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The Bravery of an Ex-Battery Hen
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The Bravery of an Ex-Battery Hen

Posted 19 May 2011   by         Permalink | 6 Comments

Tags: chickens, cage eggs, battery cages, factory farming, video


An ex battery hen has won a Braveheart Award from a veterinary clinic in the UK! Angel was struggling to lay an extra large egg when her human companion (and rescuer) Lorraine Fox noticed she had a prolapsed vent.

I hear you asking "What's a prolapsed vent?"
Lightning fast biology lesson: Sometimes called "uterine prolapse". If a chicken is attempting to lay an egg that is larger than normal, part of her oviduct (the equivalent of a human female's uterus) can be pushed out as well. As you can imagine, having raw inflamed tissue that should be inside the body exposed outside of the body is extremely painful. (Sorry, if you're a tad squeamish!)

Fortunately, the crook chook was rushed off to the vet straight away. After some very tricky and complicated surgery (called a cloacapexy - there's your new word for the day!), Angel recovered amazingly well and was back to her old self within a day :)

Unfortunately prolapses are actually a fairly common occurrence among laying hens, both in cages and free range. The difference between hens on factory farms in battery cages and Angel, is that Angel now has a loving attentive human companion who noticed that she was sick straight away and raced her to the vet to save her.

Battery hens are almost never this lucky. Stacked in cages up to 4 levels high with up to 5 hens to a cage, it's easy for workers to not notice sick birds. Many birds with prolapsed vents die in agony from infection in their cage and are not discovered for days. If they are discovered, they are likely killed, or worse, simply thrown out live and left for dead. This may have even been Angel's fate had she not already been rescued by Lorraine.

If only every hen was lucky enough to a loving, caring home and friends to look out for them!

Do you know of an animal who deserves a bravery award?

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Kaedee Kaedee 19 May 2011
So lucky that she was saved.

That video was really sad, no animal should have to live in conditions like that.
via Unleashed

AliceinWhorrorland AliceinWhorrorland 19 May 2011
Poor hen, it's a good thing that she was saved =)
via Unleashed

ecochick ecochick 19 May 2011
every abused animal deserves a bravery award sad
via Unleashed

Justyna Justyna 28 May 2011
that video made me cry.
via Unleashed

Moo Moo Moo Moo 10 June 2011
The poor chicken.......I can't believe people do that sad
via Unleashed

t.s. t.s. 20 May 2012
This is horrid.... it's a disgrace for anyone dealing in this, it is a disgrace for a country... any county in the world that uses animals for their own selfish interests....
via Unleashed


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