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Why Fish Like Space & How to WIN a DVD

Why Fish Like Space & How to WIN a DVD

Posted 28 September 2011   by Jesse         Permalink | 47 Comments

Tags: fish, giveaway, oceans, cuttlefish, film

I'm excited to let you know that we've got a copy of the stunning Oceans DVD to give away. So read on to find out how you could be checking out some of the most amazing animals under the sea.

Don't you agree, there's something nice about watching fish swim? You know at first glance it's easy to believe there isn't too much thinking going on upstairs in fish, but keep watching and it's amazing how you start to notice how each animal has her own personality and quirks.

A lot of people seem to find watching fish calming -- or more precisely, see fish as a calming 'decoration'. Why else would so many houses and offices install fish tanks, and why else would Google offer this very cute gadget (below). But to be honest, I much prefer watching fish swim in their natural environment -- not a fish tank. And not surprisingly, it turns out fish prefer this too.

Researchers recently compared the behaviour of fish in the wild; in a large artificial 'stream' in a zoo; and in smaller tanks used by pet owners. What they found is that the smaller the tank, and the less 'complex' (ie. no rocks, plants, hiding places, etc) the tank was the more aggressive the fish became -- sometimes even escalating to nipping and attacking other fish.

When you think about it, it's not really that surprising. If you put me in a small empty room, I'd be pretty annoyed as well. Obviously, like us fish feel pain. And when you consider all the other amazing things scientists have discovered about fish, it makes sense that they might experience boredom and frustration too.

For example, did you know that fish communicate with each other using squeaks and squeals that you and I can only hear with special instruments? Or that in some species the older fish teach the youngens -- about things like predators, and even to recognise the sound of trawling boats. Or that some fish use tools... such as stingsrays working out how to extract food from plastic tubes by shooting jets of water; or blackspot tuskfish using a rock to open a clam's shell.

And don't even get me started on how cool cuttlefish are (although technically they're not a fish)! Ahem ... I guess what I'm trying to say is: Sea animals is pretty amazing! And there's a whole lot more going on upstairs in the animals that live down below than we often give them credit for.

Oceans DVD Giveaway!

The Disney doco, Oceans, is about to be released on DVD and we have a copy that could be yours. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment below and tell us one good reason people should care about fish.

UPDATE You guys are all so awesome for knowing how awesome fish are! These responses are all fabulous! Unfortunately there can only be one winner ..... And the DVD goes to *drumroll* Liz2! Well done Liz! And massive THANK YOUs to everyone for entering!

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Cheryl2 Cheryl2 28 September 2011
One good reason fish should be care about is because they too are earthlings and have a right to be here.
via Unleashed

Christen Christen 28 September 2011
With empathy for those we understand should come empathy for those we do not understand; with the ability to harm them does not come the right.
via Unleashed

Sean Sean 28 September 2011
Fish and all water creatures are intelligent and graceful living in their aquatic world on Earth, in the oceans, rivers, creeks, lakes and swamps.

All waterways should be cared for so the aquatic creatures and their ecosystems can live in balance and harmony  orcawhale
via Unleashed

Scuba-addict Scuba-addict 28 September 2011
Every single one is required to maintain the delicate balance of the ocean ecosystem whether they be little cleaner wrasse or sharks. They all have a purpose. An important one at that.

After all the ocean covers 70% of the planet. This really should be Planet Ocean, no planet earth happy And there's more fish than humans. So The Fish Planet would also be appropriate.
via Unleashed

albatross albatross 28 September 2011
Complacency and greed lead to extinction of species. Our fishy friends deserve our support! fish fish
via Unleashed

Elissa Elissa 28 September 2011
Fish can indeed feel pain. People need to stop believing that being pescetarian is the same as being vegan or vegetarian. Its not. You cannot be selective with animals. They all have  nervous systems and brains; just like us.
via Unleashed

Tracy6 Tracy6 28 September 2011
Fish are similar to man and mammals and I heard an amazing story recently about a man who released a huge shark from his fishing net.

The shark then repaid the kindness by protecting the  fishermans boat by escorting following him on each trip he took.

