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Let's Get Ready to RAAAALLLYYYYYY!
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Let's Get Ready to RAAAALLLYYYYYY!

Posted 5 August 2011   by         Permalink | 6 Comments

Tags: Live export, activism, rally, cows, sheep

I'm so excited for the Ban Live Export National Rally I could burst!
Sunday 14th August is the day that legendary people all over the country can rally together to Ban Live Export.

The rallies in each state are shaping up to be huge, with stacks of people clicking "Attending" on the Facebook events. And if you're in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra or Hobartyou can help us make this even bigger!

And I know there's heaps of people everywhere that were horrified by the footage out of Indonesia that might not be able to make it to a rally but still want to get involved, and you can help too! Here's how:

Spread the word on Facebook. Post this rally page to your wall. Make sure you RSVP there and to your city's Facebook event page (click on your city above). Then invite everyone on your friend list! Get crafty and make some banners! Click here for some ideas on slogans and pictures to use. Be as creative as you want! (Just keep in mind that kids will be there, and that the focus of the rallies needs to stay on banning live export ;) Here are some our of faves:

rally-banner-3.gif rally-banner-2.gif rally-banner-1.gif

Last (but absolutely not least), know where to go! Click here for all the rally deets to make sure you've sussed out the location and how you're going to get there in time for all the action to start. (Parking might be limited so you may need to take a bus, train, tram, helicopter :-P)

Oh! And just to get you in the mood (or maybe this is just my excuse to rock out) check out this clip by The Black Spurs. All about the live export trade, I reckon "It Ain't Right" will be #1 before we know it. First person to learn all the words gets ... um, massive Unleashed cred!

See you on Sunday August 14! Don't be late!

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Mean people wear fur Mean people wear fur 5 August 2011
I'll be there! Wouldn't miss it!
via Unleashed

OinkMoo OinkMoo 5 August 2011
Omg i love the pic with the little bull with horns :3
via Unleashed

JewelRainbow JewelRainbow 12 August 2011
Please add cattle photos and a Twitter button to this page
via Unleashed

Jane Jane 12 August 2011
Hey Jewel,
If you click on the link above the lamby banner you'll go to a page with lots more banner designs that you can download happy
As for the Twitter button, ah ...we're workin on it! tongue
via Unleashed

Tarzi Tarzi 19 August 2011
I love the designs! they are awesome! ecstatic
via Unleashed

xXxRawrrxXx xXxRawrrxXx 8 September 2011
Time n Place I'll Be There To  Support This Anyday No Matter What happy love
via Unleashed


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