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Protesters stay loud for live export victims!
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Protesters stay loud for live export victims!

Posted 8 September 2011   by         Permalink | 3 Comments

Tags: live export, protest, activism, photos, Animals Australia, South Australia, Western Australia

In just over two weeks, hundreds of people travelled from far and wide to join Animals Australia campaigners in Port Adelaide for five protests, shining a spotlight on the cruelty of live export. What an amazing effort by South Australians! And now the people of Perth are stepping up to make their voice heard too.

This all began when an old car carrier, converted into a live export ship, carrying 67,000 sheep, broke down after one day at sea. The ship went back to Port Adelaide but the animals were not immediately unloaded. Instead, they remained stuck on board in cramped pens. Around 300 animals died on board the Al Messilah in just 10 days!

Sadly, these deaths are not unusual. In fact, on every ship that leaves our shores hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of animals die. But what was unusual is that it happened under our noses, for all Australians to see. And with every one of the protests making the nightly TV news, the protesters guaranteed that the animals suffering would not go unnoticed.

After suffering on board the broken down ship for 10 days, the animals were finally unloaded and sent to a feedlot, their fate uncertain. But these animals weren't safe for even two weeks before another boat, the Al Shuwaikh, arrived to load them for the trip to the Middle East -- to countries with no laws to protect them from cruelty.

Over three consecutive days, hundreds of people turned out at Port Adelaide to call for an end to the cruelty. On the final day, as the boat readied to set out, people laid flowers in a memorial to the victims of live export -- the thousands that die on board ships each year and the millions that are slaughtered fully conscious :(

On each of the last three days of protests, the exporters seemed to be trying to avoid the protesters (and media), first delaying the ships arrival, then delaying loading and then rushing to load animals through the night before the protesters returned. Does that sound to you like an industry with nothing to hide?

All thoughts today are with the sheep onboard the Al Shuwaikh, which has just arrived in Fremantle, and with the wonderful people of Western Australia who were out in force at Fremantle Port today, to again highlight just how cruel this industry is and show our politicians that Australians will not stay silent while animals continue to suffer in this trade.

If you want to hear of urgent actions near you, sign up to Animals Australia's SMS alert service here.

Were you at any of the protests in Port Adelaide or Freo? Share your experience in the comments.

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Risto Risto 8 September 2011
Live Export is beyond my comprehension; - It saddens me to a critical level!
via Unleashed

AliceinWhorrorland AliceinWhorrorland 9 September 2011
Poor babies, i feel so sorry for the sheep sad
via Unleashed

Kitsia Kitsia 3 October 2011
There were 5 rallies and I attended 4.
First Rally was to lobby to get the sheep unloaded as they were dying on board in Outer Harbour.
2nd was when they were unloaded at Port Adelaide to go to a feed lot.
3rd, 4th & 5th was at a loading dock when the other ship arrived. At this point they changed the times and even the dock to confuse protesters, but we were too well organised.
We were silent when the trucks with sheep went past us out of respect for the sheep and not to frighten them more.
But after that it was long, strong and vocal.
The majority of sheep were transferred in the night to avoid the protest.
On the last day of transfer, we laid flowers and one protester brought her pet lamb......a black faced sheep who certainly got a lot of attention, much to the disgust of the dogs who were envious.
This lamb wagged its tail, loved the petting and licked my hands just like a dog.
At the same time other sheep were tranferred in trucks for a horrible journey to be slaughtered in some foreign country in a brutal barbaric if they survived the journey after standing in their own waste for 4 weeks.
This is Australia, a developed country??

Julia Gillard has lost my vote, it will go to the Greens.
I did bother to write to the Prime Minister, my local and federal MP and 6 or so Senators to let them know why they lost my vote and who it will go to.
I also wrote to the Greens to let them know I will support them at next election and hopefully every other person who respects animals will as well.
If every animal activist and their family and friends vote Green, things for animals have a chance to change with another minority government and the balance of power going to the Greens.
Get behind the Greens this is the only way to get justice for animals.  megaphone
via Unleashed


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