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Cruelty: A Fashion Statement We Can Live Without

Cruelty: A Fashion Statement We Can Live Without

Posted 21 September 2011   by JessB         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: fur, fashion, dogs, cats, rabbits, advertising

I don't know about you, but the idea of having a dead animal draped around my shoulders to keep warm, or worse, to make a 'fashion statement', makes me want to recoil in disgust, or more to the point: puke!

On a recent shopping trip I happened to spot a number of rabbit fur vests in shop windows--at least I think they were rabbit fur . But with dog and cat fur often deliberately mislabelled and imported as 'rabbit', you can never be sure.

What is up with this resurgence of fur?! At the recent Melbourne Spring Fashion Week there were a disturbing number of attendees in the crowd wearing this season's "on-trend" of brightly coloured fur.

Even Aussie expat, supermodel Jess Hart has been seen walking around the streets of New York in a fur coat that I'm sure looked much better on the animal it was taken from.

And to top it all off, the latest episode of Australia's Next Top Model again featured fur to the disgust of viewers and even the show's own judges. ANTM copped it last year for the same tasteless faux pas so they have no excuse for not using faux fur this time around.

We know there is nothing fashionable about the cruel slaughter of animals for fur. Fur farms, which often use killing methods such as drowning, anal electrocution and skinning alive are kept in business through the demand for fur coats, gloves, hats, fur trimming at the cost of thousands of animals' lives.

What do you think -- How can we communicate to these "fashionistas" that animals need their fur on their own backs, not ours? With so many cosy cruelty-free outfits at our fingertips, haven't we evolved past killing animals for coats?!

(Isn't this ad by Animal Friends Croatia great! We found it via

ps. Have you made the Pledge to Wear Your Own Skin yet?

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izzyfied izzyfied 21 September 2011
How disgusting, that in this day and age people are still trying to justify the most extreme, violent cruelty against animals for "fashion".

I don't know about you, but I would never skin a dog alive and wear it's skin and fur. It's a bit "Hannibal Lecter"-ish for me, but apparently there are plenty of fluff-brained idiots out there who seem to somehow think this Silence of the Lambs look is trendy.

It isn't. There is nothing fashionable about gassing, bashing, electrocuting and skinning animals alive. There is no excuse for this cruelty- EVER.
via Unleashed

Buddha Baby Buddha Baby 23 September 2011
Its just gross. I like my own skin, I wouldn't want to wear anyone elses.
via Unleashed

dazy daisy dazy daisy 28 September 2011
I don't understand why you'd want to wear a fur coat anyway. When I go out, I like to not look 20kg heavier. Fur only looks beautiful on animals, where it belongs.
via Unleashed

jacqueline1 jacqueline1 29 September 2011
la fourrure est porte par de beaux animaux et par des gens odieux.
Fur is worn by beautiful animals and obnoxious people
via Unleashed

pocono211 pocono211 29 September 2011
Will someone please explain to me how wearing real fur can be justified knowing an animal was killed to get its fur. This is absolutely sickening and fiendish.  How would you like your skin removed either while you were still alive or upon your death so it could be used for anything except for what it was intended - to be worn and be part of your own body.  I hate anyone who wears real fur and feel great shame for those who wear fur for fashion.
via Unleashed

Margaret3 Margaret3 30 September 2011
It amazes me in this enlightened day and age to think that people could wear fur,  with a clear concience,  knowing how the garment came to be. The thought of a dead animal drapped over me makes me dry rech. These are the same people who would dust the odd hair of a cat or dog off themselves so they look tidy. huh huh huh
via Unleashed

glamourweave glamourweave 24 April 2015
Its just gross. I like my own skin and my dress, I wouldn't want to wear anyone elses. happy
via Unleashed


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