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Win A Double Pass To See Disney's Oceans!
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Win A Double Pass To See Disney's Oceans!

Posted 11 May 2011   by         Permalink | 39 Comments

Tags: giveaway, Oceans, video, fish, film

The wonderful people at Hopscotch Films have given Unleashed a stack of double passes to see advance screenings of the latest Disney blockbuster, Oceans.

Doesn't it look amazing? What a great way to give people a glimpse into the lives of sea animals!

The oceans have been plundered by outdated and cruel fishing methods driving many species to the brink of extinction. This movie shows that a lot of these animals aren't all that different to us - they form amazing bonds and play and protect each other. We should be doing all we can to protect them!

Tell us below what you're going to do to protect our oceans and you could win a double pass to see this spectacular movie before anyone else!

Hurry, comp closes noon Monday May 16th so don't plod along like a walrus!

PS The tickets are only valid for Friday 20th, Saturday 21st, Sunday 22nd May (not valid after 5pm on Saturday) at the following cinemas :
Sydney - Palace Verona & Palace Norton Street Cinemas
Melbourne - Palace Como Cinemas
Brisbane - Palace Barracks Cinemas
Adelaide - Palace Eastend Cinemas
Perth - Cinema Paradiso Cinemas
Canberra - Greater Union Manuka Cinemas
So please only enter if you can make it to a screening! ;)

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Nelly! Nelly! 11 May 2011
I will protect the oceans by not consuming any creature living in them and I will live an environmentally friendly lifestyle, I will also urge my friends and family to do the same!
via Unleashed

Lost Earthling Lost Earthling 11 May 2011
I will do my best to educate people about the dangers posed to sealife (and wildlife) if they don't put rubbish in a bin and just leave it laying around. I don't understand how people can just leave trash on the ground in any case, don't they care about the country they live in.
via Unleashed

Alice Margaret Alice Margaret 11 May 2011
My name is Alice and to protect our oceans I plan to remain a proud vegetarian! I also plan to continue giving money to Animals Australia, Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd (as well as continuing to volunteer for WIRES and Greenpeace)! Furthermore, I plan to make the protection of sharks, Dugongs, sea turtles and other marine animals one of the main priorities of my (recently founded) non-profit charity, which is called Wild at Heart Conservation Society. (Living Local Magazine recently published a story on Wild at Heart and in the article I referred to Animals Australia's campaign regarding the sad plight of 'bobby' calves). Thank you!
via Unleashed

Tara Gatehouse Tara Gatehouse 11 May 2011
Every chance I get I try to inform people about how they can help the oceans. From swapping tuna brands, to swapping to smaller fish like sardines, to informing people of how much bycatch is taken from the oceans for prawns. I'm philosophically opposed to fishing, of any kind. My family and I are members of the Greens and strongly support their push for more marine reserves. When I'm at the beach or in the ocean I pick up whatever rubbish blows or floats past me. I use earth-friendly bath and shower products so that harmful chemicals aren't entering the ocean by my hand and have swayed my friends to do the same. Fish are friends, not food.  fish
via Unleashed

marvellous marvellous 11 May 2011
I plan to ONLY buy sustainably fished products, when I buy fish at all!   As a mainly veggo kinda girl, it doesn't happen often, but every little bit helps!
via Unleashed

KirstyGirl KirstyGirl 11 May 2011
So so lame that I can't win because I live in the best state, Tassie!
I would have said by being vegan! By never buying fish and keeping them in a tank ( poor things) and getting the word out about overfishing, mercury etc.
via Unleashed

reegz reegz 11 May 2011
I always make sure I pick up rubbish at the beach.
I am going to spread the word around by sharing links and recommended sites to my facebook friends, to help clean up our beaches so we protect the magnificent ocean life!
Keep it clean, keep it seen!
via Unleashed

Kit Kit 12 May 2011
i carry a portable ashtray sothat i am not forced to throw my cig butts on the ground where they will eventually end up in the ocean,
via Unleashed

taylorpaige taylorpaige 12 May 2011
I will protect the beautiful oceans of the world by continuing my veganism, which of course, benefits marine life in that they are not eaten, and, in that their incredible habitats are not destroyed on my behalf. I will also continue to tell people about the horrors of the fiching industry, and the damage that it causes. In addition, I will ensure to never litter, and to pick up that of others when I see it, in order to ensure that it will not end up in the oceans (or anywhere else undesirable for that matter.)
via Unleashed