Poor fisherman had a hard time catching any fish after that but there is a lesson learnt in this story for all and the story is true.
via Unleashed

TheChay TheChay 29 September 2011
Just because we can't hear fish scream doesn't mean they can't feel pain. Just because we don't understand how they feel doesn't mean they don't feel. Just because they don't have fur or cute puppy dog eyes doesn't make them any less deserving of our respect and protection than any other animal.
via Unleashed

Catzilla Kittypaw Catzilla Kittypaw 29 September 2011
Fish give us beauty to our oceans, if there were no fish, there is no ocean.
via Unleashed

Gaye Gaye 29 September 2011
they are beautiful and have eyes and brains so can think and feel just like us!
via Unleashed

savageveg savageveg 29 September 2011
ppl should care about sea critters because they're so cute. they're highly intelligent and they have their own lives and families. they have their own purpose for being here and they have the right to respect and life as much as any other earthling. i don't like it when ppl call them seafood. they are not food.  fish
via Unleashed

Lilypad Lilypad 29 September 2011
Fish fish, oh I wish that people could care about fish because they too breathe and swish around, so why should they be lying on our dish? tongue
via Unleashed

...2 ...2 29 September 2011
We should care about fish because these beautiful creatures- creatures that feel and suffer as we do- are essential to the already fading biodiversity of our planet, yet we are killing them off. If we continue to treat them as we have been, by 2040, all fish will be extinct.

It's time for humans to stop regretting driving a species to extinction in hindsight, and start preventing it here and now. It's time to love ad care for all creatures equally, and fish are no exception.
via Unleashed

Risto Risto 29 September 2011
My answer is simple!
If we don't care, they will be extinct!!!
via Unleashed

Liz2 Liz2 29 September 2011
Fish have as much right to be on this planet, expressing their life force in a state of joy and freedom, as we humans do. This is why we should care for them; its about respecting their right to life.
via Unleashed

leena leena 29 September 2011
Fish feel pain and there is so much we don't know about them so it is pretty arrogant to treat them without consideration.
via Unleashed

Liz2 Liz2 29 September 2011
Fish have just as much of a right to be on this planet, expressing their life force with freedom and joy, as we humans  do. This is why we should care for them - it's about respecting all life.
via Unleashed

cfarage cfarage 29 September 2011
Fish are friends, not food!  fish
via Unleashed

kim8 kim8 29 September 2011
fish are amazing animals if not looked after there numbers will become smaller and smaller
via Unleashed

PaulV PaulV 29 September 2011
i worked in the aquarium industry and alot of little creatures are treated very poorly. We are all in this together humans and other species if we treat one group poorly we treat ourselves poorly. Love the fish!
via Unleashed

Esma Esma 29 September 2011
Fish are included in the diet of many other sea creatures. By caring for fish, we care about those other sea creatures as a bonus, for fish is their prey. They eat their prey, they survive, more species stay alive. happy This is the cycle of nature. So caring for fish also means caring for the some of other creatures in the big blue sea.
via Unleashed

silvanagu silvanagu 29 September 2011
Fish are lovely , they make  the ocean a  lot nicer just watching them its amazing all colours  all sizes , we need them they need us! its all in the circle  of life!
via Unleashed

armstrong armstrong 29 September 2011
Fish are part of a wider ecological system, depletion of a species has an impact on other parts of that system. they are a beautiful, wonderful creature and deserve our respect.
via Unleashed

RachM RachM 30 September 2011
Because without fish and the beautiful aquatic ecosystem they are a part of, we wouldn't be here. fish
via Unleashed

Sophia Sophia 30 September 2011
because fish are animals and they deserve rights just like any other animals!
via Unleashed

Celia Celia 30 September 2011
Because they have been swimming the seas for more than 450 million years fish (well before the dinosaurs), and should be here for 450 billion years more!!!! They are our ancestors and we should love and respect them! peace_out  happy)) We can't survive without them. Fish are friends, not food! LOVE is the key.. to setting the fishies free! love  ecstatic
via Unleashed

Pegs Pegs 1 October 2011
We should care for fish, because they are no different from our pet dogs and cats, and without them, this world would become an extremely drab and ruined place without these beautiful Earthlings. Sharing is caring people!
via Unleashed

AllyCat AllyCat 1 October 2011
Everyone should care about fish, because they are just like us, or a dog, cat, etc. They feel pain, and everything else we feel. The world would be weird without fish! They are like every other animal on this earth! Fish are also A W E S O M E, and i love how the swim!

fish              Fish are amazing creatures love
via Unleashed

AllyCat AllyCat 2 October 2011
Oh and that little google fishie thing.... THATS CUTE! happy

Naw. I keep clicking on it to feed them just to see them swim!

