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Massive News! Live Export Suspended!
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Massive News! Live Export Suspended!

Posted 8 June 2011   by         Permalink | 5 Comments

Tags: live export, campaign, animals australia, sheep, cattle, cows

This morning the campaign to Ban Live Export scored a massive win for the animals! The Gillard Government announced they have suspended the entire live trade to Indonesia.

For the moment, this means cattle like Bill, Dudley, Brian, Arthur and Tommy are safe from being shipped to brutal slaughterhouses in Indonesia, but this campaign ain't over yet!

Despite evidence of cruel treatment to Australian animals in other countries, such as throughout the Middle East, Julia Gillard's government has done nothing to prevent Australian animals from being sent to these destinations. The only solution to protect Australian animals from the cruelty of live export, is a total ban on the trade. And on 20th June, Tassie MP, Andrew Wilkie, and SA Senator, Nick Xenophon, will be submitting a bill that, if passed, will do just that -- ban live animal export!

Writer Margaret Mead once said "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Unleashed members and Animals Australia supporters have certainly proved this true in the last week!

Over 235,000 people have signed a petition to Ban Live Export, and Julia Gillard has received more than 100,000 emails in her inbox from shocked Aussies urging her to end the cruelty. People are continuing to donate to get television and radio ads to air. And the Animals Australia and Unleashed Facebook and Twitter pages have been running hot all week with posts, comments and tweets from caring people who have simply refused to let the government to turn a blind eye to animal cruelty.

Perhaps the most surprising result of the campaign so far, has been that the Meat Industry Council has reported a 10-15% DROP IN MEAT! Not only is the government rethinking it's support of this terrible industry, but the Australian public is questioning whether they can trust an industry that knew about the abuse in Indonesia more than a decade ago and yet was still willing to send animals to that terrible fate.

Thank you to everyone who has spoken out and been a part of this campaign so far!

With just over a week to go until the bill to ban live export is tabled in Parliament, it's time to ramp up the campaign! Don't let Julia Gillard and your local MP off the hook until they Ban Live Export for good!

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Cherylhorse Cherylhorse 8 June 2011
Frozen meat is the same. There is no need whatsoever to send our beautiful animals on a fallen journey, for what? is wrong!!
via Unleashed

Cherylhorse Cherylhorse 8 June 2011
yeah!! keep up the pressure and we will ban live export permanently happy) lets not forget our sheep also :o((
via Unleashed

Milo Milo 8 June 2011
Hi guys! Just to let you know that you have made to the Chinese news @ CCTV English channel! Go Animals Australia!
via Unleashed

Jane Jane 10 June 2011
Awesome news Milo! Welcome, I loved reading your profile, it's great! Well done on going veg  clap
via Unleashed

sweet-as sweet-as 11 June 2011
If we don't ban ALL LIVE EXPORTS TO ALL COUNTRIES than we would be just as bad as the countries that receive these poor animals and send them to their torturous death.
If they can't get it right in 18 years, how the hell are they going to get it right in 6 MONTHS!!!!
The MLA, LIVECORP and any other officials ( or politician ) that has been involved or ( known ) of this horrific practice should also be charged with CRUELTY TO ANIMALS as they were complicit in this crime. They cannot plead ignorance.
When it comes to the mighty dollar, it's amazing how some of us can deceive ourselves and turn a blind eye. NO CONSCIENCE.
Surely, if a small county like New Zealand can do it, so can we!!!
via Unleashed


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