Lay Lay 12 May 2011
I don't fish or eat fish, I don't litter (or though even if you don't litter it often gets to the sea any way) we use green bags instead of plastic and when ever we do get any plastic bags we keep them for later not just put them in the bin. I tell people about how fragile the ocean is. Thats about it. I'd do more if I knew what to do but it seems its all I can do.. sorry! fish orcawhale turtle
via Unleashed

Fish Lover Fish Lover 12 May 2011
I already dont eat anything that comes from the sea and i would be happy to helpout In anyother way i could. The oceans are fragile and need to be respected!  orcawhale
via Unleashed

Jenna27 Jenna27 12 May 2011
Ever since I was a little girl I have been fascinated with the ocean...I loved the colour, the smell and unbelievable vitality of the creatures that inhabit such a formidable environment. As a veterinary nurse I have dedicated my life to caring for companion animals who are mostly of the cute and cuddly type, however all animals deserve the right to live in peace. I believe that we need to act upon our beliefs and practice what we preach, I have been a vegetarian for over a year now and have never questioned that it is the right choice for me. Talking to friends and family about this decision can be confronting as many are ignorant to the destruction that over-fishing and mineral depletion has caused our oceans. Regardless of whether I win, I will continue to bring up these sometimes awkward discussion topics with who ever will listen and will organise a movie night with my friends and family to see Oceans ASAP! Like the saying goes 'A Picture is worth a thousand words'...I wonder how many a movie is worth??? Peace
via Unleashed

Dean1969 Dean1969 12 May 2011
I saw the "other" dolphin movie a couple of years ago.  I walked out of that movie swearing never to eat a living thing ever again.  And I haven't since (I am now also vegan).  It has even made me spreads the word about life and its preciousness, whether it be on the land and in the sea.
via Unleashed

Hi-Jinks Hi-Jinks 12 May 2011
I never litter and would never even consider fishing.
I do my best to urge my grandfather and uncle out of fishing also, and will continue to do so until they can see what it is that i believe in.
via Unleashed

Adrian Adrian 12 May 2011
as a smoker if i am out and there is no way to dispose of my
butts when i have finished i always seperate the stub and step on it and put the butt in my pocket for safer disposal.
via Unleashed

Ali Ali 12 May 2011
Sea life for human consumption is the most unsustainable of all forms, so it was the first i gave away many years ago (and its the one kind i dont give my kids a choice about since they are not yet ready to choose vegan themselves).  The hungry street cats we feed are pretty fussy though, so i now choose greenpeace advised products and we always clean up other people's mess whenever we leave the beach.  We are very lucky to live close to the beach, but we still choose to camp near by, play there and are rewarded with close encounters from dolphins and other wildlife - this provides a great incentive for us to be militant promoters of ocean protection.  shark finning, tuna overfishing, the sea shepherd's fight for the whales and the proposed gas mining near the kimberleys are just a few issues the kids and i talk about to anyone who stops long enough to listen happy if we get tickets, we will use the free ones for friends and purchase for ourselves, that way the cause is properly promoted.
via Unleashed

Airlie Airlie 12 May 2011
As a surfer I have a huge admiration & respect for the ocean & all the creatures who live within it & depend upon it.  To do my bit for saving the oceans & their inhabitants I have stopped eating fish & seafood (along with all other meats).  I hand out Animals Australia flyers at a local market to promote awareness of cruelty to animals in general.  I pick up rubbish on the beach & in the street when I walk the dog every day.  My partner & I have bough several copies of The China Study & The Food Revolution that we either give as gifts to be passed on or copies that we loan to people we meet to try to spread the word about the cruelty, the damage to the environment & the damage to our health of eating & farming animals the way that the majority of people do.  Including providing a copy to my brother who until recently was spending months at a time out on fishing trawlers... aaaahhh!!!! We occasionally host screenings of movies such as FRESH & Simply Raw to try to spread the word but I guess most of all, we just try to 'be the change you wish to see in the world', be an example to others.
via Unleashed

aton aton 12 May 2011
I organise movie nights to show documentaries about the impact fishing has on our oceans, and encourage friends to be more discerning in their food choices.
via Unleashed

Sara1985 Sara1985 12 May 2011
The biggest way I help the ocean is by being a Vegan. However, even before then, I have never dumped rubbish or walked by a plastic bag making it's way down a drain. I have never dropped a ciggaret butt (also gave that away with rotting flesh) and will always promote looking after our beautiful waterways. I will always pick up fishing line and hooks when I come accross them and I will educate my children, and their friends whenever possible.
via Unleashed

juliamarie juliamarie 12 May 2011
I take my 4,2 and 1yr old to the beach all the time and teach them about the ocean, the amazing lives of the ocean and what to do to keep it beautiful....i know they're only little but i figure one day they can share it with their kids! Hopefully!  fish
via Unleashed