They swim so cute! love
via Unleashed

Buddha Baby Buddha Baby 3 October 2011
People should care about fish because like all things on this planet they exist for a reason. Our planet is a delicate balance that needs to be nurtured. Plus they are beautiful. wink
via Unleashed

Neenzi Neenzi 4 October 2011
We should care about fish just as we care about all other animals. Their populations are decreasing because of over-fishing and the whole world needs to wake up and realise they are not food for us humans. If they die out then I would hate to think what that will do for the whole ecosystem.
via Unleashed

Stylidium Stylidium 9 October 2011
Fish are the care takers of the ocean and as there is more ocean than land on this planet - we need to show them respect all creatures deserve. Keeping the ocean clean is important for the survival of the planet.
via Unleashed

j.ti j.ti 10 October 2011
I wanted to draw attention to something that only occurred to me recently - you know those people that are 'vegetarian' but still eat fish, because they think that's not as cruel?

It is because fish cannot make noise. If you watched a video of thousands of cattle being slaughtered you would HEAR their pain and that is one of the main reasons it affects us so severely.

FISH suffer in silence. Do not eat them and give them a voice!

via Unleashed

N-body N-body 13 October 2011
Fish are meant to be in the ocean. That's why they were born there. If they were meant to be on your plate then they would grow on trees like everything else that's meant to be on our plates.

Fish can and do feel pain. Killing them and eating them just because we can't hear them cry out in pain is just like killing and eating cows because they can't speak english (or whatever language you speak). I know it's a little different because to us, the cows are OBVIOUSLY in pain. But anyone who has seen a fish flapping around on the ground after being hooked out of their home (i say home because actually not all fish live in the ocean, apologies about above) knows that there's obviously SOMETHING wrong, isn't there? Plus, considering the SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that fish do, in fact, feel pain. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Just goes to show what some people will ignore so they can feel good about themselves. aaaaaand I'll stop raving.

P.S. I haven't actually read any of the other posts so I sincerely apologize if I've 'copied' anybody. Sorry.
P.P.S. I LOVE FISH!  fish
via Unleashed

N-body N-body 13 October 2011
sheesh that was longer than i thought. SO. SORRY.
via Unleashed

Blake Blake 13 October 2011
cool fish man i like the fishy game fish
via Unleashed

crookie crookie 15 October 2011
Fish have feelings happy
via Unleashed

bertcolombi bertcolombi 16 October 2011
Part of a crucial eco-balance - let's protect them and not get 'Fish'ical with them!
via Unleashed

Mels Mels 18 October 2011
It is the undiscovered that we should be in awe of, the living, breathing miracles that live where we cannot see them.
via Unleashed

Jane Jane 21 October 2011

You guys are all so awesome for knowing how awesome fish are!

These responses are all fabulous! Unfortunately there can only be one winner .....

And the DVD goes to *drumroll* Liz2!

Well done Liz!

And massive THANK YOUS to everyone for entering!  clap

 fish fish fish fish fish
via Unleashed

pug palace pug palace 25 October 2011
We need fish to keep our oceans healthy
via Unleashed

Operator Operator 27 October 2011
People need to start caring about fish because if they don't, and continue to eat them and trawl them, there will be none left! (It's true, scientists predict that if changes aren't made, all the fish could be gone from the ocean by 2048!)

Reports show that for every 1kg of prawns caught, there can be between 5kg-10kg of bycatch that is then discarded! Not cool!
via Unleashed

VeganGod VeganGod 27 October 2011
Because fish deserve to BE just like us.
via Unleashed

LindyBob LindyBob 18 November 2011
Fish are FRIENDS not food!  love
via Unleashed

leena leena 10 December 2011
Fish feel pain and deserve to live.
via Unleashed

mandy j mandy j 20 December 2011
Thank you Animals Australia for giving like-minded people the chance to voice their opinions on the cruelty to animals that is happening and giving the animals a chance to live in a world without pain. Without you, this would go on and animals would continue to suffer. happy
via Unleashed

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago 16 August 2012
Yes, Fish are friends not food!
via Unleashed


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