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Animals Australia gets the thumbs up from Gruen!
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Animals Australia gets the thumbs up from Gruen!

Posted 15 September 2011   by         Permalink | 11 Comments

Tags: The Gruen Transfer, live export, fur, battery hens, vegetarian, video, Animals Australia, advertising

A couple of weeks ago, I was chuffed to see the panel on The Gruen Transfer discussing Animals Australia and RSPCA Australia's very own Ban Live Export television ad!

Not only that but they discussed quite a few ads from different groups on really important topics like fur, battery hens, going veg and an ultra clever ad on the destruction caused by unsustainable palm oil. Check out the discussion - it gets pretty heavy!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on all the ads. Which was your fave? What tactics do you think work better than others and why? Do you have any great ideas for tv commercials that raise awareness for animals?

Oh, and check out Animals Australia and RSPCA Australia's latest joint ad to ban live export here!

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Risto Risto 15 September 2011
The best way to advertise for animals is shocking video
alike ABC Four corners video produced by Sarah Ferguson
and Lyn White
via Unleashed

OinkMoo OinkMoo 16 September 2011
the live export ad ( first one in program ) is very effective and not to graphic for people .

The caged egg ad is brillient ecstatic good music, well presented and the sence of sarcasim adds in a fales sence of security - meaning that what we have been told was fine , makes you think about what we have been fed. love the humour tongue

The PETA ad is stupid, degrading and weird - please AA never make ads like this, PETA look like idiots with ads like this make people think they are a joke.
via Unleashed

...2 ...2 16 September 2011
PETA have done terribly in terms of advertising. Their outlandish and sexist advertising campaigns have done little more than give advocates of animal rights a bad name. I'm glad to see that Animals Australia do a much  better job in terms of PR and advertising than PETA do.
via Unleashed

TheSixthStitch TheSixthStitch 16 September 2011
Loved the caged advertisement. I agree with shanii and vegetivorous's sentiments on PETA's advertising.
via Unleashed

Clud Clud 17 September 2011
Wow is he really vegetarian?
via Unleashed

CUPCAKES! CUPCAKES! 17 September 2011
I find the sexists peta ads so irritating and pointless, it just gives them them a bad image

I love how Wil Anderson is vegetarian.
via Unleashed

AubergineBean AubergineBean 23 September 2011
What about an ad depicting a very sad sow and her piglets in the typical barbaric cruel sow stall with the slogan:

HAM SANDWICH ....the cruel reality.

Please, choose less harm .... GO VEG.
via Unleashed

AubergineBean AubergineBean 23 September 2011
Another more gross option for slogan ....

"Served with CRUELTY plus your choice of SALMONELLA, E-COLI or CAMPYBOLACTER"
via Unleashed

Crescent moon Crescent moon 29 September 2011
The best I thought was the caged eggs, then ban live export, followed by the kit kat ad, then fur ad. The veg one was belittling women and on most women I would imagine had no message. Men on the other hand may find it entertaining, but doubtful making them into vegetarians. megaphone
via Unleashed

JF JF 1 October 2011
Once upon a time the shock factor of PETA's PR campaigns may of had some value to at least draw attention for a moment to issues.

Nowadays, the world know who they are. Attention seekers willing to put down most animals they rescue to save some bucks. Willing to promote to young, passionate people that emotive manipulation is better than providing evidence and reason to inform people of suffering. Sexism. Etc.

The world wants to go LALALA when an animal rights activist approaches because they make an assumption that we're all from PETA. So PETA has succeeded in its global branding, just to cripple the cause in numerous ways.

I've been quite happy with the approach of campaigns by RSPCA and AA. Please keep it up. We need organisations like you representing the cause and hopefully taking dominance.
via Unleashed

froggyone froggyone 18 June 2012
I have a real problem with those bloody steggals ads..Grrrrr!!!!
They must truly think we are totally stupid. Makes me so mad.....
The woolies ads are an insult to any intelligent being also.
via Unleashed


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