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Cow jumps ship -- swims for freedom!
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Cow jumps ship -- swims for freedom!

Posted 9 September 2011   by         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: live export, cow, cattle, Darwin, Indonesia

What would you do if you were being loaded onto a massive ship to spend weeks at sea, crammed in with thousands of others in sometimes stifling temperatures, standing in your own waste until you are finally offloaded in a country where no laws protect you from cruelty and being slaughtered fully conscious...?

I don't know about you, but if I had any inkling of what was to come I'd jump ship! And that's exactly what one cluey cow did last week, while being loaded onto a live export ship in Darwin.

Rather than accept her fate as part of the cruellest trade in Australia, this brilliant Brahman escaped the loading races and plunged into the sea in a bid for freedom. And who could blame her?

Export ships leaving Darwin port take cattle straight to Indonesia, and if you saw the Four Corners report in May you'd know why this cow would not want to end up there! Animals Australia filmed cows being kicked, whipped, eye gouged, having their tails broken, and slapping their heads on concrete that forms part of horror restraining boxes that the Australian government had installed.

Eventually the swimming cow was pulled out of the water, but still kicking and bucking, she clearly didn't want to be "saved" and put back on the ship. Her fate is now unknown.

Even more tragic is that this is not the first cow to make a break for freedom. Apparently others before her have tried to save themselves, but it looks like we'll have to do it for them. Please click here to send a letter to the Prime Minister and ask her to end this barbaric trade for good!

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Buddha Baby Buddha Baby 9 September 2011
So sad. I couldn't imagine anything worse. Cows aren't stupid, they know that the fate awaiting them isn't good. They would feel the pain, heartache, and fear that we would feel if we were in the same situation bye
via Unleashed

carmielee carmielee 9 September 2011
Breaks my heart...proof yet again that these animals can comprehend what's happening to them.  cry
via Unleashed

Val Val 9 September 2011
So sad sad

I hate that people assume animals cant think and have no feelings.... my heart is with all those sentient beings.
via Unleashed

AliceinWhorrorland AliceinWhorrorland 14 September 2011
My heart breaks for these poor innocent animals, I love ll animals, and don't even understand how people can convince themselves that this is right.
via Unleashed

Neenzi Neenzi 23 September 2011
I really have trouble understanding why this horrific practice is allowed. Makes me very sad. cry
via Unleashed

xAshlee xAshlee 24 September 2011
=( heart breaking ....... my dad says people who give animals that fate are potential human murderers. True....same goes for those cutting the throat of animals in abattoirs. Who could do that??
via Unleashed

Okami ovo vegetarian Okami ovo vegetarian 19 November 2014
very sad sad
why would someone torture an innocent cow???!!!???!!!

via Unleashed


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