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Get Active to Ban ALL Live Export!

Get Active to Ban ALL Live Export!

Posted 10 June 2011   by Jesse         Permalink | 2 Comments

Tags: live export, cattle, cows, take action, Animals Australia

It's amazing to think that since 4 Corners exposed those shocking images of Australian animals being brutalised in Indonesia, that hundreds of thousands of Australians have spoken out for the animals, and as a result the trade to Indonesia has been suspended. Who would've thought we could achieve that in just over a week!

This is a big win in the campaign to end all live animal export and just goes to show what we can achieve when we work together. But the campaign is not over yet! This suspension will do nothing to protect millions of Australian animals from having their throats slit whilst fully conscious in other countries that Australia exports animals to.

If ever we needed all hands on deck, then it's now! You might have heard... Just over a week from now (on 20th June), two bills will be submitted to Parliament, which if passed will end live animal export for good. Let me say that again... FOR GOOD!

Tbh, there has never been a better chance of stopping this trade than these bills. Which is why it's sooooo important that we keep up the pressure in this campaign and send the message loud and clear to the big wigs in govt that Aussies want an end to this cruelty.

Animals Australia has just launched a National Week of Action, to put pressure on pollies to support a ban on live export. So if you're old enough to vote, get your arse over to Animals Australia and get active ;)

And if you're not old enough to vote, then we've got another important project for you:

Send a message to Julia Gillard to tell her that you want to grow up in a country that cares about animals -- and doesn't send them to be brutalised in other countries. Click here to write a personal message to the PM on her webform.

This is fast becoming the biggest campaign for animals in Australia's history! And this is your chance to be a part of it!

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sweet-as sweet-as 11 June 2011
If we don't ban ALL LIVE EXPORTS TO ALL COUNTRIES than we would be just as bad as the countries that receive these poor animals and send them to their torturous death.
If they can't get it right in 18 years, how the hell are they going to get it right in 6 MONTHS!!!!
The MLA, LIVECORP and any other officials ( or politician ) that has been involved or ( known ) of this horrific practice should also be charged with CRUELTY TO ANIMALS as they were complicit in this crime. They cannot plead ignorance.
When it comes to the mighty dollar, it's amazing how some of us can deceive ourselves and turn a blind eye. NO CONSCIENCE.
Surely, if a small county like New Zealand can do it, so can we!!!
via Unleashed

rottweiler rottweiler 12 June 2011
I emailed Julia Gillard. I actually havn't enrolled to vote yet, and I REALLY should =/
via Unleashed


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