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Where People and Pigs Become One
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Where People and Pigs Become One

Posted 10 May 2011   by         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: Miru Kim, pigs, sow stalls, factory farming

You may not have heard of the artist, Miru Kim before. Even when you look at these photographs of her, you may have a hard time seeing her at first. It's almost like an overly artistic "Where's Wally?" and when you finally spot her, it may shock you as to how well she blended in to a herd of pigs!


"Pig eyes are remarkable. They see right into the eyes of a human being. When they were looking at me, exposed before them, surrounded by them, I could not read their gazes, but they were somehow shockingly familiar. There was no language to bridge that disparity - the mysterious gap between the gaze of a pig and that of mine. But when I mingled with them with my skin, the gap momentarily closed in, as if I had forgotten my own language. My words were lost, and I felt the swinish grunts resonate inside me."


The close up images of the skin on skin are striking, aren't they? It's difficult to see where Miru ends and the mother pig begins. There are so many similarities between us and pigs, and not just in skin. Like us they each have unique personalities. Pigs are also considered one of the most intelligent animals outside the primate family - as smart as 3 year old children. And like us they can be affectionate and playful.

While there may be many similarities between humans and pigs, our lives could not be more different. In a couple of the photos you can see the barren single pens that mother pigs are often locked in during their pregnancy. In Australia, these clever pigs can be kept in those cruel sow stalls for as long as 16 weeks - their entire pregnancy! Imagine not even being able to turn around for 4 months!

Even the group pens for younger pigs are a crowded affair. Miru can barely fit in there! And those pigs have had to endure much more than just the stress of a crowded pen. At just a few days of age they would have had their teeth cut right back, their tails cut off and the boys may have been castrated - all without pain relief!


Sadly, unlike Miru, who left the farm after finishing her photo shoot, these pigs will only leave their life of confinement on their last day of life - in a cramped truck on the way to the slaughterhouse.

To see the rest of these incredible photographs go to

I love that these photos challenge people to see pigs in a new light. What do you think of these pictures?

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Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur 10 May 2011
I think they're great!
via Unleashed

Arieluxable Arieluxable 10 May 2011
Shockingly tragic. Brought tears to my eyes.
via Unleashed

lividlotus lividlotus 10 May 2011
Good photography; I like that this is bringing some attention to these poor, unfortunate stall pigs but it's still saddening to see.
via Unleashed

christi christi 11 May 2011
i am really touched they are amazing . They are almost the same as we are, yet we treat them like that.  huh
via Unleashed

Pegs Pegs 11 May 2011
Its pretty strange. Pigs look almost like us, but we still eat them. But then people will think its sick to eat chimps and that cause they look like us!
via Unleashed

Alice Margaret Alice Margaret 11 May 2011
What a brilliant and innovative way to raise awareness for the plight of pigs on factory farms!
via Unleashed

loulou loulou 28 May 2011
love the photos! Humans are horrible! We say we are the intelligent ones! Not likely I say!
via Unleashed


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