Celia Celia 12 May 2011
I moved to London to build a career as an actor so I can sing a whale song of love to the world about veganism and how precious animal's lives are!!!! I would love to win tickets for my parents to go to the screening in Australia because they miss me loads and I know it'll make them happy and proud of their lil nemo! happy
via Unleashed

Shirley1 Shirley1 12 May 2011
I have been vegetarian for about 10 years and haven't eaten seafood since, and plan never to eat it again!
via Unleashed

HIMI HIMI 13 May 2011
I will not eat marine life and make a protest.
I'd like to grow it more bigger and bigger.
therefore,I'm going to move myself to many place and I want to learn a lot of things and I hope it will have a effect on other peple. fish chick orcawhale
via Unleashed

lulu22 lulu22 14 May 2011
As a vegetarian since I was 5 years old (8 years now) I am completely commited to being a vegetarian and helping marine life in all the ways I possibly can.  When I'm older I am going to be a marine biologist because I can't bare the fact that we are slowly destroying the beautiful and advanced life under the water line.  I promise to never litter and to pick others mess as much as I can and I am constantly educating myself and other on the ocean and its wildlife.  Some of the money that I raised at my birthday party will go to a foundation looking after marine life.  I signed the Canadian seal appeal and got as many as I could to sign it too!  I have seen some of the ocean's best performances myself, snokled the Great Barrier Reef, Ningaloo Reef, seen whales, dolphins, manta rays, turltles, obviously its hard to get better than seeing it in the flesh but the next best thing is watching on a screen.  If I get the tickets they will be well used!     happy
P.S. Animals Australia, thankyou so much for the absolutely amazing work you have done and continuously do!
via Unleashed

tam tam 15 May 2011
I will do my best to not let my life negatively effect theirs.
via Unleashed

James misty calvaruso James misty calvaruso 15 May 2011
To protect the ocean I will never eat a sea creature, encourage people to not pollute waterways and the ocean, always vote to stop the Japanese from whaling  and also try and save the ice from melting by recycling, disposing rubbish thoughtfully and be as energy efficient as possible happy
via Unleashed

Jane Jane 16 May 2011
Wow! How awesome are you guys? If only we could all rule the world then the oceans would be sweeeeeeet!
Alrighty then! The winners are ....

Lost Earthling
Fish Lover
Alice Margaret
Jenna 27
James misty calvaruso

Well done guys! The passes are on their way happy
Thanks so much to everyone who entered, stay tuned for more cool comps!
via Unleashed

Velnaa Velnaa 16 May 2011
I do not eat any of the creatures living in the oceans and I go for daily swims at the beach near my place and clean out the plastic bags and products that I can find.
via Unleashed

Ali Ali 17 May 2011
we love you ANIMALS AUSTRALIA.  and as promised, i will pay for me and the kids (my daughter will be so happy to do this for her tenth birthday) and we will take friends who could not possibly afford to go - not that we are in a great financial position - but they will become great ocean defenders with us!  thank you, big love from us love
via Unleashed

taylorpaige taylorpaige 17 May 2011
THANK YOU SO MUCH! ecstatic xoxo
via Unleashed

James misty calvaruso James misty calvaruso 19 May 2011
via Unleashed

Nelly! Nelly! 20 May 2011
I never received my tickets sad
I'm so sad I was going to go on Sunday with my friend!
via Unleashed

Nelly! Nelly! 21 May 2011
I MUST appologise I did receive the tickets, my boyfriend accidently left them in the mail box, but got the rest of the mail out!
via Unleashed

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 26 May 2011
I will be protecting the oceans by becoming a vegan chef on Sea Shepherd. I will be ramming those boats right along side Sea Shepherd one day. It is my dream and my lifetime to one day do that. I am going to make a difference and support and join those who already are. I have my open water diver license already, I want to become a marine biologist also when I'm older to help with the conservation side of the ocean and it's wildlife.
via Unleashed

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 26 May 2011
darn it my comment was too delayed. tongue
via Unleashed

Jess6 Jess6 29 May 2011
i dont pollute the oceans with rubbish!
via Unleashed

Jess6 Jess6 29 May 2011
i also dont eat seafood!
via Unleashed

lollies lollies 22 June 2011
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Theodora Theodora 14 March 2012
My family and I are all taking reusable bags when we do our shopping so that less plastic bags end up in the ocean . We also always use rubbish bins .
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