGEL79 ANGEL79 11 June 2011
Live export of animals is a horrible trade and should be banned for good these monsters do NOT know how to treat animals properly or with love and care and what they have put some of our cattle through watching the video by lyn white had me in tears and so angry at what these monsters done to those darlings how can anyone who have a love treat any living creature in that way at all.Animals have feelings just like us humans and they hurt aswell they can experience everything we can and as humans we have no right to treat animals like this.
via Unleashed


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